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  • English Language Graphic Novels

    Winners and Nominations of Comics and Graphic Novels Awards up to 2004

    (list sorted first by publisher and then by title)

    Prepared by

    Olivier Charbonneau

    Data current as of May 18, 2004 Concordia University


    PS. Please feel free to use and circulate this list – as long as the person using or receiving it does not use it for commercial purposes (selecting books for a library is OK) and agrees to send me a thank you letter at the following address: Olivier Charbonneau, Webster Library, room LB-279 Concordia University 1400 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W. Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1M8

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  • 4 Winds Wins NominationsTitre

    4 Winds Wilderness Book II 2

    Chiodo, Joe colorist Truman, Timothy

    AAA Pop Atomics 2

    Allred, Michael Rich, Jamie editor

    Aardvark-Vanaheim Cerebus 2 51

    Gerhard inker Sim, Dave writer, let

    ABC League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 3

    Moore, Alan writer

    Promethea (also DC Comics) 3 7 Cox, Jeromy Dunbier, Scott editor Gray, Mike Klein, Todd letterer Moore, Alan Williams III, J.H.

    Tom Strong 7 Dunbier, Scott editor Ehrlich, Tad colorist Gordon, Al inker Moore, Alan writer Sprouse, Chris artist

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  • ABC Wins NominationsTitre

    Tomorrow Stories 2 1 Baikie, Jim Dunbier, Scott editor Gebbie, Melinda Moore, Alan Nowlan, Kevin Veitch, Rick

    Top Ten 10 2 Cannon, Zandar Zander Dunbier, Scott editor Ha, Gene Moore, Alan

    Abiogenesis Press Strangehaven 1

    Millidge, Gary Spencer

    Abstract Studio Strangers In Paradise 1 9

    Moore, Terry

    Acme Features Life in Hell 2

    Groening, Matt

    Active Synapse Clan Apis 2

    Hosler, Jay

    Alternative At The Seams 1

    Brubaker, Ed

    Detour 1 Brubaker, Ed

    Rubber Necker 2 Bertozzi, Nick

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  • Alternative Wins NominationsTitre

    Urban Hipster 1 Lasky, David Stump, Greg

    Yikes 1 1 Chu, Charissa Weismann, Stephen

    Andrews and McMeel Calvin and Hobbes: Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons


    Watterson, Bill

    Calvin and Hobbes: The Revenge of the Baby-Sat


    Watterson, Bill

    The Far Side: Unnatural Selections 1 Larson, Gary

    Antarctic Press Schizo 2

    Brunetti, Ivan

    Art & Soul Tug & Buster 1

    Hempel, Marc

    Atomeka A1 1 2

    Elliott, Dave editor

    Avon Books Snake 'n' Bacon's Cartoon Cabaret 1

    Kupperman, Michael

    Bantam Books The Ray Bradbury Chronicles 2

    Motter, Dean design Preiss, Byron

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  • Behemoth Books Wins NominationsTitre

    Behemoth Books Brainbomb 1

    Clopper, Brian

    Big City Comics Brotherman 1

    Sims, David

    Big Entertainment Teknophage 1

    Gaiman, Neil McKie, Angus

    Black Eye Berlin (2000: also at D&Q: City of Stones) 4

    Lutes, Jason

    Hicksville 2 Horrocks, Dylan

    Bongo Radioactive Man 1

    Morrison, Bill Vance, Cindy Vance, Steve

    Roswell, Little Green Man 3 Morrison, Bill

    Simpsons Comics 1 2 Morrison, Bill Vance, Cindy Vance, Steve

    Cadence Books Adolf 6

    Tezuka, Osamu

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  • Caliber Wins NominationsTitre

    Caliber Kabuki 1

    Mack, David

    Lowlife 1 Brubaker, Ed

    Negative Burn 8 Moore, Charles Pruett, Joe editor

    The Best of Negative Burn 1 Moore, Charles Pruett, Joe

    The Wretch 1 Hester, Phillip

    Caliber/Chaos The Lost 1

    Andreyko, Marc Geldof, Jay Ricketts, Mark Showman, Galen

    Caliber/Tapestry Pakkin’s Land 2

    Shipman, Gary

    Calibre/Fantagraphics Meatcake 1

    Darcy, Dame Thompson, Kim editor

    Cartoon Books Bone (Complete Bone Adventures) 17 9

    Smith, Jeff

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  • Cartoon Books Wins NominationsTitre

    Trilogy Tour II Book 1 Crilley, Mark Medley, Linda Sakai, Stan Smith, Jeff Thompson, Jill Vess, Charles

    Catalan Billy Budd, K.G.B. 1

    Boucq, Francois Charyn, Jerome Metz, Bernd editor

    Fires 1 Leighton, Tom translator Metz, Bernd editor

    Colonia Press Colonia 1

    Nicholson, Jeff

    Comico Ginger Fox 1

    Pander, Arnold Pander, Jacob

    Grendel (1988 also at Mad Dog Graphics) 8 Matt, Joe color McKeever, Ted Pinaha, Bob letterer

    Gumby Summer Special #1 1 1 Adams, Art Burden, Bob

    Jezebel Jade 1 Kubert, Adam Messner-Loebs, Willia

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  • Comico Wins NominationsTitre

    Jonny Quest 3 Messner-Loebs, Willia writer

    Night and the Enemy 1 Ellison, Harlan Steacy, Ken

    Rio 2 Wildey, Doug

    Rocketeer Adventure Magazine #1 1 Bilson Demeo Mayo Stevens, Dave

    Sam and Max, Freelance Police 1 Purcell, Steve

    The Jam: Super-Cool Color-Injected Turbo Adventure from Hell


    Mireault, Bernie

    The Maze Agency 2 Barr, Michael Hughes, Adam Magyar, Rick

    Comics One Joan 1

    Yoshikazu, Yasuhiko

    Creative Frontiers Lost Stories 1

    Berner, Garrett Riley, John Sharpe, Dave

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  • CrossGen Wins NominationsTitre

