How to get started with Twitter for business from Concentrix.

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Want to get your social media portfolio up and running, try our guide here! This is a how to on get starting in Twitter for business from It is a presentation for beginners, soon we will be uploading more advanced how-to guides. If you have any questions on this content.


  • 1.How to get started withTwitter for BusinessTop 7 Tips!Copyright Concentrix 2012 1

2. Overview...Who What & Why? Why TwitterSetupListen SetupFollow ListenTweet#Tags FollowReTweet TweetCopyright Concentrix 2012 2 3. Who is this guide for? Why TwitterBusiness people who want to use Twitter Setup ListenCompanies who would like to use Twitter Follow TweetCopyright Concentrix 20123 4. What is Twitter? Why Twitteran online Setupsocial networking service and micro blogging service that enables itsusers to send and read text-basedListen messages of up to 140 characters Follow TweetCopyright Concentrix 2012 4 5. Why Twitter Why use it? Setup Listen Follow TweetCopyright Concentrix 2012 5 6. SEO Why TwitterNetworking Real-Time Info Setup Listen Free! FollowTrack prospects, Tweetcustomers and competitorsCopyright Concentrix 20126 7. Copyright Concentrix 2012 7 8. First Why Twitter Impression Setup Listen Counts! Follow TweetCopyright Concentrix 2012 8 9. Twitter Profile Picture! Why Twitter Setup Listen FollowClear and More suited to a TweetProfessionalpersonal accountCopyright Concentrix 20129 10. Twitter Profile Setup Name: Real Name Please Bio: What makes you appealing to other BUSINESS twitter accounts? Location: Makes you real and relevant. URL: Company Website, Blog, LinkedIn ProfileCopyright Concentrix 2012 10 11. Move on after youhave... Why Twitter SetupCreated your Twitter Profile ListenAdded an appropriate Twitter pictureCreated a professional Twitter bio FollowAdded your Location TweetAdded a relevant URLCopyright Concentrix 2012 11 12. Copyright Concentrix 2012 12 13. @Concentrix This is a Twitter HandleCopyright Concentrix 2012 13 14. A public URL Concentrix 201214 15. LISTEN!Copyright Concentrix 2012 15 16. How to Listen:Twitter SearchCopyright Concentrix 201216 17. What we suggest you listen to... Your interests Customers Competitors Prospects Industry #TagCopyright Concentrix 201217 18. Move on after you have... Why Twitter SetupUnderstood what a Twitter Handle isAdded your Twitter Handle to Sig and Business cards ListenUnderstood your public Twitter URLTried to listen to a few topics of interest on Twitter Search Follow TweetCopyright Concentrix 201218 19. #What#On Why Twitter#Earth Setup#IS#A Listen Follow#HASHTAG??? TweetCopyright Concentrix 201219 20. #Definition: Why Twitter ASetup hashtag (#tag) is a clickable link thatcategorises tweets for search purposes. ListenFor example, if I click on #Concentrix I willsee a search result for all tweets containing Followthat hashtag. TweetCopyright Concentrix 2012 20 21. Im being followed! Why TwitterIf someone follows you... Replywith a Thanks for the follow! Setup ListenTOP TIP... FollowAt the end of the week you might want to Tweet:Thanks to all my new followers (ENTER NAMES TweetOF NEW FOLLOWERS HERE including @)Copyright Concentrix 2012 21 22. You might want tofollow us Why Twitter Setup Listen@Concentrix Follow Tweet&@ConcentrixEUCopyright Concentrix 2012 22 23. Copyright Concentrix 2012 23 24. We suggest you... Why TwitterTweet about things you are interested in SetupReply to peopleReTweet People ListenFavourite Tweets FollowHave a positive, professional tone TweetCopyright Concentrix 2012 24 25. We recommend you do not... Why TwitterRant SetupSpam Listen FollowInflame TweetCopyright Concentrix 201225 26. Someone Tweeted Me!What do I do? Why Twitter Setup@Reply to them! Listen Follow Thank them for the information or continue the Tweet conversationCopyright Concentrix 2012 26 27. Suggested Tweet Ratios: Why Twitter1/3 Content Links, articles, comments Setup Listen1/3 ReTweet-Using the RT button Follow1/3 Replies- @replies to content you like TweetCopyright Concentrix 2012 27 28. Move on after you have... Why Twitter SetupUnderstood what a #hashtag isFollowed someone ListenTweeted to someone or @replied to someoneUnderstood content ratios Follow TweetCopyright Concentrix 201228 29. What did you learn today? Why Twitter-Why Twitter-Twitter Setup Setup-Listening Listen-Following Follow-Tweeting TweetCopyright Concentrix 2012 29 30. Coming soon... Why Twitter SetupAdvanced Twitter for Business ListenConnect with us for more Content! Follow@Concentrix & @ConcentrixEU TweetCopyright Concentrix 2012 30