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Ordering, Contracting & Billing for Meraki MC - IntelePeer · Accessing Meraki Communications From, hover over the Products option and select Communications 4 . 5

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Text of Ordering, Contracting & Billing for Meraki MC - IntelePeer · Accessing Meraki Communications From...

  • Ordering, Contracting & Billing for Meraki MC


  • Meraki Trial Sign-Up and Basic Functions

  • Initiated with a Meraki Sales (if a customer does not know their Meraki representative, they can fill out the Meraki Contact Form)

    Separate from IntelePeer’s MSA/Contract

    IntelePeer coincides with Meraki Free Trial

    Up To 20 Voice Service Bundles


    Number Porting / RespOrg

    Ordering Numbers Not In Inventory

    International Dialing

    No 911 Testing (Live Service)


    Customers may Participate in a Free Trial

  • Accessing Meraki Communications From, hover over the Products option and select Communications


  • 5

    From the Communications page there are two ways to access the trial request Select Demo at the top right and then select Request Trial from the resulting page (top) Scroll to the bottom of the Communications page and select Get Started Now (bottom)

    Requesting a Free Trial

  • Requesting a Free Trial


    The customer may then fill out the trial request form and check the box for Phones.

  • A Meraki representative will reply to the trial request via email The customer must click the included link to complete the request.


    Initiating the Free Trial

  • 8

    The customer will receive an email from Meraki after initiating the trial. The link included in this email will take the customer to the page shown at the right. The customer should click the Create a Network

    button to proceed.

    Trial: Account Creation

  • 9

    After clicking Create A Network, the customer will be brought to the login screen where they can Create Account or login with an existing account.

    Trial: Account Creation

  • 10

    Once all the account information has been submitted, Meraki will email the customer. The customer should follow the link to confirm email address, log in and finish the claim.

    Trial: Account Creation

  • Once logged in, the customer is brought to the Meraki Dashboard. Here the customer should select Register Meraki devices and click Next.


    Trial: Register Devices & Create a Network

  • The customer may have to click the drop down arrow labeled, “See Steps” in the top right corner of the screen to see the steps for creating the network and setting up the phones. Step 1 – the customer should click on “Create a Meraki Network”

    Trial: Register Devices & Create a Network

  • Trial: Register Devices & Create a Network

    The customer must complete the network information and select Phone from the Network type dropdown menu.


  • The customer can then click Add devices to generate a pop up menu where the customer is required to enter either the serial numbers (located on the bottom of each phone) or order numbers.


    Trial: Register Devices & Create a Network

  • 15

    Trial: Register Devices & Create a Network • Once devices have been added, the customer can check the boxes next to the device(s) to be

    added to the network. Note: a network cannot be created without at least 1 added device.

  • Trial: Register Devices & Create a Network

    Below the device selection, the customer must enter a default emergency service address.

    Upon completing this, the customer should click Create network.


  • 17

    Trial: Get Phone Numbers

    Once the customer creates a network, phone numbers can be ordered by clicking Get Phone Numbers in the dropdown menu at the top of the dashboard. Note: phone numbers cannot be acquired until phones are connected to a network.

    If this is the initial order for phone numbers, the customer will click Start Up New Service.

  • 18

    Trial: Select a Provider

    The customer must select a provider and then click Get phone numbers


    1 telephone number per user

    Service available in lower U.S. 48 states

    Unlimited calling to U.S. 50 states and Canada

    Carrier port/transfer fee included

    E911 included

    Taxes & Fees included

    View plan details

  • 19

    Trial: Search and Choose Phone Numbers The customer will enter in the quantity of numbers needed by state and area code and then Search for Numbers. The customer will select the desired numbers returned and click Review order.

  • 20

    Getting Phone Numbers If there are not numbers that meet the customer’s search, the page below will be generated and the customer can select Request more numbers from the provider. After 3-5 days, the customer can search again and the numbers should be available. Usually, selecting a different area code will provide more options if numbers are needed immediately.

  • 21

    Trial: Accept Terms & Conditions

    The customer will be presented with the IntelePeer Terms of Trial Service. Upon review, customer accepts the terms by clicking the box and completes the fields for Authorized signatory

  • 22

    Trial: Identify Emergency Service Address The customer must complete the fields for E911 address registration before Confirm order can be selected. This address will be registered for all phone numbers selected initially, however users can re-register emergency service address at the phone number level later in the process.

  • 23

    Trial: Assign Users and Numbers Once the customer has phone numbers, the customer can assign the numbers to users. The customer should start by selecting Assign users and numbers from the dropdown menu at the top of the dashboard. The resulting page allows the customer to manually enter contacts or upload a CSV file. This guide will show how to manually add a New Contact.

  • 24

    Trial: Create Contact and Assign a Phone The new contact page prompts the customer to enter the contact name, title, contact image (optional) and additional numbers (optional).

