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GRAPHIC NOVELS FOR LIBRARIANS* (and other interested library types) AzLA 2011 Preconference

Graphic Novels for Librarians

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Slides from the presentation by Kristin Fletcher-Spear and Merideth Jenson-Benjamin from the 2011 AzLA precon session.

Text of Graphic Novels for Librarians

  • 1.GRAPHIC NOVELS FORLIBRARIANS*(and other interested librarytypes) AzLA 2011 Preconference

2. 3 SectionsWhat are graphic novels?Issues and FAQGraphic Novels in the Library 3. a format, not a genre.a book length narrative, of any genre, forany audience , which uses sequential arteither by itself for in combination with textelements, to tell a story.What is a graphic novel? 4. images placed in a specific order to convey meaning,such as the passage of time, a specific action, amoment or an event. 5. From Return of the Dapper Men by JimMcCann and Janet Lee Passage of Time 6. H2 by Mitsuru Adachi Action 7. Moment 8. Bone #16 by Jeff Smith. Event 9. Parts of a comics page PanelsGuttersWord Balloons 10. Types of American Comics A comic put out by a major Mainstream Comics American publishing house. They typically feature superheroes, action or are tied into media properties. Marvel and DC dominate the Mainstream comics field. Other publishers include Boom! Studios, IDW, Archie Comics, Bongo and Devils Due. 11. Types of American ComicsA comic published by a smallerAmerican publishing house.Independent comics are usually Indieowned by the creator, and covera more diverse range of topics.Oni, Image, Archaia, Dark Horse,and SLG are well knownindependent publishers. 12. Types of American Comics Literary comic : A subgenre of independent comics, these comics have few genre elements, and often quieter, more humanLiterary and stories. Memoirs and travelogues are a Alternative popular literary comics genres. Alternative comic : A subgenre of independent comics, these comics are more concerned with social issues and pushing boundaries. Alternative comics are a direct descendent of the underground comics of the 1960s. Fantagraphics, Drawn and Quarterly and Top Shelf are well known for their literary and alternative comics. 13. Intro to Manga What is it? DifferencesbetweenAmerican Comicsand Manga Major Publishers 14. Types of Manga Shonen and Shojo Manga aimed at young teen boys that tend to focus on action.Manga created for teenage girls,that tend to focus on relationships. 15. Types of Manga Boys Love A sub-genre of manga and anime that focuses on relationships of two males. 16. Josei, Seinen &Gekiga Josei Sienen Gekiga 17. Issues with Graphic Novels 18. Age Ratings 19. All Ages 20. Digital Comics 21. Day and Date 22. Comics Piracy 23. The Graphic Novels FAQ 24. Answer: They dont.Q: Why do The quality ofthey fall apartbindings vary widely from publisher toso quickly?publisher. Graphic novels tend to circulate more inWhere Should I a shorter period.Buy Graphic Processing makes aNovels? big difference. 25. Q: WhereAnswer:Should I BuyAnywhere you can.Graphic Most library vendors stockgraphic novels.Novels? Diamond Distributing has aspecial program forlibraries. Brick and mortar storeshave a good idea of whats Where Should I popular in a specific area. Buy Graphic Worse comes to Novels?worse, theres alwaysonline retailers. 26. Answer: Do WhatQ: How should works for yourthey be system. Shelving by series iscataloged?probably easiest for thepatron. However, most catalogerswould prefer they becataloged by author. Japanese names make Where Should I catalogers tear their hair Buy Graphicout. Novels? If you have a smallcollection, books might getlost in 741s 27. Q: Why areA: Naming Japanesecustoms and names so hard translations to catalog?Where Should IBuy GraphicNovels? 28. Q: Whats with all the weirdA: Translations manga titles?Where Should IBuy GraphicNovels? 29. Q: Why do A: Not all mangamanga seriesseries are longrun so long? Where Should I Buy Graphic Novels? 30. Answer: Lots ofQ: Where can IPlaces!find Most mainstreamprofessionallibrary journals reviewgraphic materials.reviews? Many library journalshave blogs orcolumns devoted to Where Should I GNs Buy Graphic Many professional Novels?reviewers review forweb-only publications. 31. Answer: ItsQ: Why dontComplicatedthe coversmatch theinsides? Where Should I Buy Graphic Novels? 32. Q: Why isnt A: Because of themanga in nature of manga incolor? Japan.Where Should IBuy GraphicNovels? 33. Answer: BecauseQ: Why do you its Japanese!read mangabackwards? Where Should I Buy Graphic Novels? 34. Answer:Manga mahn-gaQ: How do youAnime Ahn-ee-pronouncemayYaoi - yah-oh-e Where Should I Buy Graphic Novels? 35. Q: What is aAnswer: Auniverse? Universe is ashared continuity. Where Should I Buy Graphic Novels? 36. Q: Why do you Answer: Becausecall them we dont have abetter word.graphic novelswhen theyrenot fiction? Where Should I Buy Graphic Novels? 37. A: A webcomic is aQ: What is acomic designed towebcomic? be published onthe web. Where Should I Buy Graphic Novels? 38. Q: What the A: Digital comics are digitized difference versions of print between a comics. webcomic andWebcomics are a digital designed for the web. comic?Where Should IBuy GraphicNovels? 39. Graphic Novels In Libraries 40. Challenges 41. Challenges 42. YOUTHTEENADULT 43. Readers Advisory 44. Readers Advisory 45. ` 46. Displays 47. Programming 48. Programming 49. Programming 50. A library without comics isnt a real library Sofi, Age8. 51. WWW.SLIDESHARENET/MERIDETHLIBRARIANHTTP://MERIDETHSAYS.BLOGSPOT.COMWWW.GOODREADS.COM