How to use Pinterest for Business

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As pinterest puts it : No matter what youre interested in, theres a place for it here.


  • 1. How to usefor business?

2. Hi! I am a MarketingManager. I have been giventhe task to make amarketing campaign for ahealth food chain Blabber. My colleaguerecommended me to 3. But what 4. is a visual social network.It allows me : to upload images or videos that I like from mycomputer or web to browse, re-pin, like or comment on others uploads(pins & boards) to share pins on other social networking site likeFacebook, Twitter, etc. to embed individual pins on my website or 5. As pinterest puts it :No matter what youre interested in,theres a place for it 6. and why should I use Pinterest? 7. www.webcobblers.comItsDrivetraffic toGrowingmywebsiteConvertfollowersto leadsCreatesbrandawarenessConstantcustomerengagementCreatesthoughtleadership 8. But how? 9. Open a business accountMake sure to verifyyour website: It givesyou access toPinterest analyticswhich helps youstrategize your www.webcobblers.combetter.Join pinterest as a business using yourfacebook account or your Email-ID. 10. www.webcobblers.comWhat ismy targetgroup?Is my targetgroup onPinterest?The BIG questionMy target group would be:- HNI adults- Age : 15 60- Location : USA- Interests : fitness, weight loss,gym, healthy foodYes, my target group is on Pinterest.Pinterest usersIncome : HNIAge : Upto 50 yearsLocation : Urban cities 11. www.webcobblers.comWhat shouldbe mystrategy?Lets look at a few case studiesbefore I can make a strategy forBlabber 12. Name:, worlds largest digital food brandBusiness need : Drive high quality traffic, Increasefollowers, make it easy to discover recipes and videosHow they did it : Added the pin it button, used emailmarketing to drive pins. Continue to foster a communityWhat they achieved : in 3 months, clicks on Pinterestcontent increased more than 900%, In less than aweek, the number of clicks to fromPinterest increased 4x, re-pins and likes of the featuredimages increased by more than 3x, and reach grew by 13. Name: Sephora, a leading beauty-retail conceptBusiness need : Make it easy to pin from email to encourage Pinterest engagement.Encourage clients to pin their beauty shopping lists.How they did it : Made pinning easy by adding the pin itbutton. Connected with pinners through email. Created ashoppable experience on pinterestWhat they achieved :Within a few short monthsPinterest became a top 10 referring site for,generated more than 14,000 re-pins, saw 60% growth intraffic from 14. Name:, India leading travel planning andsearch websiteBusiness need: Increase engagement, Drive traffic, tobe perceived as a brand that cares about theircustomers travel wishesHow they did it: ran an interactive contest.Contest details: Invited pinners to Pin images of all theplaces they must visit in their lifetime on iXiGOsCommunity Pinboard Amazing Places (World) AND thereason why they want to go there. Also, repin all theimages from the #MustiXiGO Pinboard. Contest waspromoted across Facebook & TwitterWhat they achieved: Phenomenal Participation andinteraction, 92% increase in followers in 5 15. Conclusions:1. Understand my target group and what theylike2. Understand what they like to collate andwhat they relate to3. Come up with ideas and strategies forcreating such content4. Think how to make the content visuallyappealing5. Make it extremely easy for users to find,share and like the 16. Blabber is a health foodchain. My Target audiencehas varied interests, www.webcobblers.com1.Understandmy TargetGroupsInterestsA. Theyre fitness freaks so fitness tips!B. Theyre into healthy eating so healthyrecipes!C. They want to lose weight so lookingfor inspirationD. They would also be interested in newplaces where they can get healthy food! 17. www.webcobblers.com2.What will myTG like tocollate?A.1 Fitness tipsB.1 Healthyfood recipesC.1 InspirationalquotesD.1 Latest healthproductsA.2 NewExercisesA.3 GymequipmentB.2 NutritionalfoodC.2 InspirationalstoriesD.2 New Products 18. 19. www.webcobblers.comMy finalPintereststrategy forBlabber1. What my TG would like to collate: recipes,food quotes, fitness tips2. Create visually appealing content3. Follow and engage with existing foodiesand brands to increase visibility4. Hold a contest to make an immediateimpact5. Add widgets and pin it button to make iteasy for users5. Be consistent with my posts and updates. 20. CONNECTWITHUSINFO@WEBCOBBLERS.COMFACEBOOK.COM/WEBCOBBLERSTWITTER.COM/WEBCOBBLERS/COMPANY/WEBCOBBLERSYOUTUBE.COM/WEBCOBBLERSWWW.WEBCOBBLERS.COM 21. Thank you!