Merging funnels

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Together with Sage partner, Collier Pickard, Sage presented on the subject of “Merging Funnels” - how paradigm shifts in on-line research and social collaboration are moving strategic CRM thinking from “push marketing” to managing the “pull” demands of future buyers.

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Merging Funnels

Sage - Global Vendor, Local Strategy

Sage is a leading supplier of business management software and services to over 6 m customers worldwide. From small start-ups to larger organisations, we make it easier for companies to manage their business processes 3rd business management software vendor (Total ERP Software Revenue Market Share by Vendor, 2008 (Source: Gartner June 2009)


1.439Bn revenue - FY09

6 m customers world-wide

13,100 employees in 26 countries

27,000 resellers, 40,000 accountants

Merging Funnels

Experience is the thing you acquire shortly after the time you first needed it!

Our marketing

Web siteAdWordsBrochuresNewsletterTrade showsPress releasesComparison site

Step into Inbound

Research keywordsEducational contentRe-design web pagesNurturing campaignsCalls-to-actionStart bloggingSocial mediaStart listening

The marketing funnel

Get found Engage Nurture Convert ? not as simple as we thought! x

The sales funnel

Example:Lead score = 99/100Qualified sales opportunityPass to sales funnel -but-Lead discarded by sales wrong geography

The ideal customer

Traditional profileGeographyIndustry sectorSpend patternRecencyFrequency Longevity

This doesnt inform inbound marketing

The ideal customer

New buyer profileResearch placesNews & RSS feedsSocial presenceDepth of profilingSpecial interest groupsView or contribute?

This genuinely informs inbound marketing

Analyse & optimise

Buyer profileExtended for inbound marketing informs social media activity informs keywords & content informs educational process inspires confidence improves SEO

One funnel

Drop the demarcationImprove CRM profilingDevelop relevant social presenceImprove attraction & engagementInspire confidencePass warm leads to salesImprove close metrics

One funnel

Add inbound marketing Improve lead quality Reduce marketing costsDriven by analytical CRMAnd continually optimised

Collier Pickard outcome

Early adopterIdentify what works and what doesntPublish guidanceImprove effectiveness-and-Embed inbound marketing into CRM culture

What works What doesnt

Merging Funnels