How to use pinterest to grow your wedding business 2015

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  1. 1. How to use Pinterest to grow your wedding business Lucy Thornton
  2. 2. Why Pinterest? Rapid growth Loyal audience Referral traffic Organic search Top results Lifetime pin
  3. 3. Why Pinterest? August 2012 launched 70 million users Primarily women (but men increasing)
  4. 4. Pinterest business accounts
  5. 5. Pinterest tips Follow other businesses Respond, engage, stand out Like other pins, repin, send
  6. 6. Pinterest tips Optimise image sizes Tall images stand out
  7. 7. Pinterest tips Create and collaborate group boards
  8. 8. Pinterest tips Add Pinterest widget to website Add pin it hover button to website
  9. 9. Pinterest tips Leverage website images Visual archive Brand assets
  10. 10. Pinterest tips Use #hashtags (in pin description only) Tag other users Give credit
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  12. 12. Pinterest tips Be topical Search popular
  13. 13. Optimise pins Optimise image titles not img_00145.jpg Optimise board titles Optimise About section Optimise pin descriptions (50 pins per board >25 from own website Show products in use Brand images? Image via
  14. 18. Pinterest in practice Twice a day Five minutes Little & often Pin pin PIN Monitor stats
  15. 19. Pinterest in practice Content: Motivational Instructional Brand
  16. 20. Questions?