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Mind, Body, Spiritual & Energetic Healing. Articles on Sound Healing, Eastern v Western Solutions, HEMP - new information!, Quantum Touch, Natural Remedies for your PET and more!


<ul><li><p>Universal Living Universal Living Mind, Body, Spiritual &amp; Energetic Wellness for the 21st Century </p><p>July / August 2014 | Vol. 02 Issue 04 </p><p>eZine </p><p>UniversalLivingEzine.com </p><p>THE NATURAL PETTHE NATURAL PETTHE NATURAL PET Using Flower Essences &amp; Natural Solutions for Healthy Happy Pets! </p><p>NEW SERIESNEW SERIESNEW SERIES East Meets WestEast Meets WestEast Meets West Eastern vs Western Solutions </p><p>HEMP - More Surprising Information! </p><p>QUANTUM TOUCH QUANTUM TOUCH QUANTUM TOUCH The Power to Heal </p><p>SOUND HEALINGSOUND HEALINGSOUND HEALING The Universe as a Symphony </p></li><li><p>We are offering holistic health opportunities &amp; fun for the whole family. Come join us for a day of growth &amp; </p><p>relaxation with informative speakers, vendors, unique products &amp; services plus a selection of delectable foods. </p><p>Free Lectures all day * Energy Balancing * Intuitive Readings * Akashic Records </p><p>Gift Items * Tuning Forks * Jewelry * Runes * Crystals * Much More! </p><p>Featuring live music by TWKSoundscape, Ambient, New-Age Artist </p><p>Saturday, August 23 </p><p>10 am - 6pm </p><p>West Shore </p><p>Unitarian Universalist Church </p><p>20401 Hilliard Road </p><p>Rocky River OH </p><p>PRESENTED BY: </p><p>PAT UHR - HARMONIC JOURNEYS www.HarmonicJourneys.net </p><p>216-221-8076 </p><p>HOLISTIC FAIRS July &amp; August 2014 </p><p>Sunday, July 20 10am - 6pm </p><p>PET HOLISTIC FAIRPET HOLISTIC FAIRPET HOLISTIC FAIR Outdoor Event - Bring your pets! </p><p>(on a leash please!) Avon Coffee House </p><p>37300 Detroit Rd / Avon OH </p><p>SPONSOR: </p><p>$5 admission includes all speakers and activities KIDS 12 AND UNDER: FREE ADMITTANCE </p><p>DISCOUNT COUPON AVAILABLE: http://tinyurl.com/HJcoupon </p></li><li><p> 4 | The Universe as a Symphony of Strings Modern scientists postulate infinitesimally small strings as the ultimate </p><p>building blocks of the universe. By Jill Matson </p><p>7 | East Meets West A new series that helps us to understand the differences between Eastern and Western healing techniques and philosophies. By Mary Ellen Derwis </p><p>8 | Taking Your Flying Leap of Faith Learn to take a leap of faith to help you achieve your dreams. By Jan Litterst </p><p>10 | Hemp - More Surprising Information Part 2 on demystifying Hemp and the many economical and </p><p>healing properties it embodies. By Mary Robbins </p><p>12 | Natural Pet - Keeping Fleas &amp; Ticks at Bay Helping your pet through the Flea &amp; Tick season using </p><p>natural remedies. By Sheila Buchanan </p><p>14 | Natural Pet - Flower Essences for Pets Using Flower Essences to help your pets with behavioral </p><p>problems and much more. By Dr. Anna Gardner, M.A. Vet. MB MRCVS </p><p>19 | SPIRIT - What was I thinking? I chose this life, but really? What was going through my mind? </p><p>By Rosanne Heinrich </p><p>21 | Energy - Quantum Touch A new natural energy healing technique. By Ernie Betz </p><p>22 | Health &amp; Spirituality Bringing spirituality and intuition into mainstream medicine. </p><p>By Dr. Judith Orloff, MD </p><p> www.UniversalLivingEzine.com / info@UniversalLivingEzine.com / 216-459-9094 </p><p>Content in these articles does not in any way reflect medical advice or is to be considered an endorsement for any product </p><p>CONTENTS JULY / AUGUST 2014 </p></li><li><p>by Jill Mattson </p><p>What do Fifth Century B.C. Pythagoreans have in common </p><p>with modern state-of-the art cosmologists &amp; physicists? In </p><p>a word: strings! For the ancient Greek Pythagoreans it </p><p>was the lyre string; modern scientists postulate infinitesi-</p><p>mally small strings as the ultimate building blocks of the </p><p>universe. </p><p>The Greeks found that the tone of a plucked lyre string </p><p>corresponded to its length. Changing the length of the </p><p>vibrating string changed the tone in