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Collecting Graphic Novels By: James Hall

Collecting Graphic Novels

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Page 1: Collecting Graphic Novels

Collecting Graphic Novels

By: James Hall

Page 2: Collecting Graphic Novels

Background Info.

• I’ve always liked reading select comics and watching movies that come out about them.

• Recently I’ve been intrigued by collecting Graphic Novels of certain comics I hold in high regard and like to read them/put them on display.

• So far I have a very small collection since this can be a bit of an expensive hobby.

• In the following slides I’ll just show some of my favorites…

Page 3: Collecting Graphic Novels

Absolute Watchmen

• I had no previous knowledge of Watchmen until I saw the movie preview. It piqued my interest and I decided to read the graphic novel and loved it! I now have in my possession a 1st Printing of the graphic novel and an oversized Absolute Edition of Watchmen which is loaded with tons of extras…A picture of it is on the next slide…

Page 4: Collecting Graphic Novels

Absolute Watchmen Pic.

Page 5: Collecting Graphic Novels

The Absolute V for Vendetta

After reading Alan Moore’s Watchmen I delved further into his writing and found out that he was the author of the comic V for Vendetta which was made into a movie before Watchmen. I had since seen the movie but hadn’t realized it was written by him. Not too long ago I acquired V for Vendetta in its Absolute form which looks great on display…on the next slide is another pic…

Page 6: Collecting Graphic Novels

Absolute V for Vendetta

Page 7: Collecting Graphic Novels

Astonishing X-men OmnibusThe best for last (for now)

• This one is/was out of print when I wanted to get it. After a week or so of calling around and looking on eBay I found a shop in Indiana that had it for 74.99 with no tax and shipping, so I paid a penny below retail! That was a great investment because their selling for more than 100 dollars on eBay.

Page 8: Collecting Graphic Novels

Astonishing X-men Omnibus