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Tap Into Twitter with 140 Characters

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Presentation for Madison County Librarians and Reading Specialists, May 18, 2012.

Text of Tap Into Twitter with 140 Characters

  • 1. Tap Into. Wendy Stephens @wsstephens Buckhorn High School Alabama Library Association New Market, Alabama May 18, 2012
  • 2. ambient awareness
  • 3. Why 140 characters? a dispatch service that connects our phones via [email protected] March 21, 2006SXSWi
  • 4. Rapid sharing
  • 5. Anatomy of a Tweetavatar user name 140 characters = message body @ = mention RT = retweet time stamp software used # = hashtag
  • 6. Avatar Twitter handle Anatomy of a twitter feed Real name Location Your Your Bio lists tools Following Followers Listed Tweet count Starred tweets Following avatars RSS!
  • 7. About the RTCitation, 21st Century StyleManual versus Twitters Integrated RetweetingNote the url Twitters RT indicated by the recursive arrow iconURL shorteners are Using Twitters RT, you cant edit or add commentsa must whentweeting You DO see how many others have RTed it When you manually RT, you can edit, add comments
  • 8. Dialogue: About the @ a reply or a mention starts the conversaton you dont have to follow someone to see their @ reply or @ reply to them If someone is following both you AND the other tweep, they will see the dialogue in their timeline
  • 9. versusFacebook status update and Twitter both a form of microblogging, but. Open Closed Public Invitation-only Rally Party No permission to view (usually) Permission required Dont want to manage two web presences? Twitter can update FB, FB can update Twitter
  • 10. You can follow people ontwitter without postingyour own tweets
  • 11. Can be from your phone via text to 40404 or appTexting 40404 and the following commands allows you to. FOLLOW username Start following a user UNFOLLOW username Stop following a user ON/OFF Turn all Tweet notifications on or off ON/OFF username Set Tweet notifications for a user on or off (youll still be following them even if you set it to off) GET username Shows you the latest tweet from any user RT username Retweet a users latest tweet FAV username Favorite a users latest tweet D username your-message Send a direct message to a user
  • 12. Blogs & calendars can be set to auto-tweet
  • 13. Twitter can be closed -- DMs
  • 14. DMs can come to your phone
  • 15. DMs can come to your email
  • 16. Twitter can be private on tweeps page the padlock on timeline
  • 17. 20102010
  • 18. Building YOUR Own Twitter PLNTeri Lesene!/professornanaJim Burke!/englishcompKylene Beers!/kylenebeersSearch for Authors, Publishers, Libraries, School Library Journalbloggers, NCTE, ALAN on twitterAnyone with using the #bookaday hashtag
  • 19. @Ryanatmghwom
  • 20. Tap Into. Wendy Stephens @wsstephens Buckhorn High School Alabama Library Association New Market, Alabama May 18, 2012