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Twitter 101 - Building Your PLN 140 Characters at at Time

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Learn why so many teachers are using Twitter for Professional Development with this introduction to Twitter. How to create an account, how to use hashtags & lists, and understanding the power of Twitter.

Text of Twitter 101 - Building Your PLN 140 Characters at at Time

  • 1. twitter 101 Building Your PLN 140 Characters At A Time

2. TODAY'S Create Your Twitter Account Get More Out of Your Twitter Account THE DAY 3. Session oals Understand the power of Twitter Create/update your Twitter account Intro to Tweetdeck Understand Lists Understand Hashtags See the power of Twitter 4. let's play! Head to 5. What does it all mean? Out of all those people, don't you think there are a few you can learn from? More importantly, don't you think that YOU can add something of value to the conversation? 6. What does it all mean? Its not about sending goofy status updates, pictures of your cat, or following Ashton Kutcher, Oprah, or Kim Kardashian 7. What does it all mean? Twitter is about... LEVERAGE 8. TWITTER ACCOUNTS Let's Create or Update 9. Let's Install A Twitter Client 10. Who to follow? 11. How do you find people to follow and get more followers? 12. 1Follow OthersYou Like 2Sharegreat content 3Tweetoften 13. FOLLOW ALL... FILTER HARD. 14. Twitter Lists will save your life... 15. HASHTAGS ANDYOU 16. The POWER OFTWITTER 17. #663399 18. "rebeccapurple"