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Whether youre already Pinning like crazy and suffering from Pinsomnia or just exploring how Pinterest might relevant for your business, somewhere in this 40-page e-book, youll find ideas, answers and a bit of Pinspiration on how Pinterest is helping businesses just like yours take social media to the next level on the fastest-growing new social media platform.In this complete e-book on using Pinterest for social media marketing, youll learn:What makes Pinterest so addicting?How does Pinterest work for marketers?How to use Pinterest in your marketing.Pinterest tips & tricksHow to use Pinterest in promotions and contests.Using Pinterest to drive e-commerce salesUnique uses for Pinterest in marketing


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2. C HAPTER 1Introductionto PinterestSocial media marketing has been stuck ina rut. If you are an active participant youcan probably relate. The attempts at inno-vative new networks (ahem...Google+)are uninspiring and the tried and true net-works are losing their luster. Even themost active businesses on Facebook andTwitter are struggling to increase theirfans and following. Its time for some-thing new. iBooks Author 3. S ECTION 1Perk Up With Pinterest U SAGE S TATS 1. Pinterest currently reports 10.4 million users 2. 97% of Pinterest users are female 3. Unique visitors to the site increased by 429%in Q4 of 2011 4. Pinterest accounts for 3.6% of referral traffic 5. The average Pinterest user spends 1 hour 17minutes on the site each month 1. Twitter: 36 minutes/month 2. LinkedIn: 17 minutes/monthThe Pinterest craze is sweeping the Internet at an alarming 3. Google+: 6 minutes/monthrate. Not only are new subscribers piling up by the millions,users are spending an astronomical amount of time on thesite. A recent stat showed that Pinterest generates moremonthly usage than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + com-bined!2 iBooks Author 4. A DDICTIONBelieve it or not, Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) is a realaffliction that many people suffer from, according to US psy-If youve seen a social pin board, then you probably know why chologists. Facebook is one of the few social networks that gen-Pinterests stats are so high. Pinterest is incredibly addicting. erates more usage than Pinterest, weighing in at a whopping 6The beautiful display of images on your screen is captivating hours 33 minutes a month for the average user. However, theand full of endless ideas. As long as you keep scrolling, the addictive nature of Pinterest, combined with the growingideas keep coming. Ideas for anything: recipes, books, decorat- popularity and increase in content, could result in an uptick ining, DIY projects, clothing, inspirational quotes, and so on. usage and a diagnosable disease of its own.You can see how one could easily get sucked in to the Pinter-est Portal.3 iBooks Author 5. T HE P INTEREST M OVEMENT And then theres Juxtapost, which is extremely similar to Pin-terest but with a few small differences. Like Pinterest, Juxta-They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If thats the post lets you view all your favorite things, side-by-side withcase, Pinterest must be blushing pretty hard right now. Not the pin board layout. One key difference with Juxtapost is thatonly are many websites stealing the Pinterest signature pinyou have the option to make your boards private. Pinterestboard look, but there have already been several competitor does not currently offer this option. Overall, the premise is thenetworks cropping up. Gentlemint, for example, is essentially same; collect things you see on the web and share them withPinterest for guys. Claiming to be a mint of manly things,your friends.Gentlemint is identical to Pinterest in terms of functionality,but with a predominately male target audience.I NTERACTIVE 1.1 GentlemintI NTERACTIVE 1.2 Juxtapost PinboardPin board LayoutCommentsMale-specific content4 iBooks Author 6. The clean layout and simple concept of Pinterest is whatmakes the site so appealing, to both competitors and users.You may recall a similar movement a few years back when so-cial networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Friendster battledit out for a position on top of the social network podium. Onlytime will tell which network will win this pin board battle butright now Pinterest is way ahead of the game. 5iBooks Author 7. S ECTION 2Pinterest DefinedP INTEREST D EFINEDFor those of you who havent yet had a chance to explore Pin-terest and are sitting there with eyes glazed over, lets rewindand start from the beginning. In the words of the maker, Pin-terest is a virtual pin board that lets you organize and sharethe beautiful things you find on the web.Imagine you are browsing the web for a new recipe to try fordinner tonight. In the process, you come across all kinds of in-triguing recipes. Of course you can only choose one to maketonight, so you pin all of the recipes to your recipes pinboard on Pinterest, and revisit them when youre ready. Thissame strategy can be applied for anything on the web. Find acool DIY project, pin it to your boards! Looking to buy a newcoat? Pin your favorite options and compare them all side byside from your Pinterest board. 