10 Tips On How To Use Pinterest For Your Business

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1. 10 TIPS ON HOW TO USE PINTEREST FOR YOUR BUSINESS 2. WHY PINTEREST? It is the third largest social network just behind Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is also the most mobile social network, driving 64% of its traffic from mobile browsers. Data from Shareaholic also showed that Pinterest now drives more Web traffic than any other social network. 3. #1 MAKE YOUR BUSINESS VISIBLE ON PINTEREST Include your brands name and official website address on Pinterests profile page, and connect your Facebook and Twitter profiles for increased visibility. Pay attention to your Pin captions: whether you are pinning content from your site or repinning it from somewhere else, explain why this content would be useful to your brands customersand mention your brands name and website URL in the caption. 4. #2 INCREASE YOUR BRAND AUTHORITY Positions yourself on Pinterest as an authority in your chosen industry by creating several Pinterest boards that provide useful and educational information to your followers. That doesnt mean you have to create all the content that you pin on Pinterest rather share from a carefully vetted combination of sources to ensure your boards contain the most accurate and useful information available. 5. #3 SHOWCASE YOUR MOST IMPORTANT BOARDS IN THE FIRST 5 SLOTS Pinterest is different than your small business Facebook page, where a hodgepodge of information is posted in chronological order, rather than in order of importance or by topic. When it comes to Pinterest that means showcasing your best boards front and center. By allowing you to create multiple boardsone for each category of your products or services, for examplePinterest helps keep users engaged not only in your general content, but in content thats specific to their interests. 6. #4 INCREASE YOUR BRAND EQUITY BY CUSTOMIZING YOUR BOARD Brand identity is as important on social media as it is on your website. When people land on your social media theyre greeted with a flurry of visuals and content from all over the web. So its your job to carry your signature brand identity (visual calling card) over to social platforms so that your readers can spot you a mile away in the flurry. On Pinterest one of the best ways to do that is by creating custom board covers, which will create a seamless transition between your web home and your Pinterest home. 7. #5 FIND POPULAR GROUP BOARDS Using Pinterest group boards is an excellent way to reach more people to get repins, followers and traffic. Its extremely hard to find good group boards on Pinterest because theres been no search feature to help you out. PinGroupie is an easy to use and free tool that finds group boards. Use Group Boards and collaborate with popular pinners who have a large following to expose your brand and content to more people. 8. #6 DETERMINE POSTING FREQUENCY Pinning excessively might overwhelm or annoy your audience, but pinning too little might cause your followers to forget you exist. Create a posting schedule, and then gauge the audience reaction before drastically increasing or reducing the frequency of Pins. 9. #7 ENGAGE WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS Engage your customers. Respond to comments, feature their boards, run contests the possibilities are endless Pinterest is another venue for customer interface, so interact, socialize, and connect. One of the best ways to engage is to promote others pins through likes, c.omments, and re-pins. 10. #8 PIN ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS Pinterest is a great tool for recognizing your customersyou can do this by creating Boards that tell customer success stories, or share a common customer experience. These customer-centric Boards are a great non- intrusive way to show off customer testimonials in a way that welcomes sharing not just by that particular customer, but by anyone who can benefit from the advice. 11. #9 KNOW PINTERESTS IMAGE REQUIREMENTS If you have optimized your site for the network, but Pinterest still doesnt show your images, check your dimensions. Pinterest doesnt allow images with a height or width less than 80 pixels. It also doesnt recognize background images, images embedded in iFrames or within Flash websites. The optimal original image dimensions are 600 by 800 pixels, which resize to about 192 by 256 on the Pinboard. Having accurate dimensions will help your Pins get noticed better. 12. #10 PIN AS A TEAM Pinterest allows users to add contributors to the Boards, so encourage your employees to add content they find interest, or even curate their own Board. Include your employees in the discovery process, and @mention them in the captions of the Pins they selected. Pinterest can also help your business promote company culture, to celebrate current employees and attract new hires.