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    Meraki Theme Documentation

    Thank You for Purchasing Meraki

    Premium WordPress Theme.

    First of all a huge THANK YOU for purchasing Meraki. If you have any questions

    that are beyond the scope of this help file, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    You can also follow me on Themeforest to keep track of all my theme updates

    and upcoming themes.

    Thanks so much!


    Mail :

    Website :

  • 01. First Steps

    Before you start playing around with the theme, let's check what you've downloaded so far:

    Documentation - That's where you are right now.

    SampleData - Import Data to get the exact Site as the Preview Page

    Theme - Upload in your project

    02. Installation of WordPress

    First of all if you are all new to WordPress, I would recommend to learn a little bit about it

    before you get started. Here are some nice Resources on how to get started with WordPress.

    First Steps With WordPress

    FAQ New To WordPress

    03. Theme Installation WordPress


    When purchasing successfully our theme from Themeforest, you will need to download

    theme package for your use. To download the package, please login to your Themeforest

    account, navigate to "Downloads", click the "Download" button in the left of the theme,

    choose "All files & documentation" to download our theme package to your computer

    The Full Package includes these following files and folders:

    http://wordpress/ http://wordpress/ http://wordpress/ http://wordpress/

  •  Documentation folder - Contain this document and other materials

     Installation Files folder - Contain all installable files, including theme & plugins

    o themes/ WordPress Theme Installation file.

    o themes/ WordPress Theme Installation file and active it.

     Sample Data folder - Contain sample data files

    Advanced Custom Fields PRO is required for the theme to work properly

    Note: Meraki theme support only "Advanced Custom Fields PRO" because this plugin is

    support to "Flexible Content, Repeater" and "Advanced Custom Fields" Free version is not

    support meraki theme.

    Go to Plugins > Add New to install and activate plugins.


     Step 1: Use your FTP software to browse to wp-content/themes folder to install

    theme or wp-content/plugins folder to install plugins

     Step 2: Extract the installation files to their corresponding folders, for example and extract and upload to server

     Step 3:Theme would be to directly upload the and file

    via WordPress Theme Uploader. browse to Appearance > Themes or Plugins > Installed


    1. Log into your Word Press backend

    2. Navigate to Appearance > Themes

    3. Click Install Themes

    4. Click Upload

     Now you just need to find the “” and “” in the Upload

    folder and hit Install now.

  •  If you are experiencing any issues during the installation I would recommend to

    check out this Screencast by Envato

     Step 4: Click the Activate link in Meraki-child


     Step 1: Install required plugin and active it. in Admin menu Appearance > Install plugins

     Step 2:Go to the Installation Files > plugins in folder and copy all plugins.

     Step 3: Paste in wp-content > plugins and extract all plugins.

     Step 4: Click the Active link ( acf pro, contact form 7, Wordpress Importer, Meraki post types )


    Alternatively, you can use traditional way to import data. In /Sample Data/ folder, you can

    find there are:

     acf-export.json Advance custom fields Settings. Example (Import : Go to the Custom Fields >

    Tools )

     meraki_dummy_data.xml All Data.

    Import Advance custom fields (acf-export.json)

    1. Make sure you have installed theme and all recommended plugins

    2. Go to Custom Fields > Tools.

    3. Upload JSON File for and click Browse... in Import Field Groups section.

    4. After Click on Import button

    Import all dummy data (meraki_dummy_data.xml)

    1. Make sure you have installed theme and all recommended plugins

    2. Go to Tools > Import, then click on Wordpress

    3. If it is not yet installed before, you have to install it. On the popup window, click on "Install Now"

    4. After installed successfully, click Activate Plugin & Run Importer

    5. Browse for and click Upload File and Import.

    6. After uploaded, the confirmation page appears. Check the Download and import file attachments option and click Submit

    7. When you see message "All done. Have fun!", you will know that the import is done. Note: you may need to re-import the second time if the data is large. Back to Step 1. until you see the

    message below

    8. Go to Settings > Reading, set Front page displays to A Static page. Choose Meraki Home page as Front page

    9. Go to Appearance > Menus, choose Header menu as Primary Menu ( Header menu )

    Be aware that downloading Dummy Content may take a while, depending on the speed of your internet


  • 5. Assign Home page

    To assign Home page, please follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to Settings--> Reading.

    2. Select Front page displays: A static page then chooses Front page from down list page.

    3. Click Save to save configuration.

    04. Setting up new Pages

    Your new Theme comes with some awesome custom page layouts. These layouts can be

    used on any page you create to give them some special functionalities. To set up a custom

    page layout go to your WordPress Admin Area and navigate to Pages > Add New. Now you

    can choose any template you like from the "Page Attributes" on the right side.

  • Default Template

    Meraki Template

    You can select above template from a page sidebar on the right side.

    Now user have to set banner so follow this

    - In “Add new page” screen that has “Meraki Design” > click on “Add page section”.


    This is a Hero Section in this section you can changes background images and main image

     Background Image:Background Cover Image Upload or attach image size 1920 X 640

    and only allow .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .tif types

     Your Image: Image Upload or attach image size 309 X 445 and only

    allow .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .tif types

     Your Name: Enter the title.

     Your Designation: Enter the sub title.

     Description : Enter the description

     Button One Title: Enter the button text EX : "Hire me"

     Button One Link: Enter the button URL

     Button Two Title: Enter the button text EX : "Download"

     Button Two Link: Enter the button URL


    This is a about section user can change the icon image and also change the text. For the

    Social icons image.

     Heading: Enter the title

     Sub Heading: Enter the sub title

     Description: Enter the description

     Your Image: Banner Image Upload or attach image size 304 X 304 and only

    allow .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .tif types

     Social Icon Label: Enter the social icons title EX : FOLLOW ME

     Social Icons: Choose the social icon and enter the social link


    This is a services section user can add the service.

     Heading: Enter the heading.

     Sub Heading: Enter the sub heading.

     Services: Add the service

    1. Choose Icon: Choose the icon

    2. Title: Enter the title

    3. Description: Enter the description


     Heading: Enter the title.

     Sub Heading: Enter the sub title.

     Expertise: Add the expertise

    1. Title: Enter the title

    2. Percentage: Choose the percentage


    User can Add and change the education details.

  •  Heading: Enter the title

     Sub Heading: Enter the sub title

     Education: Add Education

    1. Title: Enter the title

    2. Sub Title: Enter the benefits contents

     Description: Enter the description


    User can add the experience and link of the section.

     Heading : Enter the title

     Sub Heading: Enter the sub title

     Experience: Choose the fonts color

    1. Company title : Enter the title

    2. Company sub title : Enter the sub title

    3. Description : Enter the description

    4. Date : E