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Social Media & marketing

Social Media MarketingJorma Ronkainen 12.4.2016

Introduction MUAS/Jorma RonkainenWhy social media?How to create sales?Simple receipt Case OnThe Secret

2 of Science (Computer Science), (University of Oulu)1988-1990 University of Oulu / Computer Services Center1991 University of Oulu / Institute of Information Processing Science1992-1994 ICL Edacom1995 -> teachingMS Office, graphics, GUI usability, databasessocial media, SW testing, SW developmentdata securitysocial media marketinginternational issues (coordinator of student exchange, Euroweek)Philosophy of wellbeing and happiness (Case On)

Mamk in BriefMikkeli University of Applied Sciences (Mamk)Education in seven different fields of studyResearch and development activitiesservices for businesses and individuals in the region4500 students on the Mikkeli and Savonlinna campuses, with 350 staffEvery year 900 students graduate

Mikkeli: the main campus3600 students7 fields of studyHumanities and educationNatural sciencesNatural resources and the environmentTourism, catering and domestic servicesSocial services, health and sportsTechnology, communication and transportSocial sciences, business and administration

A wide range of services for study and leisure: cafes, restaurants, a bowling alley, a gym, leisure activity groups, student accommodation


International MamkMore than 400 international students from about 30 different countriesThree degree programmes in English (BM, EE, IT)Double degree programmesEnglish summer termOver 200 international partner universities

MUAS (youtube,

Why Social media?Over 3 billion internet usersOver 1 billion websitesFacebook avg 1.04 billion daily active users (Dec 2015)Twitter 320 million active users (Feb 2016)Youtube over 1 billion monthly active users (Mar 2016)Instagram 75 millions daily, 400 million monthly active users (Mar 2016)LinkedIn 414 million members (Mar 2016)

Because everybody is there 9

Why marketing in social media?

How to create sales?Repeat


1. Find the people fine but

Case On

2. Create content (not commercials)SlideshareBlogFB-pageYoutubeWebsite (home base)FAQs, how-to-videos

KLMFB: 15 million fansInteraction with customers 24/713 languagesWeekly: 200 social media agents deal with 100 000 mentions from fans and customersNext step Facebook/messenger:Booking confirmationCheck-in notificationBoarding passFlight status updates

3. Capture information (email!)free gifts (such as an ebook)email or subscriber signup form at the bottom of all of your articlescompetitions

4. Stay in touch

Case OnPagefan baseDaily updates (timing, automatic -> twitter)Paradox of sellingInteractive, questions

Expertise, know-howjust give it for free, impress-> customers want to buy

Automatic tweets (blogger, facebook, weebly)Personal vs. business

teasersFree lectures vs. micro payments

CVcontactsEndorsementsGroupsArticlesJob opportunities

Personal vs. business

1235467Home base- Blog- Products- Shop




Customer feedback

Free sample


Table of contents



30 and tell the world who you are, what you do and where you're headed.

Boost Results With Social AdvertisingFacebook offers a lot of possibilities


Measure and analyze your results



Makes you credibleIncreases referralsNew relationshipsvisilibilityFamiliarityTrustProducts & services

1) All this makes you credible, 2) increases referrals 3) builds new relationships 4) gives you outstanding visibility 5) increases familiarity 6) builds trust -> 7) you can then offer your products and services 8) because you are perceived as expert38

The Secret? (youtube