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  • 1. How to Setup Your ACX Account

2. The Steps To Setting Up Your ACX Account: 1) Migrate from Profit Clicking or Click Paid 2) Receive a Free $10 Ad Pack 3) View First ACX Traffic Exchange website 4) Paid First Daily Earnings! 5) Review ACX DASHBOARD 6) Change Email Address (if you have 2 accounts) 7) Complete Personal Info on MY PROFILE 8) Fund ACX Account from Pay Processor 9) Purchase New Ad Packs and Add Earnings from PC or CP Wallet to Purchase MORE Ad Packs 3. When migrating from Profit Clicking or Click Paid, Login to your account and Click on the Migration Button STEP 1: Migration 4. After clicking on Migration button your migration to ACX is instant. Now just Login to Ad Click Xpress. If you are Migrating from Profit Clicking, use your same ID# and Password. If you are Migrating from Click Paid, use your NEW ID# and same Password. STEP 1: Migration 5. Upon logging into your New ACX Account will be offered a Free $10 Ad Pack to get started. STEP 2: Free $10 Ad Pack You will also receive a Welcome Email from ACX that includes your ID# and Password. 6. Immediately you will be promoted to View 1 Website in the ACX Traffic Exchange to receive Daily Earnings on your Free Ad Pack. Click on tab to start viewing. STEP 3: View Website 7. Now go check out the rest of ACX Account. STEP 4: Paid Daily Earnings 8. Notice that your PC/CP wallet balances have migrated with you, as well as your referrals. This is a very important page, so spend time getting familiar with it. STEP 5: Review Dashboard 9. The next thing you are going to want to do is complete your Member Profile. STEP 5: Review Dashboard 10. There are two important steps to take here: 1) If you already have an ACX account, and you are now migrating from Click Paid, you will need to change your email address if they are the same. Duplicate email addresses are not allowed. 2) Including your Name & Country will help us provide better support from the Global Representatives in your region. STEP 6: Change Email 11. Changing your Email Address is simple. Just type in a new one. STEP 6: Change Email 12. Once you have changed your email address, be sure to click SAVE before you close out of My Profile. You can also Opt-in to the Elite Marketing Group (EMG) here, and add a photo if you like. STEP 7: Save Account Info 13. Now that you have funded your account, its time to make some money. Click on TWO WAYS TO MAKE MONEY to learn how. STEP 8: Fund Account 14. Its simple: Buy as many Ad Packs as you can afford and invite others to join! So lets go buy some Ad Packs and use some of your PC or CP wallet balance. STEP 8: Fund Account 15. If you havent funded your account with new money from the Pay Processors, you must do that first by clicking on the Fund ACX Wallet. STEP 8: Fund Account 16. When you click on Fund Account, you are taken to the Wallet Page. Here you will find Instructions & Live Support. Scroll Down to actually fund ACX via Pay Processors STEP 8: Fund Account 17. Decide which Pay Processor you plan to use and click on Add Funds. STEP 8: Fund Account 18. Lets say for example that you have $36 in PAYZA and you want to deposit it all into ACX. Click on FUND THIS AMOUNT. STEP 8: Fund Account 19. You will notice the PAYZA icon appears. Click on it and you will be taken to your Payza Account. STEP 8: Fund Account 20. To access funds in your Payza Account, login with your email and password. Be sure to confirm the Purchase Summary shows your ACX account and the right amount. Follow instructions to complete the deposit. STEP 8: Fund Account 21. Now you have $36 in your ACX Wallet. If you have a balance in your PC or CP wallets, 20% to 30% will be added to your total. In this example 5 Ad Packs can be purchased because 30% from CP wallet was claimed. Click on Purchase to buy Ad Packs STEP 9: Buy Ad Packs 22. In this example, you spent $36 and were able to buy 5 Ad Packs by using $11 in previous earnings. Now you need to view websites in the Traffic Exchange each day to receive Daily Earnings. STEP 9: Buy Ad Packs 23. Lets Review What You Accomplished: 1) Migrated from Profit Clicking or Click Paid 2) Received Free $10 Ad Pack 3) Viewed first ACX Traffic Exchange website 4) Got Paid Daily Earnings! 5) Set Up New ACX Account 6) Changed Email Address (if you have 2 accounts) 7) Completed Personal Info on My Profile 8) Funded ACX Account from Pay Processor 9) Purchased New Ad Packs and Added Earnings from PC or CP Wallet to Purchase MORE Ad Packs 24. Now you are ready to Make More Money With Ad Clicks Xpress!!! Each Day: Buy as many Ad Packs as you can Each Day: View as many Traffic Exchange websites as are required Each Day: Share ACX with as many family, friends and associates as you can Thats Really All There Is To It!