    CrossGen Meridian: Flying Solo 1

    Kesel, Barbara

    Ruse 5 Guice, Butch artist

    Scion 4 Cheung, Jim artist Marz, Ron writer Ponsar, Frank

    Sojourn: From the Ashes 1 Land, Greg Marz, Ron

    Crusade Shi: Kaidan 1

    Bedard, Tony editor Guittierrez, Peter

    Dancing Elephant Press Jack Staff 1

    Grist, Paul

    Kane 4 Grist, Paul

    Dark Horse Comics 1001 Nights of Bacchus 1

    Schutz, Diana editor

    300 2 2 Miller, Frank Varley, Lynn colorist

    A Decade of Dark Horse 1 Stradley, Randy editor

    Age of Reptiles: The Hunt 1 2 Delgado, Ricardo

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  • Dark Horse Comics Wins NominationsTitre

    Akira 4 Digital Chameleon letterer

    Aliens 1 Nelson, Mark Verheiden, Mark

    Aliens: Genocide 1 Kesel, Barbara

    Aliens: Labyrinth 1 Hollingsworth, Matt colorist

    Aliens: Salvation 2 Hollingsworth, Matt Mignola, Mike Nowlan, Kevin

    Aliens: Tribes 1 Dorman, Dave

    Amazing Screw On Head 1 Mignola, Mike

    An Accidental Death 2 Brubaker, Ed Shanower, Eric

    Andrew Vacchs' Hard Looks 2 Prosser, Jerry

    Army of Darkness 1 Bolton, John

    Bacchus Color Special 2 Campbell, Eddie Kristiansen, Teddy painter

    Badlands 1 Kesel, Barbara

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  • Dark Horse Comics Wins NominationsTitre

    Barry Windsor-Smith: Storyteller 3 Schutz, Diana editor Windsor-Smith, Barry

    Billi 99 3 Byam, Sarah writer Sale, Tim Schutz, Diana

    Booze, Broads, and Bullets 1 Miller, Frank

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1 Petrie, Doug Sook, Ryan

    Cheval Noir 4 Richardson, Mike editor 19

    Concrete 10 19 Chadwick, Paul Spicer, Bill

    Creature from the Black Lagoon 1 Hollingsworth, Matt colorist

    Dark Horse Presents 7 7 Byrne, John Rich, Jamie editor 19 Stradley, Randy editor

    Deadface 2 Campbell, Eddie

    Deadface: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire 1 Campbell, Eddie

    Elric: Stormbringer 1 4 Kindzierski, Lovern colorist Russell, Craig

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  • Dark Horse Comics Wins NominationsTitre

    Fax From Sarajevo 2 2 Cooper, Bob editor Kubert, Joe

    Flaming Carrot Comics (1992 also at Renegade)


    Burden, Bob

    Flaming Carrot's Greatest Hits 1 Burden, Bob

    Flood 1 Drooker, Eric

    Gary Gianni's Monstermen 1 Gianni, Gary

    Ghost 1 Hughes, Adam

    Ghost In The Shell 1 Shirow, Masamune

    Give Me Liberty 1 3 Gibbons, Dave Miller, Frank Stradley, Randy editor

    Grendel Tales (Devil's choice) 2 Hollingsworth, Matt colorist

    Grendel Tales: Devils and Deaths 2 Biukovic, Edvin Macan, Darko

    Grendel Tales: Four Devils, One Hell 1 Kristiansen, Teddy

    Grendel: Black, White & Red 1 1 Wagner, Matt

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  • Dark Horse Comics Wins NominationsTitre

    Grendel: War Child 1 5 Bisley, Simon cover 199 McEown, Patrick Mireault, Bernie colorist Wagner, Matt

    Groo and Rufferto 1 Aragones, Sergio

    Hard Boiled 2 Darrow, Geof Legris, Claude colorist

    Heart of Empire 1 Talbot, Bryan

    Hellboy 3 3 Allie, Scott editor Mignola, Mike artist Stewart, Dave

    Hellboy Christmas Special 1 1 Allie, Scott

    Hellboy Jr. Halloween Special 1 Mignola, Mike

    Hellboy: Almost Colossus 1 1 Mignola, Mike

    Hellboy: Box Full of Evil 1 Mignola, Mike

    Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction 2 Mignola, Mike

    Hellboy: The Chained Coffin and Others 1 Mignola, Mike

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  • Dark Horse Comics Wins NominationsTitre

    Hellboy: The Wolves Of St. August 1 1 Alley, Scott editor Kesel, Barbara editor Mignola, Mike

    Hellboy: Wake the Devil 1 3 Allie, Scott editor Mignola, Mike

    Hieroglyph 1 Delgado, Ricardo

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 2 Kesel, Karl

    Instant Piano 2 2 Allie, Scott editor Kesel, Barbara editor

    James Bond 007: Serpent's Tooth 1 Oliff, Steve

    Last Day in Vietnam 1 Eisner, Will Schutz, Diana editor

    Little Annie Fanny 2 Allie, Scott editor Elder, Will Kurtzman, Harvey

    Lone Wolf & Cub 4 1 Koike, Kazuo Kojima, Goseki

    Louder Than Word 1 Aragones, Sergio

    Martha Washington Goes to War 2 2 Gibbons, Dave McKie, Angus

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