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  • Software Version: 12.53

    Quick Start

    HPE ALM Performance Center

    Document Release Date: May 2016 | Software Release Date: May 2016

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    Quick StartHPEALM Performance Center

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    Quick StartHPEALM Performance Center

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  • Contents

    HPEALM Performance Center 1

    Welcome to This Guide 7How This Guide is Organized 7

    Chapter 1: Introducing Performance Center 9Performance Center Testing Process 9

    What is the testing process? 9

    Performance Testing Applications 10

    Chapter 2: Creating Vuser Scripts 11Recording Vuser Scripts 11

    How do I start recording user activity? 11

    How do I record a script? 12

    How do I view my script? 13

    How do I save the script? 15

    Chapter 3: Creating and Designing Performance Tests 17Logging in to Performance Center 17

    Adding Vuser Scripts to Performance Center 18

    How do I upload the Vuser Script? 19

    Monitoring Performance Tests 19

    What is a monitor profile? 19

    How do I create a monitor profile? 19

    Creating Performance Tests 20

    How do I create a performance test? 20

    Designing Performance Tests 20

    How do I open the Performance Test Designer? 20

    How do I design the performance test? 21

    How do I add the monitor profile to the test? 23

    Chapter 4: Running Performance Tests 25Creating Test Sets 25

    What is a test set? 25

    How do I create a test set? 25

    Reserving Timeslots 26

    How do I reserve a timeslot? 26

    Running Performance Tests 27

    How do I run the performance test? 27

    Quick StartHPEALM Performance Center

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  • What does the Performance Test Run page display? 28

    Chapter 5: Post-Run Analysis and Trending 31Analyzing Performance Test Run Results 31

    How do I view Analysis information? 31

    Did I reach my goals? 33

    How can I view the graphs? 33

    How can I compare data from different graphs? 35

    How can I sort graph data? 36

    How can I publish my findings? 37

    Viewing Performance Improvements and Regressions 37

    What steps are involved in working with trend reports? 37

    Creating the Trend Report 37

    Viewing Trend Report Data 39

    Send Us Feedback 41

    Quick StartHPEALM Performance Center

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    Quick StartHPEALM Performance Center

  • HPEALM Performance Center (12.53) Page 7

    Welcome to This GuideWelcome to the Performance Center Quick Start. Performance Center is HPE's Web-enabledglobal performance testing tool, designed to streamline the testing process and increase the testefficiency for multiple concurrent performance tests across multiple geographic locations.

    This Quick Start is a self-paced guide designed to lead you through the process of creating,running, and analyzing a performance test, and to introduce you to the Performance Centertesting environment.

    Note: This guide assumes that your Performance Center environment has been fullyinstalled and configured, and that a domain and project have been set up. For details,contact your Performance Center administrator.

    How This Guide is OrganizedThis guide contains the following lessons:

    Lesson Description

    "IntroducingPerformance Center"on page 9

    Provides an overview of Performance Center and the performancetesting applications.

    "Creating VuserScripts" on page 11

    Describes the steps involved in recording Vuser scripts using HPEVirtual User Generator.

    "Creating andDesigningPerformance Tests" onpage 17

    Describes the steps involved in creating and designing performancetests.

    "RunningPerformance Tests" onpage 25

    Describes the steps that are necessary before running a performancetest, and how to begin test execution.

    "Post-Run Analysisand Trending" onpage 31

    Describes how to analyze test run data using HPE LoadRunnerAnalysis, and how to view performance improvements andregressions using the Trend Reports feature.

  • HPEALM Performance Center (12.53) Page 8

    Quick StartWelcome to This Guide

  • Chapter 1: Introducing Performance CenterThis lesson provides a brief overview of Performance Center, and of the applications that are involved inthe testing process.


    l The Quick Start describes how to run a performance test with a single host functioning asboth a load generator and a Controller (C+LG). However, due to possible heavy load on theController and load generator hosts during a performance test, it is best practice to assignthese functions to separate host machines.

    l Ensure that the latest standalone versions of HPE Virtual User Generator (VuGen) andHPELoadRunner Analysis are installed on your system.

    In this lesson you will learn about:

    l " Performance Center Testing Process" below

    l "Performance Testing Applications" on the next page

    Performance Center Testing ProcessUsing Performance Center, you create performance tests in which you define the events that occurduring a testing session. During a test, Performance Center replaces human users at physical machineswith virtual users, or Vusers. These Vusers create load on your systemby emulating actions of typicalusers in a repeatable and predictable manner.

    What is the testing process?The testing process consists of the following basic processes:

    l Creating the script. Capturing typical end-user business processes performed on your application.

    l Designing the performance test. Setting up the test env