Colobus monkey. Snow monkey Squirrel monkey

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Text of Colobus monkey. Snow monkey Squirrel monkey

  • Colobus monkey

  • Snow monkey

  • Squirrel monkey

  • Spider monkey

  • Vervet monkey

  • Capuchin monkey

  • Mandrill monkey

  • Mandrill monkey

  • owl monkey

  • Red uakari

  • Howler monkey

  • Proboscis Monkey

  • MONKEYSSquirrel monkeys carefully smear food on their tails using their hands. Smelly tails might be important to help identify close friends and family in the tangle of the forest.Howler monkeys spend as much as 80% of the daytime resting. This means they are possibly the laziest monkeys in the world.Owl monkeys from Bolivia seem to be immune to malaria, whereas Colombian owl monkeys can and do contract malaria. Owl monkeys have played an important role in understanding how the parasite that causes malaria attacks the human body.