How to sign up and get started with twitter

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  • 1.How to sign up and get started onA beginners how-to guide by @camila_espina

2. 1. Go to the twitter website and fill out initialsign up fields: 3. 2. Choose an available username and createaccount*twitter willautomatically let youyouremail@somewhere.comknow which username isavailable.*Your username is alsoyour twitter handle. 4. 3. Twitter will provide a basic functionswalkthrough: 5. *twitter will prompt you tofollow popular celebrities orbrands to get started.*to follow simply click thisicon.*following means thatyou will receive themessages people tweet andbe able to read them inyour timeline*accounts with this symbolsimply mean that it is averified entity forexample, that is the realCNN twitter account 6. *This is what it looks like whenyoure already following anotheruser.*This is what it looks like whenyou dont follow a user.*This is what it looks like when youput your cursor over the followingbutton if you click, you willunfollow that user and wont bereceiving their tweets anymore. 7. 4. Search contacts and start following!*If you clicked skip this stepwhen twitter suggested followingpopular accounts, a new windowwill appear prompting you to findpeople you want to follow.*You can also search for yourcontacts fromGmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL. 8. 5. Upload a picture and fill out your bio 9. Tweet box: where youllcompose your tweets *This is how your twitter home page will look like 10. Your name andprofile picture *This is your timelineHow manytweets youveposted, howmany peopleyourefollowing andhow manypeople followyouTrending topics 11. *to view your interactions click here*your interactions show the latest people whove:- Started following you.-Retweeted one of your posts.-Mentioned you in a tweet. 12. What is a retweet?*A retweet is sharing a tweet. You can share someones tweet orthey can share yours.*There are 2 ways to retweet someone:1. Put your cursor over someones tweet and the ExpandReply Retweet Favorite buttons will appear, click retweet. 13. What is a retweet?2. Copy the tweet you want to retweet into your tweet box, place an RT and @(thetwitter handle of the person youre retweeting).*Retweeting this way lets you add a comment to the tweet youre sharing add it before the RT. 14. What is a mention?* A mention is when you place an @ before someones twitter handle in a tweet.* When you mention someone, they receive a notification.* Additionally, it will create a link from your post to their twitter profile.* A great way to connect! 15. What is a hashtag?According to twitter 16. What is a reply?*When you click the reply button on someones tweet, twitter willautomatically mention the original tweet poster and a conversationthread will be created: 17. What is a DM?* DM stands for direct message, a private message between you and someone else.*You can only send a direct message to someone you follow that follows you back. 18. Anatomy of a tweet #hashtag@mentionLink: tweets are a greatway to share links to allsorts of content.