    Once Save is pressed, the contact has been created and the customer can assign a Meraki phone number.

    The here link takes the customer to the main dashboard. To assign a user to a phone, the customer selects one of the phones in the network.

  • 25

    Trial: Assign Users and Numbers

    Upon selecting one of the phones in the network, the customer clicks the edit icon next to the Contact field, clicks the dropdown arrow, selects the desired contact and then clicks Save.

  • 26

    Trial: Assign Phone Number to a User Once a contact is assigned to a phone, the customer can click the edit icon next to the Phone number field, click the dropdown arrow, and assign a phone number.

  • 27

    Trial: Setting Emergency Service Address at the Phone Number Level

    Below the Contact and Phone Number fields in Phone Settings, the customer can assign an emergency address for an individual phone by clicking the edit icon, filling out the fields, and clicking Save. The customer can also opt to use the network wide address by checking the bottom box.

  • 28

    Trial: Setting a Network Level Emergency Service Address

    To set a Network-Wide Emergency Service Address (which is the default address), the customer can hover over the Phones side menu and select General. The customer can then complete the emergency service fields and Save.

  • Converting from Trial to Paid

  • Converting to Paid Service: Adding a Meraki License If a customer wishes to continue using Meraki after their trial, the customer must procure licenses If the Meraki trial license has expired or is about to expire, a red box saying License problem may appear at the top of the dashboard. The customer should select License problem to continue.

    The License information screen will then appear, where the customer can click Add another license. If the customer would like to convert to billable service prior to the trial expiring, the customer can navigate to this same License information page using the menu in the Dashboard: Organization (side menu) License info


  • If the customer does not have a license, the customer should select Show needed license keys to view the SKUs and will click Contact Meraki Sales to obtain a license. If the customer has a license, they can select License more devices from the dropdown menu, enter their License key and select Add license.

    Converting to Paid Service: Adding a Meraki License to Devices


  • The License Preview screen will then be generated, outlining the change being made. The customer should select Add License.

    Converting to Paid Service: Adding a Meraki License to Devices


  • The updated License information page will then be displayed.

    Converting to Paid Service: Adding a Meraki License to Devices


  • 34

    To convert the IntelePeer voice service from trial to paid, the customer should start by selecting Phone numbers from the left menu on the dashboard.

    Converting to Paid Service: Convert IntelePeer Voice Service

  • 35

    The customer’s number(s) will appear with the option to click Confirm plan upgrade, which the customer can click to convert the numbers to a paid account

    Converting to Paid Service: Update Phone Numbers

  • 36

    Converting to Paid Service: IntelePeer MSA


    1 telephone number per user

    Service available in lower U.S. 48


    Unlimited calling to U.S. 50 states

    and Canada

    Carrier port/Transfer fee included

    E911 included

    Taxes & Fees included in price

    After selecting Confirm plan upgrade, the IntelePeer offer information will be displayed, and the Master Service Agreement (MSA) will be emailed to the customer’s authorized signatory. Within the email, the customer will click Review Document to view the MSA in DocuSign. The customer must sign the MSA to enroll in the service.

  • 37

    DocuSign will require the customer to check the box to agree to using electronic signatures. If desired, the Other Actions menu will allow the customer to assign the MSA to another authorized signatory. Once the MSA is completed, the customer should press FINISH.

    Converting to Paid Service: IntelePeer MSA

  • 38

    After signing the MSA in DocuSign, the Authorized Signatory will receive a confirmation email from IntelePeer

    Converting to Paid Service: IntelePeer MSA

  • 39

    Payment Portal Set Up Email

    At the start of service, the customer will receive a welcome email with a link to the IntelePeer billing portal

    Converting to Paid Service: IntelePeer Billing Portal Email

  • 40

    Bundles will be pro-rated when added

    First Invoice will contain

    Prorated charge for previous month

    Subscription payment for upcoming month

    Invoice cycle monthly, 5th business day

    Bill date not able to be adjusted at this time

    Invoices sent via email

    Payment by credit card, ACH, Wire

    Converting to Paid Service: IntelePeer Invoicing

  • Pricing and Standard Discounts

  • Description

    IntelePeer’s voice services provide the ability to communicate across the public switched telephone network. Bundled features include transfer of existing numbers or adding a new one, Caller ID/Caller Name, E911, calling in the U.S. and Canada, and the ability to place international calls (separate charges apply). Taxes and fees are included.


    1 Telephone Number or Toll Free Number Per User

    Service available in lower U.S. 48 states

    Unlimited calling to U.S. 50 states + Canada

    Carrier Port/Transfer fee included

    Caller ID/Caller Name included

    E911 Included

    Taxes & Fees Included in Price

    Base Pricing

    $8.95 per user per month

    $1.00 per reserved number per month

    $75 per request for vanity/specialty numbers (specific telephone number or sequence of numbers)

    International LD -


    IntelePeer Voice Services Bundle

  • Per-Unit pricing for Voice Services Bundles varies based on Volume, Term Length, and Invoice Type.

