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HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 11.00 HP Quality Center 11.00Roman Zednik HP Software Austria



Product Release Overview

Product Name


Previous Version

Previous Name


HP Test Data Management HP ALM

1.0 11.0

N/A 10.0

(derived from HP DB Archiving 6.2) HP QC Premier

HP Q317-092010

HP Quality Center EnterpriseHP Quality Center Starter HP Functional Test HP Service Test HP Performance Center

11.011.0 11.0 11.0 11.0

10.010.0 10.0 9.5 9.5

HP QC EnterpriseHP QC Starter HP Functional Test HP Service Test HP Performance Center

17-09201017-092010 17-092010 17-092010 17-092010

HP LoadRunner



HP LoadRunner




HP Application Lifecycle Management 11.0

Application Lifecycle ManagementNew! Project Planning & Tracking Enterprise Release Management

Requirements ManagementNew!Business Model Integration Requirements Management

Development ManagementNew!Secure Defect Development Integrations Management Development

Quality ManagementMore!FunctionalPerformance



FoundationTraceability Process Standardization(i.e. Waterfall, Agile)


Extensibility(Open APIs)



HP Application Lifecycle Management 11.0

Application Quality Lifecycle Management DashboardProject Planning and Tracking Process Enablement Reporting & Analysis

Requirements MgmtRequirements Definition / Mgmt

Development Mgmt IntegrationDefect Mgmt

Quality MgmtTest Mgmt

Performance MgmtPerf Test Mgmt

Test Lab Business process model integration Dev Env Integrations Manual & Automatic Test

Perf Lab Mgmt

Perf Testing

Collaboration Traceability Baselining Version Control

ALM PlatformCentral Admin Console Users and License * Projects * Center of Excellence

Authentication Authorization Workflow APIs, Integrations

Whats New in QC / ALM 11.0?

Project Planning & Tracking* Requirements Management enhancements Test Configurations HP Sprinter (Manual Testing) Development Management Integration Reporting enhancements

Administration and Integration and PerformanceSystem Requirements

Project Planning & TrackingHP Application Lifecycle Management 11.00

Track & measure project milestones and Project KPIs Planning & TrackingDefects High Defects Med10 25 93% 98% 89%

Requirement s ProgressReq Reviewed Req Approved92% 75%

Test Auth Defects High Defects Med Test Exec45 95 78% 90%

Test Exec Tests Passed

Defects High Defects Med Test Exec Tests Passed

0 15 98% 92%

Developmen t ProgressReq Implemented Tests Reviewed85% 95%

Tests Passed

E2E Testing

Testing Progress

Readiness Assessment

Requirements Authoring

Development Test Authoring

Test Execution

Integration E2E Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Functional, Performance and Security

January Enterprise Release

Release Milestones & KPIsProject Planning & Tracking Define Releases

Define KPIs for milestones

Define milestones

Define & preview thresholds

Master PlanProject Planning & Tracking Track milestones in a Gantt chart

Immediate visibility if project is delayed

ScorecardProject Planning & Tracking

Track release progress and status with KPIs

Drilldown into KPIs for more detail

DashboardProject Planning & Tracking

Create dashboard with scorecard and drilldown graphs

The Time is Right For ALM 2.0+October 19, 2010, by Dave West

Requirements ManagementHP Application Lifecycle Management 11.00 HP Quality Center Enterprise 11.00

Business Process Model - INTEGRATION

Business Process Model (BPM) IntegrationRequirements Management Import Business Process Models

View critical paths for development and testing

Link Requirements to Model

New Rich Text EditorRequirements Management

Entire content is searchable

BAs can work in QC like they work in MS Word

Requirements TemplatesRequirements Management

Template per requirement type

Specify exact requirement structure

Test ConfigurationsHP Application Lifecycle Management 11.00 HP Quality Center Enterprise 11.00

Test ConfigurationsTest Management

Traceability between Requirements and test ConfigurationTest Case:

Login asRequirement/Use Case A:

Gold MemberRequirement/Use Case B:

Configuration 1:

Gold MemberConfiguration 2:

Silver MemberRequirement/Use Case C:

Silver MemberConfiguration 3:

Blue Member

Blue Member

When a requirement has multiple configurations or use cases

or sometimes all configurations are in one requirement

HP Sprinter Manual TestingHP Application Lifecycle Management 11.00 HP Quality Center Enterprise 11.00

Connects directly to HP Quality CenterHP Sprinter

Open test cases from HP Quality Center Connects directly to HP Quality Center

Save results directly into HP Quality Center

Test Execution

Test steps for execution

Tabs around application under test

Screen Annotation and ToolsAnnotation Tools Check application elements- color, position

Annotate directly on the screen

Log defects in QCSimply create a defect Easily give developer the most possible information

Create defect without entering QC

Data Injection

Automatically insert data into the application

Exploratory TestingHP Sprinter

Log user all actions performed during test

Create formal test script from exploratory test

Communicate user actions taken clearly to development

Mirror TestingHP Sprinter

Test multiple environments at the same time



Development ManagmentHP Application Lifecycle Management 11.00 HP Quality Center Enterprise 11.00

Key Developer Integration and CollaborationAddressing the developer in their home environment

Work directly on ALM/ QC entities within the Eclipse IDE creating traceability between reqs, defects and source code.

Work directly on ALM/QC entities within the Visual Studio IDE creating traceability between reqs, defects and source code. Bidirectional synchronization of ALM/QC reqs and defects with TFS bugs and work items. Available on ALM/QC Add-ins page

Bi-directional synchronization of ALM/ QC user stories to TeamForge work tasks creating traceability between reqs, defects and source code.

Available on ALM/QC Add-ins page



ReportingHP Application Lifecycle Management 11.00 HP Quality Center Enterprise 11.00

Generate ReportsProject Reporting Generate template reports with QC Data

Save template reports as private or public (Shared)

Embedded Web Scorecards & GraphsShare on Web Portals, Wikis, SharePoints

Publish scorecards and graphs in HTML pages

Administration & IntegrationHP Application Lifecycle Management 11.00 HP Quality Center Enterprise 11.00

Administration & IntegrationSide by Side Clients- Allows running multiple clients connecting to different versions of ALM and QC Servers (ALM 11; QC 9.2, 10.0, 11.0)

Client Installation- User can install client on desktop without system administration rights

REST APIs- New web services technology for simple integration with ALM platform. The ALM Synchronizer now leverages the REST APIs.

QC Sense- Internal monitoring tool that collects data and reports on user actions performed in the user interface, and all client and server activity resulting from those actions

Smart Repository- Optimized repository system, that creates better performance for common actions, and reduces the size of the file system

Functional Testing (QTP)11.00

New FeaturesQuickTest Professional 11

Visual Relation Identification Log Tracking Improved Regular Expressions New Results Viewer GUI and GUI-Less Testing Loading Function Libraries at Run-Time

LoadRunner 11.00 Performance Center 11.00

INTRODUCING: LoadRunner TruClient

Scripting engine embedded within browser Data can be parameterized while scripting Transactions, and logic can be added while scripting

LoadRunner 11.0 Platforms, Environments, Protocols

New protocols New Microsoft Silverlight virtual user New Java-over-http virtual users New ServiceTest virtual user Platforms and Environments Support for IE8, Win 7, Win Server 2008 SP2 64 bit support (32-bit app) - for all components except recording)

Performance Center with ALM PC merges with ALM and becomes part of itCommon dashboard & ReportingPerformanc e Testing Lab Mgmt (scheduling ) Requirement s & Defects (all types) Test Managemen t (all types) Developmen t Integrations

Project Planning & Tracking

Releas e Mgmt


ALM PlatformPerformance Center merged with HP ALM

PC-only components

Merged components

ALM-only components

Performance Center and ALM Two ways to deploy Stand-alone PC (customer may or may not have ALM or QC)Performanc e Testing

Lab Mgmt (scheduling )

Performance Requirements & Defects

Performance Test Management

ALM Platform

PC & ALM Performance Center only integrates with ALM, not QC)) Combined (PCCommon dashbo