a precise way; double </p><p>the length and the tone goes down by a full octave; re-</p><p>duce the length by two-thirds, the note changes by a fifth. </p><p>The laws of music and harmonics are discovered and re-</p><p>duced to mathematics. The Pythagoreans believe every-</p><p>thing is based on music and math. </p><p>The Pythagoreans extended this thinking in attempt to </p><p>explain the entire universe. They partially succeeded but </p><p>ultimately failed in their attempts. </p><p>Modern scientists now feel that they have the theory-of-</p><p>everything , based on incredibly small strings. These vi-</p><p>brating strings are the fundamental unit of all matter and </p><p>energy. When a string vibrates in a certain way, an elec-</p><p>tron results; change the vibration of this same string and </p><p>another particle appears - the electron changes into a </p><p>neutrino. As with the plucked lyre, it is the string that is </p><p>fundamental; the tone (in the musical example) or the </p><p>subatomic particle, arise from the way that the string is </p><p>vibrating. </p><p>Modern string theory also had its roots in mathematics. </p><p>The proposed strings are far too small to ever view direct-</p><p>ly. Their existence was slowly recognized as the theory of </p><p>strings solved formerly impossible problems in physics. </p><p>The beauty of the theory is that we eliminate the numer-</p><p>ous "fundamental" particles that exist today and unite the </p><p>formerly conflicting theories of Einstein &amp; the Quantum </p><p>theory. We potentially have a real theory-of-everything. </p><p>Same as the Pythagoreans sought thousands of years ago. </p><p>There is another group, growing in popularity today, that </p><p>The Universe as a </p><p>Symphony of Strings </p><p>July/August IssuePage 4 </p></li><li><p>share an important link with the ancients &amp; scientists of </p><p>today, Vibratory Healers. The string is the primary ele-</p><p>ment with our first two groups, but it is the vibration, </p><p>more precisely vibrational energy, that modern Alterna-</p><p>tive Healers utilize to produce wondrous results. </p><p>Vibrational energy has been found to be extremely versa-</p><p>tile and effective, in its benefits to living things; why is </p><p>this? The form of the energy - vibrations - seems to be </p><p>easily absorbed; frequencies are available for almost any </p><p>need - in the exact amount of energy required. The spec-</p><p>trum of vibratory frequencies is immense, offering precise </p><p>and selective remedies to tune all elements of the Holistic </p><p>Being... Body, Mind &amp; Soul. </p><p>Vibratory Energy of the right frequencies has shown the </p><p>ability to greatly accelerate the growth and resistance to </p><p>disease and pests of many plants. "Melodies" of frequen-</p><p>cies derived from plant DNA was studied by French physi-</p><p>cist, Joel Sternheimer, and found to consistently produce </p><p>accelerated plant growth. </p><p>Certain Sound Healing practioners have achieved impres-</p><p>sive results "tuning" individuals with the use of unique </p><p>tuning forks (Hulse). For example, a tuning fork that emits </p><p>a single frequency would be placed on the spine, or on </p><p>key meridians to help loosen subtle energy, or alleviate </p><p>back pain. Tones, rhythms and harmonics have been asso-</p><p>ciated with chakra clearing, allowing vital subtle energy to </p><p>enter our systems, producing health and vitality. </p><p>Modern Masters, many of them Indian Swamijs and Sufi </p><p>masters are descendants of a long tradition that use </p><p>sound to build moral and spiritual development. The mas-</p><p>ter, Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, does healing </p><p>concerts where modern day miracles are reportedly per-</p><p>formed. Many ancient spiritual masters held sound as the </p><p>most powerful means of achieving &amp; influencing the di-</p><p>vine (similar to the Pythagorean tradition above). </p><p>Sharry Edwards has spent a lifetime demonstrating that </p><p>the voiceprint of a human voice is a window on the under-</p><p>lying physical