    Per Month Pricing

    Pay via Monthly Invoice - Receive a 5% discount for every additional contract year.

    Pay via Annual Invoice - Move to annual invoicing and receive a 10% discount over monthly invoice pricing.

    IntelePeer Voice Services Bundle Discounts


    Quantity 1 Year Contract 2 Year Contract 3 Year Contract 5 Year Contract

    1 – 249 $8.95 $8.55 $7.90 $7.00

    250 – 999 $8.10 $7.70 $7.15 $6.30

    1000 – 2500 $7.65 $7.30 $6.75 $5.95


  • Transferring and Number Options

  • 45

    What if a customer wants to transfer (port) a DID or Toll Free number?

    IntelePeer offers porting services if a customer would like to transfer existing numbers from their current provider to IntelePeer service with Meraki MC. For detailed information about porting for Meraki MC and ordering toll free numbers, view the porting guide here.

  • 46

    What if a customer wants to Reserve a Number, request a Vanity Number or Register Caller ID Name (CNAM)?

    Reserved Phone Numbers - the customer must complete the Request for Reserved Phone Numbers order form and email it to [email protected] IntelePeer Support will then make a billing adjustment to reflect the reserved phone numbers identified on the order form.

    Vanity Numbers – the customer needs to email [email protected] and include the vanity number that is being requested. Remember there is a $75 fee for each vanity number request.

    CNAM (Caller ID Name) - the customer must complete the CNAM order form and email it to [email protected] (Please see the following slides for more information about CNAM.)

    In all instances IntelePeer is contacted, a case number will be opened and returned to the customer for tracking purposes.

    Reserving numbers, requesting a Vanity Number and registering CNAM are not yet available in CCM portal, so they are currently manual processes with IntelePeer.[email protected]:[email protected]://[email protected]

  • 47

    Caller ID Name (CNAM) Registration – FAQ’s

    Caller ID Name (CNAM) is the “Caller Name” and is the descriptive text displayed on land line caller ID displays. IntelePeer offers customers the ability to register Caller ID Name (CNAM) at no additional cost.

    The CNAM process must be managed directly with IntelePeer, and the required steps are on the following slide.

    Registered CNAM name can be up to 15 characters (symbols cannot be supported).

    Numeric only entries, entries that are generic, contain profanity or do not appear to be valid company/individual names cannot be accepted.

    IntelePeer can complete CNAM orders in approximately 5-7 business days, however, it can take up to 90 days for other U.S. providers to update their systems.

    CNAM can be registered for local U.S. numbers only (toll free and Canadian numbers are not supported).

    Registered CNAM is only displayed on land lines. Cell phones do NOT support CNAM.

    Important note: the terminating provider (the provider delivering the call to the called party) is responsible for displaying the registered CNAM. IntelePeer may or may not be the terminating provider for the call.

  • 48

    In order to register CNAM, the customer must first download the IntelePeer CNAM Order Form. The customer must complete the required fields which include company name, phone numbers, and the desired name to be associated with each number. The customer should return the completed form to [email protected] Guidelines and limitations are outlined on the form.

    Caller ID Name (CNAM) Registration[email protected]

  • Atmosphere® Fax


  • 50

    Atmosphere® Fax – Availability/Requirements

    Meraki MC customers can replace legacy fax servers with Atmosphere® Fax, which is IntelePeer’s secure and reliable cloud-based service that integrates with most email clients and allows for sending and receiving faxes from any device.

    Atmosphere ® Fax is available for any customer with a signed IntelePeer MSA (not available for trial customers)

    Note - any customer that has signed a contract before 9/9/16 will require an amendment

    Atmosphere ® Fax should be ordered directly from IntelePeer (not yet available via the Meraki Dashboard)

    The customer or partner can engage an IntelePeer sales representative to obtain more information and/or order service by contacting [email protected]

    For customers that choose to transfer (port) numbers for Atmosphere ® Fax service, please work directly with your IntelePeer sales representative. The Meraki Dashboard currently does not support port orders for Atmosphere Fax.

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Atmosphere® Fax – Pricing



    Inbound Pages

    Additional Pages

    Additional Users

    Additional Numbers


    Fax Numbers

    Outbound Pages

    5 10 20

    1 2 3

    50 150 1,000 shared

    50 150

    $0.10/page $0.10/page $0.10/page

    $1.25/user $1.00/user $0.75/user

    $5.00 $5.00 $5.00

    Essentials $15.00/month

    Premium $30.00/month

    Enterprise $75.00/month