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SXSW Interactive 2013 Recap

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Digital Marketing trends from SXSW Interactive 2013. BBDO New York focused in on 5 themes most relevant to Brands and Agencies by launching www.DigitalLabLive.com.

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1. SXSW13 INTERACTIVE RECAP 2. DIGITAL LAB LIVE5 TRACKS 3. Digital Lab Live 4. SX6s // South by in 6 second increments 5. SXSW is where you go experience the future for a few days before you have to go back home to the present. - DENNIS CROWLEY, FOUNDER/CEO FOURSQUARE 6. SXSWi13 Hits Record Numbers30k attendees in 2013 // 2012: 24k // 2011: 19k1,833 Interactive Sessions How do60% male we make60% HHI $100k+48% repeat attendees sense of21% international registrants (from 72 countries) all this?#1 most talked about: Grumpy Cat followed by Elon Musk, and Al Gore 7. DIGITAL LAB LIVE // www.digitallablive.comRELEVANT OPINIONS FOR LIVE EVENTSWe culled 17 SXSW themes and hundreds of sessionsdown to just 5 Brands and Agencies should know about. Built in 2 weeks (big thanks to K5) Responsive Text, Photos, Video, Quotes Interviews of founders/influencers 8. Design &DevelopmentDIGITAL LAB LIVES 2013 SXSW COVERAGE 9. DatUX 10. Personality: who someoneis in their everyday lifePersona: who they areonlineMechanics of Magic: 7 Game Design Insights 11. ROHIT THAWANI 12. What may be intuitive to UX designers may not be intuitive to astronauts. NASA - THE USER EXPERIENCE OF A SPACE STATION 13. NASA - THE USER EXPERIENCE OF A SPACE STATION 14. Taxonomy: fixed, top-down hierarchyFolksonomy: letting thepeople decide the orderof thingsDESIGNING FOR USER GENERATED CHAOS 15. SHUTUP AND TAKE MY MONEY! LEGO DOES CROWD SOURCING 16. Kids love physical objectsand digital experiences.Merging the two is theholy grail of toys.RE IMAGINING TOYS: MERGING THE PHYSICAL & DIGITAL 17. CIRCULAR WATER SLIDE 18. The spacebetweentechnology,art and actionis where itsat.FROM CORAL REEFS TO THE LIGHT FIELD: MAKING WAVES 19. 3 Pillars of ModernPhotography:1. Optics2. Computation3. ProductivityFROM CORAL REEFS TO THE LIGHT FIELD: MAKING WAVES 20. FROM CORAL REEFS TO THE LIGHT FIELD: MAKING WAVES 21. BEYOND MOBILE: WHERE NO GEEK HAS GONE BEFORE 22. Whats holdingcomputersback is thelimited numberof ways inwhich we canuse them. LEAP MOTION & THE FUTURE OF GESTURE CONTROL 23. LEAP MOTION & THE FUTURE OF GESTURE CONTROL 24. Gesture control can beused for:Art - sculptingMedicine - remotesurgeryEducation - physicsTHE MOUSE AND KEYBOARD ARE DYING 25. THE FUTURE OF 3D PRINTING WITH MAKERBOT 26. You can 3D print:engine blocksfingersyour homeworkLEGOshoe inserts so your daughtercan ride the big kid rides THE FUTURE OF 3D PRINTING WITH MAKERBOT 27. In the future devices willget both dumber andsmarter. thats goodbecause you want somesmart devices and a lot ofdumb devices.BEYOND MOBILE: WHERE NO GEEK HAS GONE BEFORE 28. 1. Use sensors to pushdata2. Focus on metadata,robots will do the rest3. Move your interactionoff the screenWHAT TO DO IN A POST-MOBILE ERA (ITS HERE) 29. it takes 20 years from the time a product begins in the lab until it gets a chance at hitting the mainstream. - BILL BUXTON 30. the best way to complain is to make thingsJAMES MURPHY, LCD SOUNDSYSTEM 31. Art &InspirationDIGITAL LAB LIVES 2013 SXSW COVERAGE 32. Ive spent a lot of my timebutting heads with otherpeoples lack of imaginationA CONVERSATION WITH NICK CAVE 33. Nick Cave captured the feeling shared by many. Just because something has been done the same way for along time, doesnt mean its the only way.WHAT I LEFT INSPIRED BY 34. Technology has changedhow people behave.Agencies, brands, artists,people are changing toreflect this.CHALLENGING CONVENTION & BEHAVIOR 35. There was a feeling ofexperimentation.With new methodologies,techniques and processes. 36. Technology as the ideaIdeas that come from anywhereDigital labsQuick, agile collaborationFOUR WAYS AGENCIES & BRANDS ARE REDEFINING IDEAS 37. Traditional Idea Model Idea > Execution R/GA Model Technology > Idea *This is what the user experiences.R/GA REDEFINING HOW IDEAS ARE MADE 38. 1. Start with technology that aligns to your strategy 2. Get specific and embrace constraints 3. Brainstorm ideas within limitsR/GA METHODOLOGY FLIPS THE MODEL ON ITS HEAD 39. DeviantART is truly embracing their audience in creation of ideas.DEVIANTART: AUDIENCE VS CREATOR 40. Their theory: the people who buy your end product should have a say in the creation of it. (Mass Effect 3: A cautionary tale)DEVIANTART: AUDIENCE VS CREATOR 41. Seems logical, right? This isnt new. This was how Charles Dickens wrote Great Expectations.DEVIANTART: AUDIENCE VS CREATOR 42. Clive Barker wrote Chapter One as inspiration. People submitted Chapter Two. One was chosen. And so the process continued.EXAMPLES OF THIS THINKING IN ACTION 43. BBDO 747LABSClemenger MelbourneInternal innovation labsConsultants to broader agencySolve problems through tech