[M2M-Frukostseminarium] Richard Savage, Qualcomm

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Maskin-till-maskin-kommunikation r nsta fas i mobilvrlden efter mobilt bredband. Video och dataintensiv trafik tar ver efter simpla sms nr mobil M2M lockar nya branscher.Den 29 september diskuterade vi framtiden fr M2M-lsningar, lyssnar till intressanta case och analyser av marknaden.


  • 1. Enabling the Internet ofEverything with 3GEller m2m Frukostseminar!Richard SavageDirector,Business Development1Scandinavia

2. Fortune 500 Company Celebrating more than 25 years of driving the evolution of wireless communications Making wireless more personal, affordable and accessible to people everywhere Worlds largest fabless semiconductor company, #1 in wireless Member of the S&P 100 & 500 Indexes2011 All-AmericaExecutive TeamAward Winner2 3. M2M HeritageQualcomm has been aleading provider ofcommercial telematicsservices and solutions to thetransportation industry formore than 20 years3 4. The Internet of EverythingThe Next Era of Networking and Computing,Where Everything is Intelligently Connected4 5. Multiple Radio Environment WANLANPAN55 6. Interest Spanning a Number of VerticalsCONSUMER TRANSPORTATION UTILITIESBUILDINGS ELECTRONICS HEALTHCARETRACKING AND INDUSTRIAL ANDRETAIL SECURITY MANUFACTURING6 7. Industry Trends are Aligning Modules &SensorsRegulatoryDistributed Developments ComputingApplications & ServicesInternet ofMobileEverythingNetworks ServiceWireless DeliveryCarrierPlatforms Involvement LowConnectivityCosts/Tariffs7 8. Vertical Companies are Turning to Internet ofEverything Connectivity to Address a Range of Needs New Alternative Greater Operational Revenue BusinessEfficiencies Opportunities Models Improving EnhancingReducing Products &Customer CostsServicesService8 9. New Drivers for Automotive ConnectivityElectric vehicles Range anxiety Locate and reserve charging stations Pricing, charging times, billing Diagnostics, battery condition statusRemote diagnostics Insurance / PAYD OTA updates and upgrades Road pricing, traffic management Service alerts, recall notifications Driver behavior based rates9 10. Transforming the In-Car Experience INFOTAINMENT SERVCIESNAVIGATION SERVICES APPLICATION DOWNLOADS +SAFETY & SECUTRITYMOBILE HOTSPOT REAR-SEAT ENTERTAINMENT10 11. Enabling Home Energy Management PV ARRAY APPLIANCESSMART METERWIRELESS HUB/GATEWAYPROGRAMMABLE ELECTRICHOME70oTHERMOSTAT VEHICLEAUTOMATIONSYSTEMCellularNetwork 1111 12. Transforming Health and MedicineWIRELESS IS PROFOUNDLY IMPACTING LIFE SCIENCES,MEDICINE AND CONSUMER HEALTHECG, SMARTBANDAGES BLOOD PRESSURE, PULSE, GLUCOMETER WEIGHT BODYCOMPOSITION,SMART PILLS ENVIRONMENTAL SENSORSOR INTERNALSENSORSPEDOMETER 1212 13. Future Proofing with 3G Technologies RAPIDLY DECLINING HARDWARE COSTS AND GREATER CAPABILITIES AND FLEXIBILITY ARE DRIVING USE2G3G 4GCoverageModule CostConnectivity Cost (TBD)Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)Low LatencyHigh Data RatesNetwork CapacityLife CycleIntegrated GPSSecurityIP-Based Architecture13 14. Lower TCO with Mobile BroadbandModule Cost as% of TCO UTILITIES 6% TRANSPORT 5% PATIENT MONITORING12% INDUSTRIAL2% DOMESTIC SECURITY 6% RETAIL6% CONSUMER/HOUSEHOLD13% 1414Source: Analyst Mason, 2010 15. Todays Device Choices Could LimitOperators FlexibilityCOST OF REPLACING 2G MODULES FOR TYPICAL W. EUROPEANOPERATOR* DECOMMISSIONING 2G NETWORK IN 2020$250 Industry Continues to Use$200 2G Modules USD MILLIONS$150Industry Adopts$1003G Modules for Long-ServiceDevices $50$0 *Defined as having 10 million traditional subscribers. Source: Analyst Mason, 201015 16. Taking Mobile to a New Level with Multimode ONE DEVICE, MULTIPLE CARRIERS AND NETWORK TECHNOLOGIES Enhance coverage and reliability by leveraging overlapping networks Enable greater carrier flexibility on deployment or thereafter Fallback to previous generation technologies Improve asset lifespanMultimode Multimode- Enabled A Carrier B Carrier Assets16 17. Qualcomm-Enabled M2M Module Database Searchabledatabase ofQualcomm-enabledM2M modules Contains 70+modules from morethan 10 OEMs Includes specs andmodule vendorscontact details http://www.m2msearch.com/17 18. Call to Action18 19. Follow us on:Thank You/ Tack!E-Mail: TheSavage@Qualcomm.comTwitter: #Qualcomm_SEFor more information on Qualcomm, visit us at:www.qualcomm.comwww.qualcomm.com/blog


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