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  • 1. What are graphic novels? Short History ofGraphic Novels A Visual History

2. Graphic Novels book length comicbooks that tell a storyusing images and text made forchildren, teenage, and adult audiences often deal withserious issues andmature content (notnecessarily funny) 3. Art SpiegelmansMAUS took 13 years tocomplete tells the story ofSpiegelmans attemptsto learn about hismother and fathersexperiences during theHolocaust mixes fiction, non-fiction, biography, and 4. Historical Context Creating Class K-W-L Chart 5. What about the ordinary men and women involved in thesecrimes? The guards at the Nazi deathcamps, the contractors who built thedeath chambers, the clerks whoregistered the numbers tattooed onevery Jew, and many more peopleinvolved in Adolf Hitlersextermination program were allordinary citizens with spouses,children, mothers, fathers,boyfriends, girlfriends, andneighbours -Browning Fact: In 1938, Hitler was featured on the cover of Time magazine as Man of the Year 6. THE (IN)FAMOUS MILGRAMEXPERIMENT (1960--) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6GxIuljT3w 7. Findings: SHOCKED Americans! results suggested that ordinary, decent Americancitizens were just as capable of committing atrociousacts against their conscience as the Germans Are you surprised that 65% of test subjectscontinued to administer the electric shock tothe fatal dosage? What would YOU DO?? Would you question the experiment?? 8. It was simply whatseemed sensiblefor me to write afterthe war wheneveryone wasthanking God theywerent Nazis. Idseen enough torealize that everysingle one of uscould be Nazis. -William Goldingon his novel Lord of the Flies