Twitter & Mongolia - What is it, How do I get started with Twitter, How to use it for business, Some tools for Twitter, etc

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This is a copy of a presentation I gave at Cafe Amsterdam in early March of 2010. Topics included Twitter basics - what is it, what are the possible benefits, how do I get started, etc - as well as some more advanced items - how do i tweet better, twitter tools such as tweetfox, tweetlater,, seismic, etc. We also spoke about some of the power tweeters in Mongolia. Lastly, we covered how to use twitter for business.


  • 1.Twitter in Mongolia What the heck is Twitter? How do I tweet better? Who are power tweeters in Mongolia?Prepared by:Mergen ChuluunFounder, WebGuru Co Ltd Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 2010-02-08

2. Content Who am I? What is Twitter? How do I tweet better? Who are Twitter power users in Mongolia? Using Twitter for business? A fun exercise requires brain powers Q&A 3. Mergen Chuluun (1/2) Spoke here summer 2008 Blogging for Fun & for Profit Graduated CSU 2002 w Info Systems Founded WebGuru in 2008 1st Mongolian company to provide SEO services,which essentially helps companies get found online(helps w sales leads & potential biz partners) Services: web design, search engine optimization(SEO), usability, web development, email marketing,social media, etc @webguruco & @webgurumn 4. Mergen Chuluun (2/2) My blogs (2009) Internet Marketing Blog: Personal: @mergenchuluun MBB: Mongolia Business Podcast (2009) Mongolias first & only podcast, searchable oniTunes/iPod/etc Last episode on micro-finance in Mongolia @MongoliaBiz co-owner & developer (2010) @MongoliaNews 5. What is Twitter? Micro-blogging platform? Less than 140 characters. What?!? Normal blog post is about 500-1000 characters Completely new communications platform? Well, its not exactly blogging, nor texting, nor just statusupdating Soooo Twitter is used for: Sharing thoughts and links to articles, videos, photos Reading trending topics Marketing products/services 6. How do I start tweeting?1. Go visit 2. See trending topics/discussions 3. Find your favorite people (world leaders, thought leaders,companies, friends, family, mascots) 4. Determine your needs (business or pleasure?) 7. How do I start tweeting? 8. Twitter Specifics? Tell, comment, & share in less than 140 characters @urname @hisname @hername @hiscompany RT means Retweet #discussiontopic Different uses: See & read about trending topics & discussions Share what you think is interesting (videos, photos, articles) Tell others what you are doing (enjoying my ice cream; giving mytwitter presentation at caf amsterdam) Retweet others tweets that you think are interesting for yourfollowers Participate in discussions #superbowl #coffee #guypower Direct message people who follow you 9. Power users of Twitter in MongoliaTwitter Grader Power Users in Mongolia 10. Tweet Better Quicker & fast tweets from browser: Shareaholic TwitterFox, now Echofon Better organization of your twitter account(s) TweetDeck Seismic Track your tweets: 11. Using Twitter for Business Advertising & marketing Promos, giveaways, competitions Ex: Dell computers sold $2 million worth products in 2008 Customer support & reputation management Instantaneous responses to customers, some who may have beensaying something negative Knowledge is power Follow world leaders Keep tabs on competition Twitter-based business model Ex: Taco Truck in California tweets its locations Any ideas in Mongolia? 12. How can Caf Amsterdam Use Twitter?Lets have fun Lets brainstorm How can Caf Amsterdam use Twitter effectively? 13. Get Started with TwitterSo, in summary, if you want to get started with Twitter:1. Go to 2. Open an account 3. Find businesses and people who you wish to follow 4. Create a strategy and plans to use Twitter; follow through 5. Have fun! 14. Questions? Wanna know more ? @MergenChuluun @webguruco @MongoliaBiz @MongoliaNews @webgurumn @Mongolia_Mining