UPDATED! the 21 NEW rules of content marketing & findability

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Companion eBook Reviews on Amazon... Ethan Warlick (US) "...paints a vivid portrait of how impactful search optimization is and the downfalls that are leading us into an era where search will need more efficient solutions." Morgan Melnyk (CA) "It's jam packed with valuable information not only for improving SEO and content marketing but for developing an effective online strategy as a whole." Mike B. (UK) "It's handy and useful as an easy source of ideas - anyone who writes for the web will find something new to try. My favourite? "Treat Keywords Like Hot Sauce" GoCamando (CA) "Yes keywords still matter, but not to the extent content does. Bravo for enlightening us on the democratization of web."


<ul><li> THE 21NEW RULES OF CONTENT MARKETING FOR 2013 AND BEYOND BY RANDY MILANOVIC, PRINCIPAL AT KAYAK ONLINE MARKETING UPDATED WITH NOTES FROM THE AUTHOR </li> <li> #findability FINDABILITY: WHAT IT TAKES TO STAND OUT GOING FORWARD In this new world of internet marketing, its not about being optimized, but being easy to find. That sounds like a subtle difference, but it couldnt be more profound. One has to do with tags, keywords and manipulating incoming links, the other is about generating interesting ideas, starting discussions, and being a prominent voice in your market. Its the difference between screaming nonsense, and having intelligent conversations. </li> <li> Treat Keywords Like Hot Sauce Rule #1: Used sparingly, keywords can enhance the flavor of your website. (page 20) </li> <li> Have a Voice (or Brand) That Customers Can Identify Rule #2: Consistency creates a subtle impression in a buyers mind. (page 21) </li> <li> Build Trust With Transparency Rule #3: Its no secret that content marketing is designed to help the business make money, so being up front about it can actually help you win credibility. (page 23) </li> <li> Make the Most of a Great Idea With Multiple Formats Rule #4: Having idea expressed in different formats makes them easier to find. (page 24) </li> <li> Headlines are Everything Rule #5: Crucial for any article to attract readers. (page 26) </li> <li> Use the News Rule #6: Piggyback off of related news items, movies, sporting events and more. Think this one through, as content of this type can stale date quickly. (page 27) </li> <li> You Can't Stock the Cupboards Until You Take Out the Trash Rule #7: If youve engaged in keyword stuffing, exact-match-domains and the like in the past (many have), youre going to want to undo those to improve the impact of your content marketing efforts. (page 29) </li> <li> Don't Just Post... Engage! Rule #8: Great content is simply too valuable to let sit. After youve posted it, connect and engage with those connections on their material and yours. (page 30) </li> <li> Invite Yourself to Someone Else's Party Once in a While Rule #9: When guest posting, do your homework. Know who the audience is and make sure that blogs voice is in alignment with yours. (page 32) </li> <li> Remember that Great Content Invites Links Rule #10: Google still values back-links when they come from a reliable source. (page 33) </li> <li> Build Your Content From an Ongoing Plan Rule #11: Work from an editorial calendar and bonus readers with timely posts. (page 35) </li> <li> The Best Inspiration Comes From Several Different Sources Rule #12: Some of the best ideas or inspiration can come from left field. The more you read, the better chance youll stumble on that next great idea. (page 37) </li> <li> Quality is as Important as Quantity Rule #13: Producing great content on a regular basis is a great way to stand out. (page 38) </li> <li> Quantity Still Matters Rule #14: Producing great content is a priority, but sharing regular updates and new ideas are just as important. (page 40) </li> <li> Take Your Time Rule #15: Just like good food takes time to prepare, so does building an audience or developing a following. (page 41) </li> <li> Stop Buying Content From the Bargain Bin Rule #16: People will forgive a lot (grammar issues are authentic), but dont ever be be sloppy or a plagiarizer. (page 43) </li> <li> Know Your Biggest Content Marketing Enemy Rule #17: Its not Google or a competitor - its a disinterested buyer. (page 44) </li> <li> Use One Piece of Content to Promote Another Rule #18: Use a blog post to introduce and ebook, or a tweet to introduce a blog. Not everyone consumes information the same way. (page 46) </li> <li> Recycle Your Greatest Hits Rule #19: The more readers you attract, and the more shares they do mean more potential readers for your past content. Feel free to re-share and reference your best work. (page 47) </li> <li> Always Ask the Key Question About a Piece of Content Rule #20: Is it REALLY worth someones time to read it? (page 48) </li> <li> Use Your Content to Turn Searchers, Readers, and Fans Into Buyers Rule #21: If your content plan is strong enough, subscribers and followers will transform into new sales opportunities, and in greater numbers. (page 50) </li> <li> #findability WHERE ARE ALL THE TECHNICAL DETAILS? Why havent I told you exactly where to put your tags, what specific keyword density is required or what anchor text should be? I havent shared that for a very specific reason... these things count but do require technical expertise hire it out. You are wiser to focus on communicating great, helpful content to humans rather than search engines. </li> <li> GET THE BOOK: FINDABILITY: WHY SEARCH OPTIMIZATION IS DYING + THE 21 NEW RULES OF CONTENT MARKETING FOR 2013 AND BEYOND AMAZON CODES: PAPERBACK: 0992019400 KINDLE: B00CMDQ9RG 2013 Randy Milanovic Available Now! on Amazon Kindle and the Kindle Reader App </li> </ul>