Frukostseminarium 2011 - Mobilen i fokus

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Fredrik Hrnsten och Ali Ivmark


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2. Mobilizing your businessBrought to you by Hrnsten & Ivmark 3. Creuna ABStockholm 4. Why Mobilize?Market Transformation 5. Mobilization FrameworkMarket DriverMarket DriverMOBILIZEDMarket DriverPILLARS & ENGAGEMENTECOSYSTEM PLAN BRANDSTRATEGYMarket DriverMarket Driver 6. Connectivity 7. Youve spent the day on the Internet but not on the Web. The Web Is Dead. Long Live the InternetBy Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff Wired, August 2010 8. Connectivity Today 23% of allFB users Googleare 2xsearchesmore active come fromon mobile mobileNetflix, on More Kindle 100 ebooks thandevices paperbacks! 9. Desirability 10. Demand for PlatformsiPodiPhone iPad01 Quarters After Launch 2 3 11. Demand for Utility APPLE ITUNES MEDIA7yrs10 000 000 000 downloads 12. Demand for UtilityAPPLE APP STORE 2,5yrs10 000 000 000 downloads 13. Monetization 14. ROI? Biz Model?% 5037.5 2512.50 Symbian BlackberryApple Microsoft GoogleOther Market share App download and usageGartner Q1 2010: Market ShareAdMob Operating System Share, May 2010 15. Emerging App-Threat? 16. Semiclosed vs. HTML AWARENESS ?MARKETING MARKETING SERVICESiAdAdSense ? PRODUCT ANDMARKETPLACEMARKETPLACEOR SERVICE ?$ $$LOYALTY 17. Rewards 18. Were seeing a dramatic shiftin the way business is donetowards more transparency,more collaboration, moredemocracy, and ultimatelymore value. Alex Bogusky, Founding Insurgent, FearLess Cottage 19. Value SpectrumCONTENTUTILITY 20. FORM ATSMobile TaggingQR CodesBarcodes MobileT ags 21. KEY P LAYERCheck-ins FoursqS u are GowallaFacebo ok 22. KEY T HEMEM-CommerceAugmPrice In-Ap entedRSTransp eality arp Purc encyExclus hasingive De Gifting als 23. EMERGINGM-HealthAwaren EXAMP LES ess Publica tionsSelf-Care 24. M-BankingTREN DSETMint.cTE om RSChaseDeutche Bank 25. GENREntertainment Music Public ES /Filmations GameNews/ sMedia 26. GENREntertainment Music Public ES /Filmations GameNews/ sMedia 27. Empowerment 28. ...consumers are surroundingthemselves with the people andinformation that helps themmake better decisions thanks tosocial networks such asFacebook, Twitter, and YouTube.Their attention is focused innew paradigms and away fromtraditional media.... Brian Solis, Social Media Evangelist 29. Customers are more empowered than ever before.Some believe we are on the verge a customer revolution. 30. Theyre not just customers, theycan be your biggest advocates! Source: Harvard Business Review 31. EMER GING CustoMIND mersSET your b increarand v sealue. Tell me and Ill forget;show me and I may remember;involve me and Ill understand. Chinese Proverb 32. EMERGINGCustoMINDmersSETyour b increa rand v se alue. Tell me and Ill forget;show me and I may remember;involve me and Ill make it better. Chinese Proverb? Wikipediad? 33. PREPARE TOENGAGE 34. Mobilization, Step 1/3Define your PlatformPillars 35. Platform PillarsDEVICESSERVICESCUSTOMERS 36. Mobilization, Step 2/3Create yourEcosystem 37. EcosystemWebDEVICESSERVICESSocialCUSTOMERSMobile 38. Ecosystem WebDEVICESPrimary,SERVICES SocialCUSTOMERSExtended or Pilot Service 39. Stockholm City LibraryWebWebPrimary SocialService 40. Stockholm StadWebWeb PilotSocialService 41. Mobilization, Step 3/3 Develop your Engagement Plan 42. Engagement PlanAWARENESS ADOPTION ADVOCACY LOYALTY 43. Engagement Plan Lenses WORDREACHVALUEOF IDENTITY MOUTH 44. Engagement Plan / Ecosystem Web WebWORDVALUEOF IDENTITY Social MOUTHMobile 45. Engagement Plan / EcosystemWeb WORDREACH OF IDENTITYSocial MobileMOUTH 46. Engagement Plan / Ecosystem WebREACH VALUE IDENTITY SocialMobile 47. Engagement Plan / EcosystemWebWORDREACH VALUEOFSocialMobileMOUTH 48. Its a Work-in-progress Building market & brandrelevance doesnt happenovernight. 49. Mobilization is ProgressiveMARKET DRIVERSPILLARS & ENGAGEMENTRELEVANCE ECOSYSTEM PLAN ConnectivityDesirabilityAWARENESSDevices ADOPTIONMOBILIZED Monetization ServicesBRAND ADVOCACY Customers STRATEGY Rewards LOYALTYEmpowerment 50. SummaryDefine your PillarsCreate your EcosystemDevelop your Engagement Plan 51. Key Take-AwaysBe Relevant.Be Engaged Mobile & socialwill help you listen, learn andengage with your customers.Be Fearless Empowermentcan be a mutual benefit. 52. Thanks!