6 iBooks Author 8. S ECTION 3H OW IT W ORKSHow it WorksPinterest is like a virtual magazine full of all kinds of imagesand videos. When a Pinterest user sees something they likeand want to save, they pin it to one of their own pin boards. A pin board is like a virtual bulletin board or folder. Each im-age or video links back to the original website from which itwas taken so users can get back to the source if necessary. Youcant really obtain a lot of information from a thumbnail im- H OW IT W ORKS age. So when you see a pin of a recipe that you want to knowmore about, simply click twice on the pin to go directly to the 1. Set up your pin boardswebsite where the recipe lives. 2. Pins link back to the original site from whichThe social aspect of Pinterest comes into play when you startthe image was takenfollowing people and sharing your pins with your friends. 3. Users Pin content from the internet to theirThere are two ways to pin items to your board:boards1. Repin something that someone else has already pinned 4. Users Repin their friends pins to their boards2. Install the Pin It button on your web browser and Pin 5. Users can like and comment on Pins images you find on the InternetWhen youre first starting out on Pinterest, set up a handful ofboard categories to focus on. As you progress and find morecontent to Pin, you can break your boards up into more spe-cific, narrowly-defined categories.Much like Facebook, users can like and comment on anyPin. Social media is all about interacting with your customers,so its important to respond to comments on your Pins.7 iBooks Author 9. R EPINAfter you click the Repin button, you will be able to specifywhich board you want to pin the item to and write your ownPinterest has a feed that shows you pins from the people youdescription of the pin.follow. You can also view other peoples boards, just as youmight view someones Facebook profile or page. When youfind a pin on your friends board that you like, click Repin topin the image to your own board.I NTERACTIVE 1.3 Repin ExampleSee Something YouLike?8 iBooks Author 10. P IN I TIf there are multiple pin-able items on the page, you will beasked to select which item you meant to pin.When you create your Pinterest account, one of the firstthings you should do is add the Pin It button to the book-marks bar in your web browser. Pinterest does a great job ex-plaining how to do this on their website. Once you have thebutton installed, you can pin anything you find on the webthat has an image associated with it.When you find something, say a recipe, you want to pin, clickon the Pin It button that you installed in your web browser.Make your selection, provide a brief description of what it isyou are pinning, and choose which board you want to pin theI NTERACTIVE 1.4 Pin It Example item to.Pin It Button 9 iBooks Author 11. C HAPTER 2How to UsePinterest forMarketingSo Pinterest is obviously a hit with con-sumers and it seems to provide signifi-cant value to its users, but what does thishave to do with marketing your business?Like most of the social networks outthere, Pinterest was not created with mar-keting in mind. But where theres a cap-tive audience, you can bet theres an ea-ger marketer just around the corner find-ing a way to take center stage. iBooks Author 12. T HE B ENEFITS OF P INTERESTHave you had your light bulb moment? Are the gears turningfast and furious? For many businesses the value of such a so-cial network is obvious and the possibilities are endless. Forother businesses, it may not be inherently clear how to best si-phon the value out of Pinterest, but rest assured youll havesome solid ideas by the end of this book.There are tons of benefits to incorporating Pinterest into yourmarketing strategy, but heres a list of a few of the big ones: Link-building to your website Viral marketing Market research Create a brand image Share company culture Connect with your customers 11 iBooks Author 13. S ECTION 1G ET S TARTEDGet Started Request an InviteGetting started on Pinterest is relatively simple. Since the net-work is still in beta, you must first request an invitation fromPinterest. You should receive an email with an invitation a fewdays after you place your request. Or if you know someone onPinterest, ask them to send you an invite. G ET S TARTEDSet up Your Profile 1. Request an Invite There isnt currently a separate business profile for Pinterestusers. All profiles feature a profile picture, about section, link 2. Set up Your Profile to your website, and of course, your boards. Fill in your profileas completely as you can, using a clear image of your logo and 3. Add the Buttonsa clever spiel about your business. 