IKAN ALM for HP ALM ANd QuALIty CeNter eNterPrIse ALM for HP...آ  HP ALM customers will obtain this

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  • Establishing a center of excellence to provide the highest quality, in less time and at a lower cost by applying enterprise-wide standards and ensuring seamless communication between all stakeholders. The absence of a fully integrated defect tracking system, combined with the inability for developers to directly test the code they produce, generates redundant testing and development efforts which result in inefficient development processes and increased cost of production.

    Benefits of the IKAN ALM and HP ALM/ Quality Center Enterprise integration The benefits of this bi-directional integration are two-fold: HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) customers will obtain insight in build environments, predictable build results, repeatable builds, nightly/automated builds, predictable deployment results and automated deployment to test/production systems. IKAN ALM will inform them of the defects solved per build or deploy, and will give access to the results of the automated HP tests which are automatically launched by IKAN ALM after a successful build or deploy. HP ALM customers will obtain this information via e-mail notification or directly in HP ALM/HP Quality Center Enterprise as IKAN ALM instantly updates that information and makes it accessible through the use of hyperlinks.

    IKAN ALM customers will have access to all HP ALM/HP Quality Center Enterprise functionalities and will, for example, be able to use the HP Quality Center requirements management in their application lifecycle and launch any existing automated test cases.

    Solution benefits • Improved communication between testers and developers • Enhanced collaboration and teamwork • Faster delivery times, higher quality • Increased efficiency • Reduced costs

    How the integration works The HPQcITSPlugin from IKAN Development provides a mechanism for updating defects in HP Quality Center from within IKAN ALM. Each IKAN ALM defect is linked to its corresponding HP Quality Center defect.

    HPQcTestRunner from IKAN Development provides a mechanism for triggering automated tests in HP Quality Center. By adapting the IKAN ALM project build and/or deploy scripts, the automated tests are triggered after every automated build or deploy.

    Integration highlights • Link defects from an external defect tracking system to an IKAN

    ALM level request • Link the IKAN ALM defects to the defects stored in HP Quality

    Center • Let build/deploy scripts trigger the automated tests in HP Quality

    Center • Minimize the number of faulty builds/deploys

    About IKAN Development IKAN Development, an HP Gold EMAP partner, provides an integrated web-based ALM platform for both Agile and traditional software development teams. It combines continuous integration and lifecycle management, offering a single point of control and delivering support for build and deploy processes (manually generated or automated), approval processes, release management, and software lifecycles. IKAN ALM tightly integrates with leading third-party versioning solutions, build and deploy tools, and defect tracking software. As a consequence, IKAN Development offers a unique cross-platform ALM solution.

    For more information Contact IKAN Development at info@ikanalm.com,

    +32(0) or visit www.ikanalm.com.

    IKAN ALM for HP ALM ANd QuALIty CeNter eNterPrIse Where Development, Testing and Operations meet

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    4AA3-8000ENN, Created October 2011

    Figure 2: The HPQcITSPlugin provides a mechanism for updating defects in HP ALM/HP Quality Center Enterprise from within IKAN ALM.

    Figure 3: Automated test set execution log in IKAN ALM. Figure 4: The results logged in HP ALM/HP Quality Center Enterprise.

    Figure 1: The HPQcITSPlugin provides a solution for automated updates of IKAN ALM defects linked to HP ALM/HP Quality Center defects on build, test and production levels.

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