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Presented by: presented to:1.Rohit Jain Sheljha mam2.shailendra sharma3. siddharth guptaPRESTIGE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTPerformance appraisal

1.What is performance appraisal2.Methods of performance appraisalcontents

q. What is performance appraisal

Performance appraisal is also known as employee appraisal is a method by which the performance of An employee is evaluated in terms of (Quality,Quantity,cost),also be used to determine any ones personality,potential of its group members.Classification of Performance appraisalTraditional method.Modern method.

Classification of Performance appraisal

Performance appraisalTraditional method Modern method 1. Rating method 1.Assesment centre2. Checklist 2.360 degree feedback3. Forced view method 3.psychological appraisal 4. Essay evaluation 4. MBO 5. Critical incident method6. Field review method7. Confidential report8. Performance test and observation

Traditional Methods of performance appraisal1.Rating scale-The rating scale consist of several numerical scale,each representing a job related performance such as how much dependible you are How much output you produce,attendence,co-operation in work . For example:Employee name-Ram Sharma Raters name suraj(HR) Department-Marketing Date-22/11/14 Excellent(1) Good(2) Acceptable(3) Fair(4) Poor(5)1.Dependibility 22.Attendance 33.Level of Output 44.Cooperation 4

Traditional methods2.Checklist-Checklist contains a list of statement in which the rater descibes the on job performance of the employees.In this the rater gave only two answer of the question yes or no relates to the employee.For example:1.Is employee regular Yes2.Is employee follow order NoIn this the performance of employee is measured in yes or no type answer only then rater send the report to the HR department then they will evaluate it.

3. Force choice method-The series of statements arranged in the blocks of two or more are given and the rater indicates which statement is most or least. The rater is forced to make a choice. HR department does actual assessment.Favourable qualities earn credit ,unfavourable qualitites earn reverse. For ex: Most Least1. Regularity on the job Always regular Most Tell advance about delay Least Never regular Least

4.Critical incident method-Manager prepares list of statement of behaviour of very effective and ineffective behaviour of an employee.Then manager periodically records the critical incident of employees behaviour.This are some information about different workers after collecting the information.

Worker statement scaleA Informed the supervisor immediately 4B Become tense on the loss of output 3C Tried to repair the machine 3D Complained about poor maintanence 2

TRAditional methods5. Field review method-This is an appraisal done by someone outside employees own department like HR department or any other department by the way of questioning to individual,groups,superiors e.t.c.

6.Confidential report-It is the descriptive report of an employee Prepared by the employees immediate supervisor.The report highlights the strength and weakness of the employee.It is usually prepared in the government organization.

trAditional methods-7.Performance test and observation-This is the method by which the observer check the employees skills and knowledge by giving them the test and question relates to skills,knowldege in the test.

8.Essay method-In this rater asked to express the strong as well as weak point of employeess behaviour,overall impression of performance,capabilities and qualities of performing jobs.

Modern methodsMBO(management by obective).360 degree performance method.Psychological appraisal.Assesment centres.

Modern MEthods1.Management by objective-It means management by obejctive andthe perfomance is rated against the achievement of objective.MBO process goes as under:First step-Establish goals and desired outcome for each subordinateSecond step-Setting the performance standard for the employee.Third step-Comparision of actual goals with the desired outcome.Fourth step-Establish new goals and new strategies for goals not previously achieved

2. 360 degree feedback- It is a technique through which systematic collection of performance data about an indiviual ,Group,derived from an immediate supervisor ,stakeholders,customer.In fact anyone who has knowledge about how an employee does a job may be one of the appraiser.

EmployeecustomersupervisorpeersTeam membersSuppliersuperiors

3.Assesment centre- It is a technique where managers may come together to have their participation in job related activitiesevaluated by trainer observers.It is more focused on observation ofbehaviour across a series of selected exercise or samples.4.Psychological Appraisal- These appraisals are more directed to assess employees potential for future performance rather than the past one. It is done in the form of in-depth interviews, psychological tests, and discussion with supervisors and review of other evaluations. It is more focused on employees emotional, intellectual, and motivational and other personal characteristics affecting his performance.