Monkey Bread

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  • 1.How to Bake the Perfect Batch of Monkey Bread

2. Introduction

  • Have you ever been mortified by your mushy-gushy-soup of a dessert. Have you ever ate one???? Raise your hand now!!! Thats ok, dont fret I will teach you how to have the show-stopping- mouth- watering dessert.

3. Why Learn This skill???

  • Do your really want to be that person who cant bake??? Do you want your friends to gag over your dessert?? If you answered no then toon into this presentation.

4. Materials

  • Your Hands
  • Small pot
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Pampered Chefcoating dishes
  • 1/4 pound butter
  • One package of Pillsbury biscuit dough
  • Bunt pan

5. Procedure

  • Start out by gathering all your materials.
  • Set oven to 350 degrees
  • Place one of three Pampered Chef trays in front of you.

6. Procedure cont

  • Add a mixture of cinnamon and sugar to the mixing trays.
  • Go ahead, open up your dough package, but be POPS!!!
  • One by one separate the dough in sections.

7. Procedure cont

  • (Note: Sections will resemble hockey pucks)
  • Proceed to rip sections in halves, and gradually to fourths
  • Then with your four sections start to roll them into spheres.

8. Procedure cont

  • Add your spheres into bunt pan
  • Once you have filled the pan half way through, get a small mixing pan and add: pound butter, one cup sugar, three tablespoons cinnamon. When finished pour over bunt ban.
  • Continue to fill pan, when filled, pop in oven for thirty minutes!!


  • By fallowing my direction, with no misconceptions, people will show their utmost affection to your monkey bread!!!