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  1. 1. Graphic Novelsorjust Comics? ELE 616 Research in Children's Literature Fall 2009
  2. 2. What is a Graphic Novel?
    • Definegraphic ?
      • S:(adj) graphic,graphical ,in writing(written or drawn or engraved)"graphic symbols"
      • S:(adj) graphic (describing nudity or sexual activity in graphic detail)"graphic sexual scenes"
      • S:(adj) graphic (of or relating to the graphic arts)"the etchings, drypoints, lithographs, and engravings which together form his graphic work"- British Book News
      • S:(adj) graphic,graphical(relating to or presented by a graph)"a graphic presentation of the data"
      • S:(adj) graphic,lifelike ,pictorial ,vivid(evoking lifelike images within the mind)"pictorial poetry and prose"; "graphic accounts of battle"; "a lifelike portrait"; "a vivid description"
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics? WordNet : a lexical database for the English language
  3. 3. What is a Graphic Novel?
    • From
      • Suddenly a totally new genre is every where we look. Is a graphic novel a comic book? Yes, sort of, not quite. It looks like a comic book, sort of.
      • Is it a "novel?" Yes, because it tells a fictional story of some length.
      • What makes it "graphic?" Well, a great deal of the story is told by the pictures, the graphics. Which makes graphic novels a new way to read.
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  4. 4. Define Graphic Novel?
    • graphic novel
      • Atermcoined by Will Eisner to describe his semi- autobiographical novel A Contract with God(1978), written andillustratedincomic bookstyle, the firstworkin a newgenrethat presents an extendednarrativeas a continuous sequence ofpictorialimagesprintedin color and arranged inpanel -to-panelformat , withdialoguegiven incaption s or enclosed inballoon s.. . . This newliterary formis viewed with suspicion by traditionalists who regard it as a marketing ploy aimed at attractingadult reader s to comic books by removing the stigma attached to them.Click hereto connect to theYahoo!list of graphic novelWeb site s.See also :fotonovela .
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  5. 5. A Contract With God?
    • A Contract With God and Other Tenement Stories
      • This collection of four stories takes us back to the Bronx of the 1930s as seen through Eisner's own eyes, when tenement blocks were crammed with European immigrants jostling their way to a better life.
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  6. 6. Another pioneering graphic novel
    • Maus : A Survivor's Tale
      • a memoir presented as agraphic novelbyArt Spiegelman . It recounts Spiegelman's father's struggle to survive theHolocaustas aPolish Jewand draws largely on his father's recollections of events he personally experienced. The book also follows the author's troubled relationship with his father and the way the effects of war reverberate through generations of a family. In1992it won aPulitzer Prize Special Award .
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  7. 7. Arent they just book-length comics?
    • Graphic novels represent aformat , rather than agenre .
      • Comics are presented in a format defined as sequential art thus the panels, the text bubbles, and all of the usual trademarks of your local newspapers comic strips. In terms of genre, remember that while superhero tales traditionally dominated the comics industry in the U.S., today's graphic novels range into every possible genre, from literary fiction to memoir to fantasy.
        • More Than Words: Graphic Novels in Kentucky's Libraries.Graphic Novels: Where to Start?By Robin Brenner
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  8. 8. Benefits of graphic novels?
      • Benefits of reading and usinggraphic novels include, but arenot limited to, sequencing andshowing dialogue between characters. Most importantly, graphic novels can hook reluctant readers into becoming interested and enthusiastic readers.
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  9. 9. Useful Resources by Michele Gorman
    • Getting Graphic! Using Graphic Novels to Promote Literacy with Preteens and Teens by Michele Gorman Linworth, 2003
    • Graphic Novels Rule! The Latest and Greatest for Young Kids : The latest and greatest comics for young kids By Michele Gorman -- School Library Journal, 3/1/2008
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  10. 10. Other resources fromMichele Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  11. 11. Graphic Novels for YoungAdults
    • No Flying, No Tights
      • Why is this site here? I just want to broadcast my opinions to the world! Actually, no -- I decided to create a page devoted to graphic novel reviews specifically for those who read them the most -- mainly teens -- and for those who might be involved in distributing them to teens -- namely teachers, librarians, and parents.
