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A taster for the full day training session that we run alongside Harlands accountants


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Social Media Marketing Facebook SimplesTwitter SimplesLinkedinWhat the ?Say Consultancy: </p> <p>Harland Accountants: </p> <p>Social Mediaa Fad ?Another new way of doing business</p> <p>Collaborative working</p> <p>Don't sell:Listen</p> <p>Ignore at your peril!! </p> <p>What is it</p> <p> Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Blogging Hootsuite U TubePlus many others</p> <p>Reasons to use Social Media2/3rds of Global Internet users are on Social Networks</p> <p>Important rules!!Keep it Professional</p> <p>Quality not Quantity</p> <p>Mind your Language</p> <p>Think Brand</p> <p>No News of the World Photos</p> <p>Key Guidelines!Professional Etiquette</p> <p>Professional Recommendations</p> <p>Targeted Research</p> <p>Quality Business</p> <p>Global contacts</p> <p>Power of the blogHelps to build your visibility and brand</p> <p>Positions yourself as the Expert</p> <p>Promotes your business, products and services</p> <p>Attracts new prospects and develops new business opportunities </p> <p>Twitter What is it?web definition:Rich source of instantly uploaded information</p> <p>How can it work for Business ?</p> <p>e.g.Constant stream of business leads </p> <p>Hootsuite Social media platform</p> <p> Manages all your accounts</p> <p> Controls marketing campaigns</p> <p> Increases productivity</p> <p>Have you started to plan yet?If not it can look like this </p> <p>Finally Talk to us aboutSocial Media Courseswe can help you with your:Business StrategyTarget prospects and nurture clientsImplement &amp; Action your Social Media Plan</p> <p>If you are interested in any of the above please contact Say Consultancy &amp; Harland &amp; </p> <p>Blogging Longer formatted posts or articles displayed in reverse chronological order so that the newest thing is always on top. Started as online diaries.</p> <p>Twitter Sometimes known as micro-blogging, basically sends out status update messages to followers in 140 characters or less.</p> <p>Facebook Social Networking site that is mostly for social interactions, but can be used to keep up with business contacts as well. </p> <p>LinkedIn Professional Networking site that is mostly for garnering work relationships, is helpful in looking for jobs, looking for vendors, etc.*</p>