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SXSW Interactive 2015 A Recap for the Knomatic Team

SXSW Interactive 2015 Recap

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  • SXSW Interactive 2015A Recap for the Knomatic Team

  • Session Take Aways

    Major Themes

    Photos & Videos

  • Life in the Oasis

    Ready Player One envisioned as what if Willy Wonka made video games instead of chocolate?

    Also inspired by Man on a Mission documentary on Netflix.

  • - Ernest Cline

    Video games fill our hunter gather needs we spent centuries perfecting but are no longer necessary.

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    Digital ShiftTomorrows Relationships & Ideals

  • Digital Shift Take Aways

    Tethered Self -> More Immersive Experiences -> Manicured Self

    Creativity + Nature (or VR?) + Connection = Happiness

    What happens when everyone is capable of perfection?

    Ethical challenges will outweigh technical challenges

  • Steve CasePardon the Disruption: Entrepreneurship in Third Wave of the Internet

  • History of AOLAOL originally founded in 1985; not legal for consumers to connect to internet until 7 yrs later.

    AOL was originally AppleLink until Apple yanked the licensing last minute.

  • The 3 Waves of the Internet1985 - 2000: focused on infrastructure; Cisco, Netscape, AOL, etc. Getting plumbing in place.

    2000 - 2015: not focused on building the internet, focused on building on top of the internet. Google, Facebook, Twitter.

    2015 - 2030: will focus more on integrating internet into daily life; will disrupt healthcare, education, energy & food industries.

  • 4 Trends in Third Wave

    Capital for All

    Strategic Partnerships Reemerge

    Social Enterprises or Impact Investing; Purpose + Profits; B-Corps

    Entrepreneurship goes both regional & global

  • Biz StoneCreativity & Redefining Success

  • Biz Stone on Creativity

    Super.me app, pivoted from Jelly

    Empathy & feeling based communication

    Emotional investment in what youre working on

  • Biz Stone

    If you want to build a platform capable of toppling a despotic regime, it also has to support fart jokes.

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    @garyvee vs Jack WelchWhat It Really Takes To Win in Business

  • @garyvee vs Jack WelchSelf Awareness is critical

    Cant judge businesses based on numbers; also must have cultural fit

    The generosity gene is the one thing you should look for in a boss

    Scale of new businesses in 2 - 3 years much larger; examples of Uber & Snapchat

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    Consumer DataThe Good, the Bad, and the Not-So-Ugly

  • Consumer Data

    Consumer Needs // Business Needs // Technical Capabilities

    Share Early & Often with Stakeholders within your business

    Customization vs Personalization: personalization is driven by behavior, not settings

  • Consumer DataAvoiding Being Creepy

    Target Predicting Pregnancy

    Amazons Anticipatory Shipping

    Hello Barbie Wi-Fi Connected Doll

    TiVo knows what youll watch, and whenbut doesnt necessarily tell you

  • Margret Schmidt

    I dont think I should own a watch that costs more than the resale value of my car.

  • Phil LibinBe Epic: The Art of Bold Decision Making

  • Evolution of a Company

    Scissors: scrappy startups

    Rocks: mid-sized companies

    Papers: giant, established companies

  • Epic InsightsWhen you do a pros/cons evaluation, you typically take the least bad option, not really focusing on positives

    When thinking strategically, you need to choose the option that has the best upside

    Focus on upsides, the positive outcomes if we dont screw this up

    Saying no to stuff you dont want to do isnt focus. Focus is saying no to things that you would want to do.

  • Bold Lessons

    Avoid the Rocks: dont go into a market that has 3 to 4 rocks already in it

    Focus: be impressive at first; exert sustained pressure once you reach rock phase

    What if its Great: focus on the upside, not the downside

  • Martine RothblattAI, Immortality & the Future of Selves

  • Transhumanism

    Mind Clones

    Identity Will Transcend Your Body

    Disagreements with Your Mind Clones; Divorce from Clones; Voting Rights for Clones

  • More Transhumanism

    Parallels between mind clones & illegal aliens

    Dont want to create a slave vs free construct between cyber beings & physical beings

    New industry for cyber psychiatry

    Lifenaut website available to create/preserve your own mind file

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    Your Connected WorldWhat did you sign up for? Quirky CEO, Ben Kaufman

  • Connected WorldImportance of Retail Education

    Smart vs Connected

    Products who think about their owners (Ex: toothpaste)

    Thread protocol for simplifying Zigbee

    Change UI based upon home or away

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    Design & Tech Trends 2015John Maeda, KPCB

  • Design Focused CompaniesMajority of designers consider themselves self-taught

    Ratio of designers to engineers in new reality is 1:4 to 1:5

    Design for the after wow; the long term wow based on earning your users confidence

  • MobileHow To Build Beyond the Phone

  • Beyond MobileNatural language processing will play an increasingly important role

    Importance of haptic/taptic communication, especially for illiterate

    Very few future wearables will have their own screen or own UI

    Importance of mobile payments & extinction of paper money to ensure accuracy in tax collections; Greece may be 1st mover

  • Beyond MobileAdvantages in designing for smallest screen first, then scaling up from there

    Increasing need for emotional context to communications; Emoji have attempted to fill this gap

    Dumb Screens will proliferate, on which smart devices will project data that may be viewed on watches today

    API Layer between the various services really becomes the most important part

  • Magic Leap Retinal Projection


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    How Innovation HappensEric Schmidt, Megan Smith, Walter Isaacson

  • Keys for US InnovationBest jobs of the future will be those that combine the best of humans with the best of computers

    Focus on digital service to country

    Must encourage creation of entrepreneurs

    Fixing female enrollment in Comp Sci (was 34% in 85, only 13% in 15)

    Universal broadband the key to the knowledge economy

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    A Look Inside DARPADan Kaufman, Director of DARPAs Information Innovation Office

  • A Look Inside DARPA

    Last 10 years have been decade of data; next 10 will be decade of biology

    Capturing rat brain tissue to transfer learning; digital intermediary also works

    Planet X framework for cyber warriors to be extremely effective even if they dont know how it all works

  • A Look Inside DARPACode Diversity: make software slightly different per instance to make it more resistant to virus attacks

    Dont worry about replicating a human with a computer; instead create one that works with a human to accomplish together what neither could independently

    Value in asking your AI Why?

    Example of getting non-snipers to shoot like snipers when similar brain activity states are achieved

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    Moonshots & RealityAstro Teller, Director Google[x]

  • MoonshotsHuge Problem + Radical Solution + Breakthrough Technology = Google[x]

    Embracing Failure

    Building Social Norms via Glass Explorer Pgm

    Project Wing Flying Delivery Airframe

  • MoonshotsProject Makani Airborne Wind Turbines

    For self-driving cars, autonomous tech was done 3 years ago

    Had to go back to drawing board because humans were not reliable backup

  • Key Take AwaysMajor Trends at SXSW Interactive 2015

  • SXSW 2015Meerkat is everywhere

    Ethics matter more than ever

    Human needs rarely change; just the tools

    For better or worse, government will become increasingly involved in technology

  • Photos & VideosAustin through Justons iPhone 6