How to Get Started with Twitter

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You decided to join Twitter. Where do you start? This presentation gives you a quick-start guide to Twitter, from creating your account to finding interesting people to follow. You will receive tips on how to monitor the conversation and interact with other Twitter users. Presented to The Workforce Show, WCEM 1240 AM in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. in August 2013 (hosted by Cindy Gurne).



2. 1) DEFINE GOALS Answer the why question first. Goals may include: Have fun Follow favorite celebrities Find recipes Keep up with breaking news Build your personal brand Market your small business Market your corporate business Find deals while traveling Follow hobbies (sports, collecting, etc.) Subsequent steps in this process will depend upon your defined goals. 3. 2) CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT Your User Name should be: Unique Memorable Short (in character length) Ties in with your goals For a unique user name: Avoid strings of numbers Avoid birthdays and years Ties to something personal Ties to something aspirational Twitters sign-up page: 4. 3) FIND PEOPLE TO FOLLOW For personal use of Twitter (fun): Celebrities Sports players Sports teams Celebrity chefs Mommy bloggers For business use: Customers Thought Leaders (people who influence your customers) Competitors Prospects 5. 3) FIND PEOPLE TO FOLLOW The Discover tab: 6. 4) OBSERVE The Activity area: 7. 5) TWEET (PUBLISH) Strive to be: Useful Helpful Insightful How to tweet: Share articles, videos, etc. (look for the Tweet button) Re-share other users tweets (Retweet or RT) Comment on other users tweets Share a favorite quote Share an insight or idea Thank someone 8. 6) ADVANCED: MONITOR INTERACTIONS Actions to take: Reply Retweet Favorite Follow back 9. 7) ADVANCED: DOWNLOAD A MOBILE APP When a Twitter mobile app can come in handy: Travelling Attending business events Attending sporting events Waiting in line Use cases: Sharing photos from your travels Meet new people at events Checking in with your location 10. PROGRAM INFORMATION Presented to The Workforce Show, August 14, 2013. To listen to the radio program: http://www.soundcloud/TheWorkforceShow Tune in to The Workforce Show, WCEM 1240 AM and, Tuesday and Wednesday noon to 1 PM ET 11. CONTACT DENNIS Email: Twitter: @dshiao (personal) or @DNNCorp (employer) Blog: