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What are graphic novels?

• Short History of Graphic Novels

• A Visual History

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Graphic Novels

• book length comic books that tell a story using images and text

• made for children, teenage, and adult audiences

• often deal with serious issues and mature content (not necessarily funny)

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Art Spiegelman’s MAUS

• took 13 years to complete

• tells the story of Spiegelman’s attempts to learn about his mother and father’s experiences during the Holocaust

• mixes fiction, non-fiction, biography, and autobiography

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Historical Context

• Creating Class K-W-L Chart

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What about the ordinary men and women involved in these crimes?

• “The guards at the Nazi death camps, the contractors who built the death chambers, the clerks who registered the numbers tattooed on every Jew, and many more people involved in Adolf Hitler’s extermination program were all ordinary citizens with spouses, children, mothers, fathers, boyfriends, girlfriends, and neighbours…” -Browning Fact: In 1938, Hitler was featured

on the cover of Time magazine as “Man of the Year”

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• SHOCKED Americans!– results suggested that ordinary, decent American

citizens were just as capable of committing atrocious acts against their conscience as the Germans

• Are you surprised that 65% of test subjects continued to administer the electric shock to the fatal dosage?

• What would YOU DO??

• Would you question the experiment??

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• “It was simply what seemed sensible for me to write after the war when everyone was thanking God they weren’t Nazis. I’d seen enough to realize that every single one of us could be Nazis.”

– -William Golding on his novel Lord of the Flies