Twitter Marketing - How To Get Started On Twitter

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Twitter is very easy to set up so weve written a guide to help everyone get set up. Weve split it into two parts: The first part is about setting up your Twitter account. The second is about how to Tweet and add Followers.


  • 1.How to Get Started on TwitterTwitter is very easy to set up so weve written a guide to help everyone get set up.Weve split it into two parts: - The first part is about setting up your Twitter account. - The second is about how to Tweet and add Followers.Part 1: How to set yourself up on TwitterBefore you do anything thing about what you want your Twitter address to be, you need to have a uniqueusername and one that fits with your brand. So Topshop have /Topshop_tweets, Dell have /DellOutletUK etc. Thiswill be URL you put everywhere to encourage people to follow you. AND youre limited to 15 characters.- Go to On the right hand side, enter: o Full name o Email o Password- Click Sign up- In the section that appears Twitter will suggest a username for you, delete what they suggest and enterwhat you have chosen.- Click Create my account (if the username is already taken, try another until you choose one that is free)- The next page includes a number of categories of accounts to follow based on different interests. Click onany of the categories to view more users or use the search box to find users you may be interested in. Ifyou want to skip this step select Next Step: Friends at the bottom of the screen.- The next page you see allows you to see if your friends are on Twitter (only works if you already use oneof the services listed). Iif you want to skip this step select Skip import at the bottom of the screen.Youre now on your Twitter homepage, and you can start finding people to follow and asking others to follow you(see Part 2).- Its worth finishing off the personalisation of your page first. So click on profile in the top nav, here youcan click on the big Photo box and upload a photo of yourself or your logo if youd rather. You canupload any jpg / gif / png up to a max size of 700kb.- Next click on your username > Settings in the top nav, here you can change / set your: o Username o Email o Language o Time Zone o Geotagging o Media Display Options o Privacy Settings o Connection Type- If you click on Password you can change your password- If you click on Mobile you can set up a phone to update your twitter fromThings get much more interesting once you get to Design. Here you can change how your homepage looks.- You can select one of the designs provided by Twitter, or upload your own background.- Then you can change all the colours used in the central panel by clicking Change design colours and thenselecting the colour you want for each element of the design. All the changes happen straight away soits really easy to work out what looks good.- But dont forget to save once youre done!-To get back to your starting page just click home in the header if you cant see it click on the big white bannerto make it disappear. indium online101865 980

2. Part 2: How to add FollowersNow youre set up you need to get some people following you, and then start tweeting your news to them.- Start advertising your twitter account to your existing customers, add a link to it from your emails (see thehandy goodies that will help you do this on Twitter), and write your twitter address on any printed material(its On Twitter itself you can find people to follow and many of those will follow you in return. To do this log into Twitter and click on Find People in the top nav. Here you can search for specific people or look forpeople whove put a specific word in their username. For example a search on email brings up lots ofpeople who tweet about email marketing. Then click the image with the plus sign and head next to eachone you want to follow. There are many Twitter apps you can use to make this process fasterPart 3: How to Tweet- Now youre following some people youll start to see their tweets appearing on your homepage. One of theeasiest ways to start tweeting is to retweet other peoples tweets that you find interesting. To do thishover over the tweet you want to retweet, 2 options should come up underneath the tweet Reply andRetweet. Click retweet and retweet. Youve now tweeted! This will appear as RT @the person youveretweeteds username then their tweet- If you want to tweet something from scratch simply write it in the box under Whats Happening at thetop of the page (remember you can only put 140 characters!) and then click Tweet- If you want to reply to someones tweet, hover over the tweet and click reply this will put @theirusername in the box at the top of the page and you can then write the rest of the tweet before clickingTweetAs well as lots of Apps being available to make following easier, there are many that make tweeting easier too.Just search on Google to find whats available and see what works for you. indium online 201865 980