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What is Twitter?everykid.on.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Twitter-Facebook-101.pdf · What is Twitter? Social network Microblog (140 characters) Content curation platform Communications

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Text of What is Twitter?everykid.on.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Twitter-Facebook-101.pdf · What is...

  • What is Twitter? Social network Microblog (140 characters) Content curation platform Communications tool Broadcasting tool

  • Why should you use Twitter? Personal

    Connections Information

    Business 500 million users Customer service Reputation management Promotion tool Information sharing

  • Twitter isn't just where bored people go to find out what celebrities are doing.

  • www.twitter.com

  • Getting Started Pick a unique username.

    @larawellman @Karen_C_Wilson @fowekn2348

    Choose a professional profile picture or logo

  • Twitter Settings Account:

    Username Email Timezone Language Location

  • Twitter Settings Password Mobile:

    Receive tweets via text Send tweets via text

    Notifications: Manage email settings

  • Twitter Settings Design:

    Customize the look of your twitter page (twitter.com/yourusername)

    Apps: Manage (allow/revoke) access Review every 6 months

  • The Language of Twitter Tweet Mentions / @ Replies Hashtags DM/Direct Message Lists Twitter Search (search.twitter.com) Follow/Follower/Following (non-


  • Following Follow local users (Ottawa, Gatineau,

    etc.) Follow people with similar interests

    (social media, youth, knitting, technology, etc.)

    100 per month!

  • Followers (& Unfollowers) Reciprocity



  • Using Twitter Networking event Radio Morning news shows Twitter in 10 minutes: http://bit.ly/

    10minuteTwitter Respond to replies Follow back Follow 10 new people (lists, who others follow) Retweet (at least) two things Reply to (at least) two tweets in your timeline Tweet something about what you're doing Read what others have been saying


  • A Few Twitter Tips Don’t be afraid. Make tweets RT-able (120 char. or

    less). Tweets that start with @____ are

    semi-private. Auto-DMs are not considered a best

    practice. The “RT Reply” cuts off a

    conversation thread.

  • Facebook Profile



  • Facebook profile Check your privacy settings and

    check back regularly. You can set app sharing to you only

    to avoid unwanted content in your feed.

    You can subscribe instead of friend. Don’t forget your brand.

  • Facebook page Business home on Facebook.

    Your opportunity to reach out and build relationships with people.

  • www.facebook.com/pages

  • Edgerank affects who sees what you say.

    Mix up your content. Ask for engagement. Check your insights.

  • Cover image and photos that are being advertised can have no more than 20% text.

    Facebook ads can be helpful. Contest rules. Custom tabs.

  • Facebook groups Don’t use them instead of a page Use them to build community Open, closed, secret Leaving the group open can make

    other people’s feeds noisy

  • www.facebook.com/groups