4. Create Your BoardsAdd the Buttons 5. PromoteThere are two Pinterest buttons to incorporate into your web-site or blog. Incorporating the buttons into your website is sim-ply a matter of copying and pasting a couple of lines of codeinto your websites content management system. Once again,the HTML code for these buttons is provided by Pinterest.The Follow Me on Pinterest button should be added next toyour Facebook Like Us button and your Twitter Follow Usbutton in your website.12 iBooks Author 14. The Pin It button should be added next to anything that isTechnical tip: Be sure to use high resolution pictures whenpin-able on your website. That means blog posts, portfoliopinning your own content. Thumbnail pictures are limited topieces, and especially items for sale.192 pixels. Choose high quality pictures so that users canclearly make out your pins.PromotePinterest is inherently viral in nature, meaning if you pinsomething that people really like, it wont take long for thatpin to gain a lot of exposure. That being said, having a lot offollowers ensures that your pins spread like wild fire. Gainingfollowers on Pinterest is much like gaining fans on Facebookand followers on Twitter. It takes time and requires your ac-Create Your Boardstive participation.Now its time for the fun part! Before you go and spread theTo start off, you can try to gain followers by promoting yourword about your new Pinterest profile, make sure your boardsPinterest profile on other social networks. Leverage your estab-are populated with lots of pins. Pick a few categories to focuslished fan base to spread the word. Encourage Facebook fanson and as you have more time you can always expand. Makeand Twitter followers to check out your boards. You can sharesure to have a nice balance of promotional and non-new Pins with Facebook fans by checking the Facebook boxpromotional boards. You dont want all of your boards to con-before you Pin something.tain pins of your companys products or portfolio pieces. Cre-ate a few boards dedicated to business-specific content andthen get creative with the rest.For example, if your business is a restaurant, create one boardwith recipes that you think your patrons might like to try mak-ing themselves. Dedicate another board to useful kitchentools. You see how easy it is to branch out and get creativewith Pinterest?13 iBooks Author 15. C HAPTER 3PinterestTips & TricksReady to become a Pinterest PowerUser?! If youve been zoning out up untilnow because you already know how touse Pinterest, grab yourself a cup of cof-fee and get comfortable because youregoing to want to pay attention. Starting,now. These tips and tricks separate theleisure Pinners from the pros and the con-sumer Pinners from the cut-throat mar-keters. iBooks Author 16. S ECTION 1P INTEREST C ONTESTSHold a ContestContests are always great for getting your followers involvedand for attracting new followers on the social networks. Aswith any contest held on a social network, its important toconsult the contest rules and terms of use. Write out the de-tails of the contest on your website, blog or Facebook page,not on your Pinterest profile. Pinterest doesnt give you verymuch room for verbiage, plus this is a good way to spread theword about the contest. H OLD A C ONTESTTechnical Tip: You can allow any follower to pin to yourboards. For more interactive contests, set up a board desig-1. Pin it to Win itnated to the contest, and grant your followers the ability to2. Caption Contestpin to that board.3. Repin Contest1. Select the board you want to allow users to contribute to4. Photo Contest2. At the top of the board click the Edit Board button3. You will be asked, Who can Pin? Select Me + Contribu- tors15 iBooks Author 17. P IN IT TO W IN IT C APTION C ONTESTThere are a couple of different ways to hold contests on Pinter- People love to give their two cents. Pin a funny picture and askest. One of our favorites is the Pin it to Win it contest put on people to add a caption to the picture. Try to incorporate yourby childrens furniture and decor retailer, Rosenberry Rooms.product or services.You decide what the funniest caption is and reward the winner with a prize.Contestants have to create a pinboard containing their dreamkids room or nursery using Rosenberry Rooms products. TheR E -P IN C ONTESTwinners receive products from their boards. This contest isbrilliant because it not only gets followers to interact with Ro-The ease of entry into the re-pin contest is particularly appeal-senberry Rooms on Pinterest, but it also gives people a reason ing to users and its a good way to spread content fast. Desig-to spend lots of time looking at their products and sharingnate a board that followers can contribute to. Ask followers totheir products with friends. pin their favorite product offered by your company to the board. Whoever has the pin with the most re-pins wins the contest. P HOTO C ONTEST The photo contest is an oldie but a goodie in the realm of so- cial media contests. Ask followers to pin a picture based around a theme to one of your boards. For example, a Photog- rapher could hold a Cute Baby Contest and have people pin a picture of their baby to the board. Ask people to vote on their favorite baby picture by liking the pin.16 iBooks Author 18. S ECTION 2Although there is not an e-commerce component built in toPinterest, there are some tricks to help facilitate the transitionDrive E-Commerce Salesfrom the network to your website. If used correctly, Pinterestcan basically act as your virtual store front. Pinterest allowsyou to display items by category, shed light on new productlines, and even price items.P RICE Y OUR P RODUCTSMake it known that your pins represent products that are forC USTOMIZATION I DEAS sale by including the price of the item in...


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