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Team Management - AIESEC UNAND

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  • 1. Understanding Each Other Rahmad Eka Putra LCVP OGX GIP [email protected]
  • 2. Team purpose If you do only one thing for your team, help them to understand the purpose of their work, their role, their team and, in turn, the organisation Most important role of team leader: to help people to find meaning in what they do.
  • 3. Team working How many meetings the team holds Where appraisals are held Who works with whom on what bits of work Who lead the meetings Who chair the meetings and who type up the minutes
  • 4. Team Leader's main qualities are: strategic thinking, having a vision capacity of empathy raised social perception understanding and using own uniqueness demonstrating weaknesses
  • 5. Beforehand you have to learn how to control yourself, only then you can lead others. Think about your weaknesses and strengths, try to find out who you really are and what you want to achieve in the future. being a leader does not equal with being a dominator rather its determined and goal oriented.
  • 6. What Kind of environment that you want to create ?
  • 7. 1. Do team members know WHAT they have to do? You need to give them exact and clear tasks. Explain as long as they understand .
  • 8. 2. Do team members know HOW to carry out the task? Let them explain their plan of action that way you get a clear picture who has understood his/her assignment or who hasn't.
  • 9. 3. Do members know WHY they have to do something?
  • 10. 4. Does somebody from the team find your approach wrong? You need to ask and listen. If you see that a team member has stronger arguments, then agree and choose a new approach. However, if the member's arguments are not acceptable, then you have to explain why yours are better. It is important to tolerate criticism.
  • 11. If the importance is humanely justified then you have to resign the tasks for certain time period. Let the member solve his/her problems and return to his/her tasks later. If the importance is not justified, it is likely to happen again in the future you should turn to TM Member Support.
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  • 14. Project is late Member is unmotivate Has not more resources What do you do?
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