Social Media as a Fundraising Tool

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Social Media as a Fundraising Tool. Why use Social Media?. Utilize your network Make new friends Anywhere/anytime Develop a sense of urgency. How to get started. Consider using CAUSES if your network is weak Need your network in place Website Facebook Twitter LinkedIn - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Social Media as a Fundraising Tool</p> <p>Social Media as a Fundraising ToolWhy use Social Media?Utilize your networkMake new friendsAnywhere/anytimeDevelop a sense of urgency</p> <p>How to get startedConsider using CAUSES if your network is weakNeed your network in placeWebsiteFacebookTwitter LinkedInEmail distribution</p> <p>Why are you fundraising?Special projectGeneral needsPersonInfrastructureConsiderationsHow long will your campaign last?When will you get your funds?What is your target amount? Do you have a target?How likely that you will achieve your target?Are you essentially selling an object?Do you have an army/tribe?</p> <p>TimelineSelect fundraising platformDevelop your campaign tools message, video, print, backer rewards etcIntegrate campaign with other initiativesConsider time of year and competing prioritiesPlatforms We Have UsedGofundmeKickstarterCrowdriseIndiegogo</p> <p>Many OthersCausesDonate Now/Network for GoodDonorsChooseFirstGivingGivezooksHelp Attack!JumoJustGiveRazooSocialVibeSparkedFundlyChipinSpotUSStart Some GoodRocketHubSonicAngelAppbackr..</p>