CLEMEMGER BBDO MELBOURNE, AUS 44. Scrum: multiple small teams working in an intensive and interdependent manner.FABRIQUE, NETHERLANDS 45. The Traditional Approach Planners write a brief Creative concept Present ideas to account and clientWATERFALL APPROACH 46. AGILE APPROACH: CONCEPT > TEST > ITERATE 47. Agency ImplicationsTrial new ways of workingIdeas that incorporate theaudienceIdea & design sprintsIMPLICATIONS 48. Culture &EntertainmentDIGITAL LAB LIVES 2013 SXSW COVERAGE 49. RAISING A NEW GENERATION OF DIGITAL NATIVESCONVERGENCE OF ENTERTAINMENT + TECHNOLOGYCULTURE + ENTERTAINMENT TRENDS @ SXSW 50. Digital Natives 51. Weve always thought wewere digital natives.But were not. Then. Now .THE MYTH & REALITY 52. How do parents raise digitally-savvy children without relying onthe convenience of technology as ababysitter? THE ANXIETY 53. Technology enables parents of childrenwith special needs to have access toaffordable apps that help acceleratedevelopmental progress. THE SILVER LINING 54. Disconnect between perception andreality of teen cyber-bullying. TEENS IN THE LINING. AGE THE SILVER DIGITAL 55. PRIVACY NO ONLINE PRESENCE TEEN DRAMA BULLYINGPARENTS RESOURCE FOR BULLYINGMISCONCEPTIONS OF TEENS ONLINE 56. Be less tone deaf. Use our power asstorytellers to tell more intelligent stories to teens.Provide solutions for teens to reach out to one another for help.IMPLICATIONS FOR MARKETERS 57. Hollywood + Tech 58. BIG SHOTS & GEEKS 59. Now, technology is often a companion, second screen experience for entertainment that enhances the traditionalpassive experience, and creates new channels for discovery.CONVERGENCE OF HOLLYWOOD + TECH 60. A closer integration of Hollywood and Tech isopening up opportunities for brands to create rich,engaging second screen experiences for consumers. The growth of You Tube networks means brandsmust look outside of traditional channels such as TV toconnect with their audiences.IMPLICATIONS FOR MARKETERS 61. Content &DistributionDIGITAL LAB LIVES 2013 SXSW COVERAGE 62. Shifts inHollywood 63. I think television has a limited shelf life. I also think the internet has a limited shelf lifeHarvey Levin, TMZ 64. "The goal, is tobecome HBOfaster than HBOcan become us." Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO 65. By building from assets up,TMZ grew beyond a website,and now has a TV show, radioshow, and bus tour. 66. Hawaii Five-0 rantwo different finales, on each coast basedon social feedback 67. DemystifyingViral Videos 68. 85% of these views were paid forTV spots dont drive earned views efficiently 69. Videos like this drivesteady earned views 70. Social Content 71. You could have a hugemarketing budget, but if nobodywants to share your content andideas then its not working.-Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed CEO 72. Understand the platforms 73. Social contentdoesnt have tohave highproductionvalue 74. 1.) Have a heart, be emotional2.)Connect with identity3.)Be nimble & responsive4.) Humor is always worth sharing5.) Nostalgia - Remember when?6.) Dont post things people areembarrassed to share 75. Content and distribution planning shouldbe built from assets up, not channels downSocial media is a huge focus groupDesigning content for social sharing cantbe an afterthought IMPLICATIONS 76. TheFutureDIGITAL LAB LIVES 2013 SXSW COVERAGE 77. The future is already here; its just not very evenly distributed. - WILLIAM GIBSON, 1993 78. THE BEST PART ABOUT A SMARTPHONEIS NOT THAT ITS EASY TO USE. 79. MANUAL INPUT IS SLOW AND TEDIOUS 80. BUT WE NEED IT TO GET WHAT WE WANT. 81. SOME PASSIVE TECHNOLOGY IS ALREADY HERE. 82. AND THE CRAZY STUFF IS JUST A FEW MONTHS AWAY. 83. IT WILL CHANGE THE WAY WE ACT 84. THE WAY WE COMMUNICATE 85. AND THE WAY WE REMEMBER. 86. Google Glassacknowledges what ourbrains are good at, andhelps us out with the rest. 87. This changes the way thatwe think. 88. THIS, TOO. 89. WHEN YOU CHECK IN AT 2 AM... AND GET FOUR HOURS OF SLEEP... YOUR WEIGHT GOES UP TWO POUNDS ONE WEEK LATER. WE CAN UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUT OURSELVES AND OUR PATTERNS. 90. Needless to say:Our online and offlinelives co-exist and overlap.Soon, theyll beindistinguishable. 91. (for real, this time) 92. Learning to invade someones space with more marketing does not make you a better company. - OLIVIER BLANCHARD 93. 2009: Interruptive advertising is annoying2010: Interruptive advertising is avoidable2012: Interrupting is starting to actually backfire2014: Interruptive advertising is moot - OLIVIER BLANCHARD 94. FORGET WORRYING ABOUT THIER ATTENTION SPAN:IT WONT EXIST. 95. THEY WONT EVEN BE HERE. 96. THEYLL BE OUT IN THE WORLD,ACTIVELY DECIDING WHATS RELEVANT. AND IGNORING THE REST. 97. As our audiences becomeharder to reach,we have to create experiencestheyactuallywant to have. 98. ... LIKE TACOS. 99. APPS 100. Interesting Apps but nothing to write home about Hater MessageMe Takes Thread Hindge 101. SxMiscellaneousVine Booth Memoto Olapic 102. See you nextyear!