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Transform Application Development Bring developers and testers closer with HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence HP ALI 2.5


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Today's application teams are under immense pressure to accelerate time to market while meeting increasingly complex product demands. View HP's approach to how to connect application lifecycle management (ALM) systems with development tools and developers' IDEs in order to increase predictability and collaboration and gain insights that make application development and testing more efficient, agile and quality-oriented.

Text of HP ALM; HP ALI 2.5

  • 1. Transform Application DevelopmentBring developers and testers closerwith HP Application Lifecycle IntelligenceHP ALI 2.5
  • 2. HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence HP ALI 2.5 - Award
  • 3. Market disruptions for Dev/Test today The time is right for ALM 2.0+ September 2010 Jenkins Hudson CVS TFS Accurev Perforce Java .Net Multiple tools & Distributed Myriad development technologies development practices teams How can I track status of projects across disparate teams and tools? How can I understand change impact and get risk and quality metrics?
  • 4. Challenges for application teamsNo complete No predictability to No handoff No governance No efficiency traceability dev work automation Head of SDLC, Head of SDLC, Head of testing, leading bank SW Finance airline company We couldnt understand the Developers are generating Once a developer committed a impact of a change so we had 3000 code changes daily change during code freeze. As to slow down code commits! but only 60% are deployed a result: release to production to production! was delayed by a week! TIME ERRORS DELAYS MONEY WASTE
  • 5. Modern ALM Solutions ProjectProgram Mangers expanding ALM QA Developers Manager Architects traceability to code changes and Req build management Code systems Plan PCOE Defects Dev Manager Manager Test Build Tasks Performance Eng Business Analyst QA Eng
  • 6. Supporting heterogeneous environments connecting ALM to multiple development tools and environments to allow freedom of choice Waterfall Scrum TFS TFS Perforce Hudson Lea Hybrid n HP ALM Req Build Test Electric Jenkins Electric SVN Cloud Cloud Single Platform
  • 7. New HP ALI Dev to connect ALM with IDEsBringing developers to the ALM fold Developers IDE ALM Biz analyst ALM QA Developers Eng IDE . Project auto-reporting; Manager context aware development; complete bug information; real time communication with ALM teams
  • 8. Auto Provisioningminimize time spent on working space provisioning maximize resource capacity SCM3. Developers Connect to Release Build Build TEST Plan ALM Mgmt task list Track IDE
  • 9. HP ALM & ALIModern ALM Solution Breaking the silos between the application teams End-to-end traceability Visibility Predictability