Pinning & Winning: How to make Pinterest work for you

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Niki Blaker has penchant for design thats as red hot as her hair. In fact, shes dedicated over 12 years of her life to design in all sorts of industries, from corporate to creative. These days, she spends her time designing experiences as a visual strategist at Forty Agency, championing the design community as a board member at AIGA Arizona, and sharing smart insights as a guest blogger for Under Considerations Quipsologies. Her perky Pinterest style has caught the eye of many and has been featured in well-known design blogs, including Smashing Magazine and Tripwire.


  • 1. & How to make Pinterest work for youTechPhx 2012@nikiblaker

2. Hello! Im NikiTechPhx 2012@nikiblaker 3. Photo: James ArcherTechPhx 2012@nikiblakerBy day Im a design strategist at Forty, an experience design firm in Chandler where I get to work with other amazingdesigners and content strategists. 4. Photo: Kathy MorganTechPhx 2012 @nikiblakerI also volunteer on the board of the Arizona chapter of AIGA, the association for design, where I serve as theircommunications director. 5. TechPhx 2012 @nikiblaker.Im usually on Pinterest looking for things that inspire me like cool typography, dream office spaces, and pretty muchanything else design-related.I started using Pinterest because Im a sign-up-a-holic and will sign up for absolutely any new online service. 6. Mom would be so proud!TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerIt turns out that several design blogs had picked on my pins and liked what they saw and keptrecommending my page and boards as good examples of Pinterest users. Pinterest is now one the mainreferral sources to my website. 7. What is Pinterest?Whos using it and how?How can it work for me?TechPhx 2012@nikiblaker 8. Photo: Art StreiberIve always thoughtthat the things youcollect says a lot aboutwho you are.Ben Silbermann, Co-Founder We wanted to create a place where you can collect things on the web and simply organize it the way you want to. Evan Sharp, Co-Founder/DesignerTechPhx 2012@nikiblakerWhen Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp launched Pinterest in March 2010, the both had pretty strong visions in whatthey were trying to accomplish. 9. What isPhoto: Flickr madeinmississippiPinterest?Pinterest is a virtualpinboard that allows you toorganize and share thingsyou find on the web.You can browse pinboardscreated by other peopleto discover new things andget inspiration from peoplewho share your interests.TechPhx 2012@nikiblaker 10. TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerSaving an individual photo is whats known as pinning. You can organize them by placing them in differentphoto albums by category. Essentially, the pin boards are just like online photo albums. 11. TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerLike Twitter, you can follow anyone, even if they arent following you back. You have the option to followall of another users boards, or you can just select certain boards to follow. You can sign up using yourTwitter or Facebook account, which makes it easy to find all of your friends already using Pinterest. 12. TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerRepinning is sharing an image pinned by someone you follow or found while browsing Pinterest, and thenadding it to one of your own boards. Repinning gives credit to the person who first pinned the image. Youcan also edit (or add to) the description when you repin something. 13. Photo: Flickr diamondduste Additional ways to pin things: Chrome bookmarklet Pin this button on a web page or blog article Manually entering a URL Upload an image from your computerTechPhx 2012@nikiblaker 14. TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerOnce an image is repinned, you can see the history of the images activity. 15. TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerDouble-clicking on a pin will load the website where the picture originally came from.This is a great example of understanding how viral content is within the Pinterest community. 16. Over 80% of pins are re-pins compare with1.4%of tweets are re-tweetsTechPhx 2012 @nikiblakerAccording to RJMetrics over 80%of the content on Pinterest are repins compared to Twitter in where only 1.4% of tweets are retweets. 17. TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerWhat sets Pinterest apart from other social mediums is that its simply visually stunning and grabs peoplesattention. Its hard not to browse through Pinterest and not be bombarded with amazing pictures of foodor incredible photography, or your dream architecture and interior design. Its a beautiful place to be. 18. TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerPinterest has inspired a whole new type of web design. The simplicity of their design allows for excessivescrolling with minimal effort and minimal distraction. Images take up the majority of the page and all actionbuttons and comments are neatly tucked away until you scroll over them. 19. TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerPinterest has apps for iphone, ipad and Android phones and tablets that allow the user to browse fromanywhere. 20. What isPhoto: Flickr rsmith Pinterest? Your way to tell the world, here are the beautiful things that make me who I am, or who I want to be.TechPhx 2012 @nikiblaker 21. Whos usingPinterest?Pinterest crossed the 10million mark faster thanany other standalonesite in history.TechPhx 2012 @nikiblakerPinterest is the third most popular social network in the world.According to, as of August 2012, Pinterest has had over 25 million unique visitors. 22. TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerFemale users make up 79% of Pinterest users, predominantly between the ages of 25 - 54. The averagetime per visit is almost 16 minutes per visit. Thats 3 times more than the average time spent on Facebookand Twitter. 23. Top 5 categories browsedHome and GardenClothing and ApparelArt and DesignFood and GiftsHealth and BeautyTechPhx 2012 @nikiblaker 24. Top 5 categories purchasedClothing and ApparelHandbags and AccessoriesArt and DesignHome and GardenHealth and BeautyTechPhx 2012 @nikiblaker 25. Why are you on Pinterest?73% Entertainment, to pass the time70% To get inspiration on what to buy67% To collect things I like51% To connect people withsimilar interests43% To associate withfamiliar brands39% To get special offersfrom retailers/brandsTechPhx 2012 @nikiblakerOverall Pinterest users are more engaged and retain relationships longer with brands and they act ascurators for that brand as opposed to Facebook where they may like a brand just to get the latest couponor contest but otherwise having nothing to do with the brand. 26. TechPhx 2012 @nikiblaker12% of Pinterest users have pinned something they have later purchased online and 16% of items theyhave later purchased offline. The average sale resulting from a Pinterest user following an image back to itssource and then buying the item is $180 compared with $80 for Facebook users and $70 for Twitter users. 27. TechPhx 2012 @nikiblakerGucci has been the first to unveil a banner ad with a small Pin it button on the bottom left-hand cornerwhich is the first of its kind. When you click on the ad, it will prompt you with the choice of posting themysterious lady in red or...just the shoes. 28. TechPhx 2012 @nikiblaker 29. TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerWhen consumers login into the service on the Zappos site, they can see suggestions that relate to theirown personal pins or those of other users. 30. GeneratingPhoto: Flickr 27147traffic maybe all you needTechPhx 2012@nikiblakerPinterest doesnt necessarily require a strong brand presence on the platform itself many brands sawhigh referral numbers from the site before they event launched brand accounts. Pinterest can generate alot of traffic to your website because pins link back to their original source. 31. SeriouslyPhoto: Flickr Santos drool-worthyTechPhx 2012@nikiblaker Having great, shareable content isnt a new concept - but with Pinterest the visual aspect is what gets your foot in the door in getting your content repeated by others. 32. Photo: Flickr SantosTechPhx 2012 @nikiblaker Phoenix stylist and blogger Alex Evjen from AVE Styles: Pinterest has revolutionized my business. This tool has also helped me capture fashion trends, visualize my personal style, and share my styling projects with the rest of the world, and Ive also connected with some new faces in the blogging/fashion world. 33. TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerOne creative way Alex used Pinterest to build her business was to use Pinterest boards to style long-distance clients virtually. 34. Photo: Gina MeolaTechPhx 2012 @nikiblakerPhotos by photographer Gina Meola.Everything was preplanned by Pinterest before the day of the shoot down to the accessories and details. 35. Photo: Gina MeolaTechPhx 2012@nikiblakerIn a little over a year, Alex is close to hitting the 1 million follower mark and is currently ranked the #111 toppinner out of the millions of Pinterest users. (by the way she as 338 followers on Facebook). 