and emotional wellbeing of its owner. Ed-</p><p>wards has learned to read and correct imbalances in the </p><p>human voice - all with vibratory energy - restoring health </p><p>in the process. In Edwards BioAcoustics, frequencies can </p><p>be used in place of physical substances, such as vitamins, </p><p>muscles and so on. These frequency equivalents are non-</p><p>invasive packets of energy that can selectively restore </p><p>missing balance to the unharmonious soul. The circle is </p><p>complete when the restored frequencies are once more </p><p>present in a new voiceprint recording. </p><p>The author has studied the vibratory modalities of the </p><p>Bach Soul Flower remedies and of facial skin and muscle </p><p>rejuvenation potentials. These seemingly very different </p><p>aspects of nature are linked and made available or tuned </p><p>and revitalized by the use of the appropriate sound ener-</p><p>gies. </p><p>Cousto learned to interpret the motions of the planets </p><p>and stars into Star Tones, powerful forces for using and </p><p>understanding Astrological Energies. He played the music </p><p>of the Stars - literally! </p><p>Fibonacci tones mirror patterns found throughout nature </p><p>and the cosmic realm. This set of frequencies is revealed </p><p>in every aspect of creation, including the human body. </p><p>The ancients believed that tuning to this pattern not only </p><p>harmonized their souls and bodies, but connected them </p><p>July/August 2014Page 5 </p></li><li><p>to the divine. The Solfeggio tones are mysteriously encod-</p><p>ed in the Bible. In history and modern times each tone is </p><p>reported to have its own healing benefit, such as one fre-</p><p>quency used to repair DNA in scientific settings. </p><p>Different scales with related note-pitches also have been </p><p>touted to produce a variety of healing impacts. Scales </p><p>such as the Pythagorean and Just intonation are created </p><p>with different methods than those used in our current </p><p>musical scale. Different vibratory patterns are associated </p><p>with different impacts on the body. </p><p>Through the ages the idea of a vibrating string has been </p><p>used again-and-again to help thinkers better understand </p><p>the universe around us - and to gain insight into unseen </p><p>mysteries - be that super-submicroscopic strings or the </p><p>workings of the human body and the chakras... Einstein </p><p>had it right, matter IS energy, all is vibration, everything is </p><p>One, all can be shown to be the same - and we will evolve </p><p>out of matter - and one day, all is united in the divine. </p><p>To experience Jills music, visit her website for THREE free MP3 downloads: </p><p>http://www.jillswingsoflight.com </p><p>Jill Mattson is an author, artist, musician and composer whose passion is studying antiquity. Jill has exten-sively researched an-cient traditions that used Sound Healing to </p><p>transform peoples consciousness and soothe their mind, body and spirit. </p><p>July/August IssuePage 6 </p><p>Wellness Fair August 9, 10am - 5pm United Spiritual Center </p><p>23855 Detroit Road Westlake OH </p><p>Everything from Animal Care to Zumba Keynote Speakers Breakout </p><p>Sessions Forums P.U.R.E. Love organ-ic food Loving Healers &amp; Readers </p><p>Products Holistic Services </p><p>Lily Symphony by Jill Matson </p></li><li><p>216.548.8980 m@beinthetao.com </p><p>be in the tao llc mary ellen derwis lmt., cht, cntt </p><p>Universal Healing Tao full instructor </p><p>By Mary Ellen Derwis </p><p>East meets West Wellness is about balance in all things. Just as the Tai Chi symbol of yin and yang illustrates the delicate balance of energy: light and dark, male and female, hot and cold. It shows us that there is a constant relationship between extremes. This is where perspective is born. </p><p>Eastern and Western perspective is very different. As an individual who has been on a personal journey toward wellness since my teens I have found that the two comple-ment one another amidst the extremes. </p><p>Western perspective is more dogmatic and linear; A hap-pens you have choices