Assure Complete Standardization for HP ALM

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HP ALM/QC projects are often customized to suit different needs and processes. However, this benefit and flexibility can easily become a challenge. Projects with different configuration poses serious challenges when taking HP ALM’s cross-project features in use. Assure Standardization suite will resolve these issues safely and quickly.

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2. ABOUT ASSURE Deployed in the worlds largest ALM environments Assure helps to fully leverage HP ALM features and decrease overall QA and administration costs Leading provider of ALM Analytics HP technology provider and partner 3. WHY STANDARDIZE? Enterprise releases / Programs Spanning across multiple applications and include several projects. Often across multiple ALM/QC projects Visibility and asset sharing is critical Regulatory issues Same rules must be followed across all initiatives. Same metrics gathered across projects Time to Market and Savings - Improve productivity of QA Implementing common processes. One way of working Minimizing redundant testing and development activities Better Decisions through Visibility Better analytics & reporting mechanisms Measure the same way to make better predictions 4. ASSURE AND STANDARDIZATION Assure provides a proven and reliable solution for Complete HP ALM Standardization Helping HP QC & ALM customers since 2006 We understand the challenges We know what it takes We have expertise and the technology to make it happen 5. TYPICAL SCENARIO Customer has two ALM instances ~200 ALM projects 4 Business units working differently General Project Template Projects can and are individually customized Multiple integrations Several groups create their own reports How to Standardize?! 6. CHALLENGES Analyzing the scope Agree on a golden template Complex dependencies Technical challenges how to go about it Availability of required knowledge Too big task, limited resources How to explain management the benefits 7. Analysis Template Creation Standardize Projects Maintain and Control Change MAIN STANDARDIZATION TASKS Compare Fields Compare Lists Collect Best Practices Document Dependencies Understand Scope Create Project Template(s) Standardize Fields Standardize Field Values Maintain Integrity Governance Model Change Management Maintain Data Quality 8. ASSURE PROJECT HARMONIZER Solves the problem of conflicting QC project fields Turnkey solution Easy to use Field-proven in thousands of projects HP Certified 9. ASSURE DATA STANDARDIZER Poor Quality is often noted: Cross project reports are implemented Sharing test assets across projects Integrations that involve multiple ALM/QC projects Causes: Processes change over time: list values change over time Business units work differently Merges and Aquisitions Errors 10. ASSURE DATA STANDARDIZER Locate and fix inconsistent data in your HP ALM & QC projects Maintain high data quality Instant Assessment of your Data Quality Reuse tasks across projects to save time Leverage your Project Staff / SMEs HP Certified 11. ASSURE MANAGEMENT CONSOLE ALM maintenance and administration made efficient Cross project user and list management Safely delegate user assignment and list maintenance Reports and metrics to help manage HP ALM 12. STAYING STANDARDIZED Use HP ALM Templates Gain Full control over project customizations Push customizations from the template with one click Enforce standard Project Lists and Fields, User Groups, Requirement Types Assure Data Standardizer Keep data quality in top shape 13. STANDARDIZATION BENEFITS Up to 20% increase in QA efficiency Successfully run large ALM instances with limited staff Implement Enterprise Cross Project reporting and Integrations Ability to centralize and save $$ by implementing automated central reporting platform 14. THANK YOU WWW. ASSURE.NET INFO@ASSURE.NET