The New Rules of Content Marketing

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Kathryn Hawkins from Hawkins Multimedia spoke to Social Media Breakfast Maine on the new rules of content marketing for businesses.


  • 1. +The New Rules of Content MarketingPresented byKathryn HawkinsPrincipal, Hawkins Multimedia

2. +About usWe are a virtually-based website development and contentmarketing agency that works with national clients includinguniversities, technology companies, and nonprofits. We developand execute print, web, and video content marketing campaigns.Principals Kathryn and Jeff Hawkins@kathrynhawkins and @jeffrhawkins 3. +What is content marketing?First, heres what its not Sales copy Press releases Direct marketing offersIf its all about you,its not the way to builda loyal base. 4. +OK, so what is it?Its not about selling your audience on a product or service.Its about helping them get the information they need. Learn who your audience is. Give them the knowledge they need to solve the problems theyface. Communicate with them on the topics they care about and letthem make the choice. 5. +Types of content marketingBlogs PodcastsWebinarsCustom magazinesWhite papersE-booksVideosE-newslettersPresentations Social contentand more 6. +Why content marketing?97% of todays consumers research purchases online beforebuying. (BIA/Kelsey Group)By creating high-quality, free online content, you can: Get noticed Build trust Make sales or gain donors 7. +Case study: Intuit 8. +Case study: Intuit 9. +Case study: Intuit blog Intuit created the Small Business Blog to shareuseful, actionable advice with small business owners Establishing Intuits reputation as a company that smallbusinesses can trust Intuit uses blog content to engage audience through socialmedia 10. +Case study: Degrees Adrenalist 11. +Case study: Degrees Adrenalist A multimedia website dedicated to extremesports, sponsored by Degree deodorant Video documentaries, articles, and tipsfocused on sites target audience of daredevilguys Site content has helped Degree attract over700,000 Facebook fans 12. +Cas 13. +Case study: Meet Your Farmer Short documentary series produced by Maine FarmlandTrust, an organization dedicated to protecting Maine farmland Raised awareness about local farmers and the issues they face Screenings offer chance for audience to connect directly withfarmers and learn more about the nonprofits work Videos can be embedded on any website 14. +The payoffs of good contentmarketing Build highly targeted site traffic Increase backlinks and socialsharing Increase brand reputation More customer loyalty More sales or donors 15. +Content marketing and social mediaIf youre using social media, youre already engaging in contentmarketing.Tools like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are essential to a goodcontent marketing strategy. You can: Entertain your audience with platform-specific original content Amplify your web content to a broader audience Engage one-on-one with fans and prospects 16. +Content marketing on a budgetIf youre not a big company, how do you fit content marketing intoyour budget? Cut back on marketing campaigns that arent paying off Re-purpose existing content Build partnerships get guest bloggers and syndicated content If you cant afford a full-time employee, contact a contentmarketing agency for a package price 17. +Your content marketing roadmap1) Analyze your audience2) Plan an editorial calendar3) Connect with content vendors and partners4) Engage your audience on your site and through social media5) Measure your results 18. +The three Es of content marketing Educate Entertain EngageIts not about a one-night stand.Its about getting your prospectsto commit. 19. +Thank youConnect with me:@kathrynhawkins