36. Pin frequentlyKeep your content fresh and use the tool every day to interact withyour followers and get new ones.Content is kingTry to be the 20% and post original content.Be mindful of layoutVertical images are more noticeable than horizontal.TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerSome of Alex Evjens Pinterest tips. 37. Take time to edityour board coversMake sure they are great representations of what your board isabout and eye-catching images.Continue to enjoy PinterestUse it for what it is intended a way to catalog things you love.Dont focus on numbers. Just have fun and enjoy it!TechPhx 2012 @nikiblaker 38. Promote lifestyle overproductWhat makes your brand tick? Focus on what inspires you to help theconsumer.Use it as a focus groupPeople are sharing what they love. Take the time to see who isfollowing your brand and what interests them.TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerAdditional tips 39. Pin with contentDont upload pictures to Pinterest from your computer or link to apage with a photo and no content.Pin videos and tutorialsPinterest isnt limited to photos, you can also post videos. Followersalso enjoy cataloging tutorials.TechPhx 2012@nikiblaker 40. Collaborate with othersWhether you create a group board and invite others to participate,ask followers to curate content with a hashtag, or host a contest, takeadvantage of the collaborative features.Add a Pin It buttonto your siteMake it easy for people to share your content.TechPhx 2012@nikiblaker 41. Have a strategy in placefor price tagsDirect purchase pins are a bit controversial!Dont use Pinterest just toadvertisePintest was created for and from the perspective of the individual,not marketers.TechPhx 2012 @nikiblaker 42. Dont hurt your credibilitywith memesIt may be tempting to post those cat photos and Futurama Fryphotos, but those are best left to Reddit.Read the Terms of ServicePinterest has made several revisions to its Terms of Service sincelaunching, make sure youre ok with all the rules!TechPhx 2012@nikiblaker 43. TechPhx 2012 @nikiblakerSome inspiration from brands that are doing it right:Fitsugar - fitness blog (pop sugar)Boards include: Inspirational fitness quotes, Healthy breakfasts, Inspiring Yoga positions 44. TechPhx 2012 @nikiblakerLowes2.9 million followersBoards include: Helpful hints, Craft Ideas, For the home 45. TechPhx 2012 @nikiblakerStyle Me PrettyOver 4 million followersBoards include: DIY Projects, First Look 46. TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerIts not just about the ladies - some examples of successful male Pinterest users 47. TechPhx 2012 @nikiblaker 48. TechPhx 2012 @nikiblaker 49. TechPhx 2012@nikiblakerAnd if your product isnt particularly visual, that doesnt necessarily mean youre not meant to be onPinterest. General Electric has been really creative in engaging their followers on Pinterest with boards likeHey Girl, Bad ass machines, and Fabulous kitchens (which all have great lighting of course) 50. TechPhx 2012 @nikiblakerAnd Nonprofits are using Pinterest for instance the National Wildlife Foundation has an AnnimalAppreciation board that takes advantage of how viral cute animals can be 51. TechPhx 2012 @nikiblakerAnd the Smithsonians Archive of American art has an amazing collection of vintage boards. 52. Marketing Toolsrepinly.comHelps you find the most popular pins, boards, and pinners on // pinpuff.comSearch results on content and interactions on Pinterestreachli.comAnalytics dashboardTechPhx 2012@nikiblakerHere are a couple of marketing tools that you might find helpful in getting started with your own Pinterestanalytics and tracking. 53. Photo: Flickr sergiu_bacioiuTell mehow youreally feelTechPhx 2012@nikiblakerYou can also use Pinterest as a tool within your business. Relationship counselor Crystal Rice asks herclients to pick pictures every day that describe their emotions and mood - and evaluates them when theyreturn to her office. This method has been very successful among her male patients. 54. Photo: Flickr MrAnathemaPhoto: Flickr MrAnathemaTechPhx 2012 @nikiblakerStephanie Liebold and I collaborated on a shirt design by using Pinterest. 55. Photo: Flickr hownowdesignTechPhx 2012@nikiblakerHave fun with it! Whether its collecting recipes, household tips, or making a board dedicated to Fisherprice little people mom dolls for yourself or you use it for your business by curating and creating thecontent that defines and inspires your brand. Get on there and start pinning! 56. Thank you! 2012@nikiblaker 57. SourcesTomKat Studio: My Interview With Pinterest Co-Founder Ben Silbermann Ben Silbermann Turn Pinterest Into The Worlds Greatest Shopfront? Data Analysis: An Inside Look Pinterest Infographic Consumer PulsePinterest vs. Facebook: Which Social Sharing Site Wins at Shopping Engagement? Business Review Highlights Pinterest Infographic by Vision Critical News 2012@nikiblaker