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  • Naresh Goyal was born in Patiala, Punjab in the year 1949.

    He faced various financial problems in his childhood.

    In 1967, he did his Bachelors of Commerce.

    He dreamt of going to London for higher education, but due to lack of money, he decided to work with his mothers uncle.

  • He joined as a Cashier in his uncles Delhi based agency, Continental Travels.

    Later, he joined as a Sales Agent for Lebanese International Airlines.

    In 1969 he was appointed as the Public Relations Manager of Iraqi Airways.

    From 1971 to 1974 he was the Regional Manager for Royal Jordanian Airlines.

    During this period, he also worked with the Indian offices of Middle Eastern Airlines

    In 1974, he started his own Jetair Private Ltd.

    In 1975, he was appointed as Regional Manager of Phillipine Airlines as he handled the airlines commercial operations in India.

  • The Indian government nationalized the airline industry in 1953, and there were only two airlines in the market.

    The market opened after liberalization in 1991.

    The government allowed private carriers to fly.

  • Jet Airways started commercial operations on 5 May 1993 with for Boeing 737-400s (new generation Boeing).

    Jet Airways was granted scheduled airline status on 14 January 1995.

    It became a deemed public company on 1 July 1996.

    On 19 January 2001, Jet Airways was reconverted into a private company.

    It became a public company on 28 December 2004.

    In 2005, the company had a fleet of 55 aircrafts, carried 10 million people and generated revenues of US $1.4 billion.

    Acquisition of Air Sahara in 2007 at 14.5 billion.

    Today, Jet Airways has evolved into Indias largest private domestic airline.


    SERVICES OFFERRED:- Telephone check-in facilitiesPriority baggage serviceHigh frequency service on major routesSame-day return flights on major routes at convenient timingsProviding flight information on cellular phonesCustomer loyalty programE-ticketingBusiness class section on almost all flightsAirport lounges for business class passengers at most of the airports




    Enhance the efficiency of its operationsGenerate more revenue from its aircraft by reducing turnaround time at airports (fly more hours on an average in a day)

    Major issues:

    Expansion of business to include new destinations & frequent flights on existing routesIncrease the risk of delays due to exposure to congested airports, longer flight durations, and air traffic congestion Delay would reduce aircraft utilization, limit profitability and damage reputation customer dissatisfaction

  • Jet Airways offers several fare options:

    Economy & Club premier faresDiscounted fares for senior citizens & defenseAdvance passenger excursion, or APEX faresOne fare schemeNight saver faresUS dollar fares & visit India fares for overseas travelers.Check fares No requirement for advance booking

    Major sources of revenue: Primarily from transportation of passengers on its aircrafts and also from carriage of cargo.

  • These are measured by the following:

    Capacity measured in terms of available seat kilometers or ASKMs.

    Utilization measured in terms of revenue passenger kilometers or RPKMs.

    Passenger load factor.

    Net passenger revenue.

    Yield, derived by dividing net passenger revenues by revenue passenger kilometers.

    Break even load factor

  • They use historical data and statistical forecasting models to gain knowledge about the market and maximize the airlines operating revenues. It enables them to respond to and anticipate market change.

    The no. of seats offered at each fare level in each market results from continuous analysis and forecasting.

    Past booking history, seasonality, the effects of competition, and current booking trends are used to forecast demand.

    Current fares and knowledge of upcoming events at destinations helps in forecasting optimal seat allocation and fares on specific routes.

  • Tagline The joy of flying.

    One of the few airlines with ISO 9001 certification

    Services provided:

    AV entertainment with largest video screen having touch screen technology first ever in domestic sectorAirline route mapDelicious and gourmet meals

  • Developed system to track various aspects of its service.

    On-time performance and the reasons for delays are analyzed everyday.

    Analyze more than 57000 questionnaires every month.

    Launched a programme Seamless Customer Care. The objective of enhancing customer experience by involving employees in 42 domestic airports.

  • Employees:

    Naresh Goyal (Owner) Anita Goyal (VP Revenue Mgt.,Sales & Mktg etc)Professional & talented crew

    Tangible Assets:

    Boeing 737-400s in 93 and current fleet is 100. 5 hubs for fleet maintenance.INPUTSINPUTS

    Maintenance Facilities at 5 HubsQUALITY CHECK Utilization of inputs to provide services to customers: Tel. check-in Priority baggage High frequency Same day return flights E-ticketing Airport loungesTRANSFORMATION PROCESSOUTPUTISO 9001 CertificationQUALITY CHECK

    Customer Satisfaction as per feedback Awards received for quality of the service


    By QuestionaireFEEDBACK

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