B or C. </p><p>Eastern perspective is more receptive; A happens you have choices D, E, F, G, &amp; H. </p><p>When you blend the two as you approach your path to wellness, something amazing happens the possibilities and combinations available now have multiplied one an-other and you have choices. A thru Z. </p><p>You are complex. Your life is complex. Your journey is sim-ple. Breathe and listen possibilities surround you that you had no idea would work because you werent listening to them. </p><p>Let me share an example. In the past, fairly recent past I might add, if you were sad and depressed (A) you had two options (B) suffer in silence so that you did not rock the boat. Or (C) get on some serious meds to blot out your emotional pain. There is nothing wrong with medications, if you need them. But now you see we have A to Z: Mas-sage, movement, breath, talk therapy, guided imagery, energy work, aromatherapy, shamanic work You get the idea. The solution for you may be more complex and sometimes a synergy of several modalities is in order. </p><p>You are unique and the modalities that will bring you back into balance are unique and limitless. We will explore those possibilities here. So Lets begin with A. Aromathera-py. </p><p>In the west we have a limited understanding of Aroma-therapy. We think: ok, Aroma, smell. So what? In Europe, Asia and Canada it is actually a modality offered by physi-cians. It is not that way here in the US. We have certifica-tions galore but no governing body. That can be both good and bad. </p><p>First of all, there is no regulation. Bad: lots of people use essential oils without knowing the first thing about them. They purchase them, and when a miracle doesnt happen they are disappointed. Reactions happen because of im-proper use. This has a lot to do with the quality of the oil and lack of understanding of proper usage and contraindi-cations. You can be allergic to anything you know! So take some classes with someone you trust. Learn a few things and then play. </p><p>Secondly, Good: because of the lack of regulation you are free to choose which oils work best in your specific situa-tion. This is where the fun begins. Experimentation. There are quite a few guides out there, Wormwood, Tisserand, Davis. But there are others based in Eastern medicine and the meridians also, Willmont, and of course, the materia medica of essential oils both of which explore them in eastern practice, movement of chi thru the meridians and such. Very interesting stuff. So, in my next article we will really get into the nitty gritty of essential oils and how to use them properly. After that, the possibilities are endless. </p><p>www.beinthetao.com www.facebook.com/beinthetao.doterra.cleveland www.facebook.com/chimassage www.chineitsangschool.com/unity-spiritual-center-in-westlake </p><p>With 22+ years of experience as a licensed Masso-therapist (OH and HI), Universal Healing Tao Full Instructor of Chi Nei Tsang , Chi Kung &amp; Tao Yin Chinese Yoga, as well as basic Aromatherapy, guid-ed imagery, feng shui, Mary Ellen Derwis Lmt. blends eastern and western wellness techniques into a user friendly format for the individual. </p><p>She has offices in Broadview Hts and Westlake, Ohio and offers classes at Unity Spiritual Center in Westlake, Please feel free to visit her Facebook pages, Like them &amp; initiate a discussion. Text or call 216.548.8980, or email m@beinthetao.com if you have ques-tions or comments or if you have a subject you would like more information about concerning wellness. Your input is welcome. </p><p>July/August 2014Page 7 </p></li><li><p>W ith everything we do in life, there is a cost of doing it or not doing it. Too often that cost is accompanied with a dollar sign $$$. Too often </p><p>it is the money that stops us from moving forward with a dream, even if that dream is one from our childhood, even if that dream could really change our lives! </p><p>It is like we are grasping at windmills and never realizing our potential because of the financial uncertainty that we imagine out there waiting for us if we were to be brave an...</p></li></ul>