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This presentation will get you started on Twitter and introduce you to the main features that it has to offer. You may even learn a feature or two that you were unaware of.


<ul><li> 1. How to Get StartedWith Twitter</li></ul> <p> 2. If I had to guess I would venture to say that there are still plentyof you that are not active on Twitter. I think it is even a safe betthat the majority of you do not make full use of what Twitter hasto offer to your business or organization. Right now we aregoing to take the first steps to change all of that.This presentation will get you started on Twitter and introduceyou to the main features that it has to offer. You may evenlearn a feature or two that you were unaware of. As I said, this isa getting started post. In the next installment I will share withyou specific ways you can use Twitter to enrich yourself adpromote your brand. Now lets get this show on the road. 3. Get Started 4. 1. Go to Twitter.2. Enter your name.3. Enter your email.4. Choose a password.5. Click Sign up for Twitter.6. Choose a username.7. Click Create My Account.8. Follow the short tutorial. This will help you get your bearings.9. Open your email inbox and click to confirm.10. Enjoy Twitter! 5. Twitter Home 6. When you log in to Twitter this is the page you will see. It is also thepage you see if you click the Home link. From here you can do manythings.In the upper left part of the screen you will see your name andpicture (if you uploaded one, and you should if you didnt). If youclick on your name you will be taken to your profile page. More onthat in a little bit. 7. On the Twitter Home Page, right under yourname, you will see three links: Tweets, Following, andFollowers. Tweets: This will take you to your profilepage. Following: Will take you to a page that willshow you everyone you are following. Followers: This will take you to a pagelisting everyone following you. 8. Just under those 3 links is a box that youcan use to write a new tweet. It alsogives you the option of posting a pictureor even adding a location. You can alsocompose a new tweet by clicking thebutton in the upper right corner. Prettysimple and straight forward so far huh? 9. Below your tweet box you will findsomething called Who to Follow. Theseare Twitters recommendations ofpeople for you to follow. You only haveto follow them, or anyone else, if itmakes sense to you. 10. Just below Who to Follow you will find Trends. Thisdisplays what is trending on Twitter. As you get deeperinto using Twitter to promote your brand you will findthis list very useful in that it will tell you what is popularin the mind of Twitters over 500 million users. If youclick on one of these items you will be taken to apage that displays the tweets made about that wordor words. 11. On the right hand of your Twitter Home page you will find your allimportant Stream. This will show all tweets made by you and your followers.The Stream is simple to use. You can do five major things in the TwitterStream.1. Read Tweets.2. Expand: This will show you further information about the tweet as wellas any ongoing conversation.3. Reply: This will allow you to post a reply to the Tweet.4. Retweet: This allows you to repost the tweet to your followers.5. Favorite: This allows you to ad a tweet that you really like to your list offavorite tweets. 12. Twitter Connect 13. By clicking the Connect link you are given a coupleof very important pieces of information:Interactions: A list of all interactionsbetween you and others on Twitter.Mentions: A list of all mentions of youwhether you are being replied to ormentioned in any other way. 14. Twitter Discover 15. Tweets: Displays a list of tweets that Twitter has tailored foryou based on accounts you have followed. Activity: Displays the activity of those you have followed. Who to Follow: Displays a list of accounts that Twitterrecommends you to follow. Find Friends: Helps you to find your friends that are also onTwitter. If they do not already have accounts you are giventhe option to invite them to join. Browse Categories: Allows you to find accounts to follow bynavigating Twitters wide range of available categories. 16. Twitter Me 17. The Me link will take you to your profile.You will see many familiar things that wehave already discussed including all ofyour tweets and the posts you haveretweeted. There are a couple of usefulthings that are different on this pagethough: Lists and Direct Messages. 18. ListsWith Lists you can keep thoseyou follow organized byassigning individuals to variouscustom made lists. 19. Direct MessagesWith Direct Messages you can seethe direct messages sent to youand you can write direct messagesto others. Only you and the oneyou are messaging can see themessage. 20. Twitter SearchThe powerful TwitterSearch allows you tosearch users andtopics. 21. There you have it. I encourageyou to sign up and explore.We have barely scratched thesurface of this thing we callTwitter. 22. Wired-In Marketing SolutionsGet Wired In: Blog Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest </p>