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Friday Monkey - Wine Branding

Text of Friday Monkey

  • 1. Packaging + Price + Product
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    • Friday Monkey wines are a metaphor of the Australian culture - young, trendy and sophisticated.It captures the essence of the higher tones of life, so you can have all the pleasure.
    • FRIDAY monkey wines can be enjoyed on any occasion; be it at home, a casual dinner with friends, or at a restaurant.We give you the finest quality wine that tastes good and lives up to its expectations.
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    • Started with Chardonnay, Shiraz and Merlot only!
    • Now!
    • offers 7 varietals and in many countries.
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  • 5. Cartons
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  • 7. The FRIDAY monkey Reserve Range
  • 8. Packaging
    • FRIDAY monkey Merlot 1.5L Cartons
  • 9. Packaging
  • 10. Varietals
  • 11. The name
    • The "FRIDAY Monkey" name
    • The Friday Monkey name was chosen withthe purposeof gaining immediate brand recognition.
    • Friday is the best trading day of the week for liquor sales in the United States.
    • The sight of a cute Monkey swinging on a vine is one which delights people of all ages. Combined on a wine label, they presenta whimsical imagewhich is readily noticed withirresistible appeal to the impulse buyer.
    • It'sname is easilyremembered and describes the contemporary personality of the wine.
    • The nameconveys a feel good factor while making a purchase decision in the store. Last and not the least, it will boost retailerswine sales without them doing any hand selling.
  • 12. Banners
  • 13. Point Of Sale
    • Case Cards/ Carton Toppers