        • Robin Brenner, by day amild-mannered library technicianat Cary Memorial Library inLexington, Massachusetts
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics? See also Graphic Novels 101: FAQ
  12. 12. Butthatsfor teens!This onesfor younger kids!
      • This site is specifically devoted to presenting graphic novel reviews for kids and those whowork with them, including librarians, teachers,and parents. It used to be that comics were, generally, for kids -- but this is no longer true!In today's comics, the stories are most oftenaimed at adults and teens, and there are fewerand fewer titles for kids. Thus, the creation ofthis site to help you all navigate the murky waters of comic book stores and graphic novel sections to make sure you're getting what's right for you!
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  13. 13.
      • For a young child to read a graphic novel, much less a wordless one, many essential literacy skills are required, including the ability to understand a sequence of events, interpret characters nonverbal gestures, discern the storys plot, and make inferences. Best of all, these skills dont merely apply to Owly or to graphic novels. They are the critical skills that govern all reading comprehension, making Bryonnas triumph with Owly into a lesson that has also helped her with other reading materials.
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  14. 14. Owly?
    • Owly Comics!
      • Owly is a kind, yet lonely, little owl who knows what it means to be human. Relying on a mixture of symbols and expressions,these animated and heartwarming tales are a perfect read for all ages.
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  15. 15. Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  16. 16. Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  17. 17. Pinky and Stinky?
    • Creator:James Kochalka
      • The story: Pinky and Stinky are two piglets on a mission to Pluto. Space is a dangerous place, however, and their rocket is hit by an asteroid, forcing them to crash land on the moon.
        • SeeReviewbyChristine
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  18. 18. Buzzboy?
      • Meet Buzzboy...the World'smost upbeat super hero!Drawn in the style of the "Adventures" animated TV series, Buzzboy is chock-full of action, humor, and overall weirdness that makes it just good, free-for-all fun.
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  19. 19. Bone :a classic
    • ATIMEtop ten graphic novel
      • Bonecombines the humor and look of early Disney movies with the scope of theLord of the Ringscycle. Smith draws characters that are both cute and scary, infusing every panel with dynamic energy. The best all-ages novel yet published in this medium, while children will readBonefor its breathless adventure and sight gags, older kids and adults will appreciate the themes of blind fanaticism and corrupting power.
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics? All-TIME Graphic Novels No Bones About It
  20. 20. Amy Unbounded
    • Amy of EddybrookLodge
      • Amy Unboundedchronicles the adventures and misadventures of nine-year-old Amy of Eddybrook in the medieval queendom of Goredd. Her father is a weaver, her mother's a barbarian clockmaker, and as for Amy herself... well the word "silly" comes to mind. So does "rambunctious." Sometimes she wishes she were a knight, other times a famous bombarde player, a scholar, or explorer. Her big imagination occasionally gets her in trouble, but just as often gets her right back out of it.
      • See alsoAmy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming Recommended
    Graphic Novels--or Just Comics?
  21. 21. Native American graphics Graphic Novels--or Just Comics? Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Pawsis for the young and the young at heart. This series is set in 1750s colonized North America and features the comical adventures of two brothers, Rabbit and Bear Paws. Using Traditional Native Teachings and humour, the stories are based on THE SEVEN FIRES PROPHECIES and THE SEVEN GRANDFATHERS.
  22. 22. Nonfiction in graphic format
    • Graphic Novels, Seriously
      • Despite their nascent popularity, graphic novels are often still typecast as hewing only to the superhero plot line, invoking the male power fantasy. While fantasy is still a mainstay of the genre, the scope and diversity of the graphic novel has broadened to inclu