Atlassian Enterprise Confluence Webinar - April 2013

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Bill Arconati's first Atlassian Enterprise Confluence Webinar. This semi-annual webinar series is focused on the latest updates and ongoings in the world of Confluence specifically related to our large, enterprise customer deployments. Participation in this webinar is an exclusive benefit for Atlassian Enterprise customers of Confluence, however, we make all of the recordings available as part of the Atlassian Enterprise Resources.


<ul><li> 1. Conuence WebinarApril 2, 2013Bill Arconati Ken OlofsenConuence Group Product Portfolio Product Marketing LeadManager</li></ul> <p> 2. Atlassian An Enterprise Recent Features Whats Next?EnterpriseStory 3. 24 x 7 Phone &amp; Online SupportDedicated Enterprise Support Reps Instance Proles Atlassian UniversityAdmin CoursesEnterprise Resources Atlassian Enterprise Community Enterprise WebinarsEnterprise Workshops 4. Admin CoursesJIRA Admin TrainingNext classes: April 11, 2013 New York City April 18, 2013 LondonConuence Training Under 5. Enterprise Stash Webinar up next Tentatively planned for June 2013Technical Workshops in development JIRA Application Security JIRA Upgrade Best Practices Conuence Theme Design JIRA Integrations DVCS Concepts with Stash &amp; Git 6. Atlassian Enterprise Community 7. Atlassian Enterprise Questions? to Enterprise? 8. Atlassian An Enterprise Recent Features Whats Next?EnterpriseStory 9. What Is Enterprise? 10. Conuence in thePublished byAtlassian Media EnterpriseCopyright 2013 Sydney, NSWA coming of age story 11. Small Team Developer in IT Installed Conuence and JIRA Ad-hoc documentation Dozen users / couple spaces 12. Departmental Project Manager in IT Found Conuence through Daniel Project reporting Hundreds of Users / Dozens ofspaces 13. Company-wide Business Unit Manager Learned Conuence from Paula Departmental website Thousands of Users / Hundreds of spaces 14. Enterprise System Administrator Inherits Conuence from Daniel Needs to keep Conuencerunning Tens of thousands of users /thousands of spaces 15. Whats Changed?DepartmentalEnterpriseDozens of users Thousands of usersFew spacesThousands of spacesUnder the Radar Mission CriticalAd hoc management Centralised administration 16. Enterprise Focuses On:Thousands of users User ScalingThousands of spacesContent ScalingMission Critical Stability / AvailabilityCentralised administration Administration Scaling 17. Poll Question #1:Which of these areas areimportant to you? 18. Atlassian An Enterprise Recent Features Whats Next?EnterpriseStory 19. User &amp; Group Scaling 20. LDAP Performance LDAP syncing performance (5.0) OpenLDAP Active Directory Delegate auth performance (5.0) Group lookup for delegated auth (5.0) Conf 4.3Conf 4.3 Conf 5.0Conf 5.0 Nested Group option on Delegated LDAP (5.0) Improved handling of same-named groups (5.1) 21. Group Scaling Add searching to Manage Groupsscreen (5.0) Improved pagination whensearching through groups (5.0) Group Autocomplete (5.1) 22. User Browsing User browsing for end users (5.0) Hide deactivated users in people directory Show LDAP users in people directorybefore they log inDisplay correct number of people whenusers are deleted from LDAP 23. Content Scaling 24. Archive Spaces Archive a space at the end of a project (4.3) Dont need to delete the content Hidden from search results by default Can expand search to include archivecontent 25. Browsing Spaces Space directory with pagination (3.5) Limit number spaces on the dashboard (4.0) 26. More... Autocomplete to select space homepage (5.0) 27. Stability / Availability 28. Ofce Integration Solve OOMEs when search indexing Excel les Minimise CPU usages of Viewle Macro of xlsx les Prevent OOMEs when importing Word documentsas pages (5.0) Reduce memory consumption of indexing PPT les(do not not load all images) (5.0) 29. Stability / Availability Navigating (5.0) Improve Pagetree and Children macroperformance on large spaces (5.0) Exporting Performing an XML backup on a large datasettakes a long time and causes an OOME. (4.2) Reduce Conuence PDF export memoryusage (5.1) - 1.3GB memory down to 60MB! 30. Admin Scale 31. Add-on Requests User workow for requesting new Add-Ons (4.3) 32. Space Provisioning Default space permissions (4.3) 33. User Provisioning Invite Users (4.3) Via URL Or direct email Domain-restricted signup Email users on account creation (4.3) 34. Admin Quick Access Quick access to admin functions (5.1) Accessible instant from the search box Keyboard Shortcuts for quick access: use standard / or gg (JIRA admin shortcut) 35. votes satisfied? Top Voted Features (4.1) Any character in page titles (5.0)View page restriction of a child page will belost once the parent page is removed (4.1) Global custom PDF stylesheet(5.0)PDF export blogs (4.2)Fix broken images in word export (4.3)Delete attachment versions (4.2) Label attachments (5.0)delete page versions Excerpt include to work across Editor - Sortable tables, custom background spaces (4.2 and 4.3) colours, create WYSIWYG templates, multiple draftsper space, support non-standard link protocols 36. Survey Question What Admin Scaling featureswould make you more productive? 37. Atlassian An Enterprise Recent Features Whats Next?EnterpriseStory 38. User &amp; Group Scaling 39. Rename Users Internal Users Internal with LDAP auth Full LDAP Crowd/JIRA 40. Content Scaling 41. Search Improvements Quick-access recently viewed Improved ranking Faster Filters More visible Instantly-applied No page refresh 42. Stability / Availability 43. Stability / Availability Targeting specic causes of instabilityand OOMEs Investigating High Availability 44. Admin Scale 45. Space Provisioning Space-level Blueprints Custom home page Pre-populated content Themes Pluggable 46. Poll Question #2:What kinds of Space Blueprintswould you like to see in Conuence? 47. Admin Scaling Top voted features Templates in blog posts, Move blogs Trash management (removed attachments in trash) Beyond Delegate more to space admins (invite users to space, groups perspace, prevent admins from changing anonymous access) 48. WhatsNext? Products &amp;Offerings User Scaling Content ScalingAvailability Admin ProgramEnterprise Features 49. Questions? 50. Get Involved 51. Thank you!</p>