How technology has changed our lives

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How technology has changed our lives

Influence of technology on our life style

How technology has changed our lives Yes its true thatTechnology changed our world. But is really change our world in a positive way? Over a past few years it isreally take the place in every society. Everyone use Technology from small childrens to younger and elders.

Technology in our life Technology has changed our lives. Now-a-days people do not want to go anywhere to get what they want. For example they do not want to go to the mall for purchase something if they buy that thing online. We can see its impact on retailers. There is no longer any need which we do not buy online.

Technology Increasing of Technology is cause of crime. People talk on social sites and sometimes we blindly faith on others. People say stupid things to each other and this is the cause of crime. Technology is not a wrong thing but some people use it in a wrong manner.

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