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  • 1.Connections: A World History Second EditionChapter 4The Origins of theChinese Empire, to220 C.E. Connections: A World History, Second Edition Edward H. Judge John W. Langdon

2. The First Emperors Underground Army 3. Early Chinese Empire 4. The Origins of the Chinese Empire, to 220 C.E. A. Chinas Geographic Diversity B. Early Chinese Societies C. State and Society During the Zhou Dynasty D. The Classical Age of Chinese Philosophy E. The Birth of the Empire Under the Qin Dynasty F. The Growth of the Empire Under the Han Dynast G. Society, Technology, and the Silk Road 5. Chinas Geographic Diversity 6. Chinas Geographic DiversityA. Geographic Diversity and Intercultural Connections 7. FOUNDATION MAP 4.1 Chinas Geography and Environment, Third Millennium B.C.E. 8. Early Chinese Societies 9. Early Chinese SocietiesA. Predynastic China1. Legendary past 10. The Yellow River. 11. Early Chinese SocietiesB. Xia and Shang Societies1. Xia Dynasty2. Bronze metallurgy3. Shang rule4. Shang society and religion 12. MAP 4.2 Chinas Early Dynasties and Central Asian Connections, Second Millennium B.C.E. 13. Remains of early Chinese chariot, with bones ofhorses and driver. 14. Early Chinese SocietiesC. Chinese Writing 15. Shang oracle bone. 16. State and SocietyDuring the Zhou Dynasty 17. State and SocietyDuring the Zhou DynastyA. The Mandate of Heaven and Dynastic Cycle1. The Triumph of the Zhou2. Mandate of Heaven and political legitimacy3. Rebellion and dynastic cycles 18. MAP 4.3 The Zhou Dynasty, 1122256 B.C.E. 19. State and Society During the Zhou DynastyB. Conflict, Chaos, and Commerce1. Decentralized government under the Zhou2. Commerce keeps China connected 20. A metal bell from the Zhou era. 21. State and SocietyDuring the Zhou DynastyC. The Central Asian Connection1. Central Asian nomads2. Iron working 22. The Classical Age of ChinesePhilosophy 23. The Classical Age of Chinese PhilosophyA. Confucianism: Noble-Minded Conduct and Familial Respect1. Confucius2. Confucianism as an ethical philosophy3. The virtues: ren, li, and xiao4. Confucianisms impact on society and government 24. Confucius and his disciples. 25. The Classical Age of ChinesePhilosophyB. Daoism: The Way That Cannot Be Spoken1. Harmony and passivityB. Yin and Yang: The Balance of Forces in Nature1. Balance and harmony 26. Traditional yin-yang symbol, with light (yang) sideblending into dark (yin) side to signify harmony andunity. 27. The Classical Age of ChinesePhilosophyD. Legalism: Regulation, Coercion, and Control1. Order and stability 28. The Birth of the EmpireUnder the Qin Dynasty 29. The Birth of the Empire Under the Qin DynastyA. The First Emperor1. Centralization and standardization 30. MAP 4.4 The Qin Empire, 221206 B.C.E. 31. The Birth of the Empire Under the Qin DynastyA. The First Emperor2. Imperial monumentsA. The End of the Qin Dynasty 32. Chinas Great Wall, now built of brick, began as an earthen barrier under the First Emperor. 33. The Growth of the Empire Under the Han Dynasty 34. The Growth of the EmpireUnder the Han DynastyA. The Early Han: Confucian Bureaucracy and Military Expansion1. Philosophy and bureaucracy2. Conquest and expansion 35. MAP 4.5 The Han Empire, 202 B.C.E. 220 C.E. 36. The Growth of the EmpireUnder the Han DynastyB. Rebellion, Reform, and RuinC. The Later Han: Revival and Decline1. The restoration of Han rule and stability2. Economic upheaval, natural disasters, and civil war 37. Society, Technology, and the Silk Road 38. Society, Technology,and the Silk RoadA. Han Society1. Based on farming and herding2. Family and ancestors3. Gender roles4. Peasant life5. Urban life 39. Model of a Han era house. 40. Society, Technology,and the Silk RoadB. Technical and Commercial Creativity1. Cities centers of creativity, commerce, and craftsmanshipB. The Silk Road and the Sea Trade1. Zhang Qian2. Conquests and commerce3. The Silk Road4. Sea lanes 41. MAP 4.6 The Silk Road and Sea Trade, by First Century B.C.E. 42. Bactrian camel. 43. Key Dates and Developments