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<p>Emma Cartmell</p> <p>Emma CartmellPartner at ExsedeHow do we Facilitate Innovation in Healthcare? </p> <p>1AbstractA panel discussion to facilitate innovation in HIT between VCs, Entrepreneurs, and the provider community. </p> <p>We will discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities that exist in the market around HIT innovation. </p> <p>You will learn:What the needs are within the user community that represent opportunity for innovationWhat challenges entrepreneurs face in bringing products to market What criteria investors expect to see before funding a health IT company Emma CartmellPartner @ ExsedeFounder @ ExsedePresident @ Austin HIMSS Chapter</p> <p>PreviouslyCOO @ Nantworks Healthcare FundCOO @ Abraxis BioscienceVP Advanced Healthcare @ SAIC</p> <p>Add bio and picture3Jeremy Jauncey Founder of TictracFounder @ TictracAdvisory Board @ One Hundred YearsMember @ Entrepreneurs Organization</p> <p>FormerlyManaging Director @ Next Jump Ltd.</p> <p>Add bio and picture4Philip Sanger, MDManaging Director of TEXO VenturesFounder and Chairman @ TEXO venturesFounder @ The Sanger Learning Center @ University of Texas</p> <p>Formerly: Founder @ Medicare-Advantage Health PlanFounder @ Intercede Health Launched HealthSpring Acquired by Cigna for $3.8B</p> <p>Add bio and picture5Mike MillardDirector of Innovation @ Seaton</p> <p>Director of Innovation @ Seaton Healthcare</p> <p>Formerly: Director of Research @ Austin VenturesDirector of Technology Commercialization / New Venture CreationAdd bio and picture waiting on confirmation from Johnhttp://www.austinhimss.org/enewsletter/2013/05-27-2013/1686598374813844/enewsletter.htmlFor John bio and picture6Matt WaltonFounder @ RED MethodFounder @ RED Method</p> <p>Formerly:Creative Director @ Frog DesignDirector of Product Management / UX @ Bank of America</p> <p>VC QuestionsExplain the criteria you take into consideration before investing in a Health IT Company?</p> <p>What scares you the most about HIT investments?</p> <p>Innovators are not always expert business people how do you overcome this?</p> <p>Where do you get your pipeline of potential investments?How do you meet prospects?</p> <p>What do you think about Health IT Start-up AcceleratorsAre they helping to produce an investment pipeline?</p> <p>HIT Start-up CEO QuestionsHow did you get the funding to start your company?</p> <p>How did you bring your company to market?</p> <p>How do you innovate in a heavily regulated market?</p> <p>How do you integrate with proprietary legacy solutions? Are the legacy vendors willing to work with you?</p> <p>Provider Organization QuestionsHow receptive are you and your colleagues to proposals for innovative technologies outside of whats mandated?</p> <p>What does it take for you to take a risk on a smaller innovative company?General Panel QuestionsWhat is your advice to someone who believes they have a great idea for a new product / service?</p> <p>What exciting innovations do you expect in 2014?</p> <p>Contact InformationEmma Cartmellemma@exsede.com703-678-5525@exsede</p>