PPC Sales Funnels, Simplified

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PPC Sales Funnels.Simplified.

Account creation & structureChoosing keywordsMatch typesAd writingAd extensionBuilt in toolsTracking conversionsOptimizing your account


About MeRoss Kaplan-WinnB.S. Business MarketingStarted Using AdWords In 2009AdWords & Analytics CertifiedWrite About AdWords @ paidinsights.com


Feature In & On

Whats Next?The industryFacebook vs GoogleIntro to AdWordsKeywordsAdsLanding Page$520 into $6120 Case Study



Add 6 Zero's

In 2015, 90% of revenue was from advertising!5



paidinsights.comYou Dont Need To Be A Marketer

Facebook vs GoogleBoth are PPC or pay per clickDifferent intentOn Google, people are searching for a solutionYou show up the second they are askingOn Facebook, more of an interruptionTarget based on interests, behaviors and demographicsSomething you know they are interested inMore visualpaidinsights.com

Both Reward RelevanceQuality Score (AdWords)Relevance Score (Facebook)

You pay lessYour ads are shown more oftenYou can compete with (almost) any budgetpaidinsights.com

Facebook vs GoogleGoogleService-based industriesE-commerce

FacebookWhen people arent searching for a solutionThey dont know you existFitness, Health industriespaidinsights.com



PPC can target any stage of the funnelLower is usually more expensive, but converts better13

Quick Intro to AdWords - KeywordsKeywordsHow you tell Google when to show your ads

plumberfix leaky faucet

Different from what the user types types in the search boxplumber in capitol hill


Quick Intro to AdWords - AdsAdsHow you tell people (searchers) you have the solution to their problemUse Features & BenefitsTell them why to choose youpaidinsights.com

Quick Intro to AdWords Landing PageLanding PageWhere the user lands after clicking the adMaintain relevance from search -> ad -> landing page

Faucet Ad:http://www.mrrooterplumbing.co/sinks-drains-and-faucets/

Plumber Ad:http://www.mrrooterplumbing.co/residential-plumbing-services/


1172% ROAS Case StudyLocal Mental Health CounselorPriced at the low end of the marketpaidinsights.com

1172% ROAS Case Study - Keywords


1172% ROAS Case Study - Ads


1172% ROAS Case Study - Location


1172% ROAS Case Study Landing Page


A little math~$520 spent6 clients acquired$87 CPA

Average session per client = $85

We lost money?


Dont forget about LTVAverage LTV = $85 x 12 (sessions)$1,020 for every $87 spent$6,120 for every $520 spent

What about referrals? Add another 5-10%What if we raise prices? Convert better on the landing page?Test better ads?paidinsights.com

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