Eder holguin content marketing rules for success

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<ul><li> 1. Content Marketing Rules for Success Eder Holguin CEO Ideal Media Ad Tech London 2013 </li></ul> <p> 2. What is Content Marketing Leveraging or creating content relevant to your targeted demographic that will drive a profitable interaction. Its a strategy that fosters a subtle and nuanced way to communicate, build trust and entertain consumers. Content Marketing Engagement Metrics Optimisation Awareness 3. Its Nothing New Content Marketing is about telling a story to gain exposure; people and brands have been telling stories for centuries for this purpose. TV Infomercials Newspaper Advertorials 4. Growth In 2012, digital media ad spend passed over 100 billion. In 2013 it is up about 15%, to 118 billion 2013 Figures 5. Spending by Location Digital Ad spending increase 2013: 47.4% Middle East &amp; Africa 23.0% Latin America 19% Asia-Pacific 17% Eastern Europe 13.8% North America 11% Western Europe 6. With overall digital media ad spending increasing we see shift with marketing budgets in tandem. Larger amounts are being spent by companies on content marketing. Budget Expansion Slideshare.com 7. 78% of consumers believe that companies offering custom content are looking to build good relationships Via Custom Content Council Consumer Feedback contentplus.co.uk 90% of consumers find custom content useful Via TMG Custom Media 8. Content Diversity in Online Marketing Past: 70% used articles as their top marketing tactic 58% leveraged press released to market their brand 91% said that website content was their favorite method Present: 64% use blogs to promote brands/business 33% use Infographics 87% use Video 44% use Photo Slides Future: 59% of marketers will use branded mobile apps 86% of marketers believe that important to business growth Social Media Examiner &amp; Content Crossroads 9. Brands leveraging Content Marketing 10. Awareness Be aware of your audience. Be aware of how your audience interacts with the digital space. Be aware of the wants and needs of your audience. Understand how to amplify your message. 11. Optimisation Test different messages. Adjust and tweak the presentation of your product or service. Frequent updates which creates a real-time optimisation. Stay true to your message. 12. Engagement Success lies in the connection between companies &amp; brands with their target market. Communicate your message through the use of specific language, choices, and interests that reflect a target community. Interact and participate in the community you wish to target. Find problem, frustration, or concern within that community and address it accordingly. Learn from your successes and innovate. Nike interacts with first fan who #nike 13. Metrics How do you make sure your content strategy is effective and producing a proper ROI? Amount of visitors and sources of traffic. Size (followers, fans, or members). Commentary and perception about your brand/product. Additional Measurements Leads Duration Viral Activity Interactions Traffic Measurement 14. Summary Content Marketing is about engagement. One the fastest growing trends in online marketing. Content is not only being leveraged for search anymore. Communicate effectively with your audience and get actively involved. Track the right metrics to determine ROI. </p>